10 Flower Garden Designs for Easy-Peasy Landscaping

1 flower garden filled with colorful flowers

Do you have a large backyard and were thinking of starting your own garden there? Or on the contrary, do you lack space around your house but would still like to plant some flowers to liven up the place? No matter what your situation is, you can always think of ideas that make the most of the space you have. Luckily, there are plenty of flower garden designs that you can browse through for some inspiration. Since we know every space is unique and every garden will be too, we thought we would provide you with 10 flower garden designs that suit every taste. Let’s have a look, shall we?

10 Flower Garden Designs for Your Backyard


1. The Colorful Corner

If you are one of those people who doesn’t really have a lot of space that you can use to plant flowers, you are going to love this flower garden design. It really requires no additional space, since you can plant the flowers near one of the corners of your house. For an even more interesting design, you can use some irregular garden edging made of small pieces of wood. Then, plant some colorful flowers inside the edges and watch them liven up the outside of your home. In order for your garden to truly pop, we recommend planting flowers in a wide range of colors. Simply fit them together according to your own taste.

multicolored flowers near a corner of a house

2. Spilling Jug

Another one of the flower garden designs fit for people who don’t have a lot of space in their backyard, this really unique idea is definitely going to be a conversation piece whenever someone comes to visit. What you have to do to achieve this look is buy an antique milk jug (if you don’t already have one at home) and place it somewhere in your garden. Then, plant white flowers starting from its mouth and form a trail. This is definitely a work in progress. Until the flowers start showing, no one will understand the purpose of that milk jug lying around your backyard. However, once the flowers bloom, it will look as if milk has spilled from that jug all over your garden.

milk jug out of which white flowers are spilling as if they were milk

3. Woodland Path

If you have plenty of space in your backyard and are looking for an interesting way to use it, we recommend investing some time and effort into creating a woodland path garden. In terms of flower garden designs, this one definitely requires a lot of patience. It isn’t only about planting flowers and waiting for them to grow. In order to get the real woodland look, you should raise the soil somewhere in your garden and make that section the path. This means getting rid of the grass. You can also add some pieces of cobblestone pavement here and there if you like. Then, simply plant whatever flowers you want on the sides of the path. You can also add a small bench made of tree logs where you can sit down and admire the fruits of your labor.

drawing of a path in the woods

4. Climbing Garden

One of the best ways in which you can make the most of the space you have is to plant some crawling flowers and decorate one side of your house with them. In order to facilitate their growth, you could prop up some ladders on a wall of your choosing. The flowers will find their way up once they start developing. Depending on what kind of look you’re going for, you can choose steel or wood ladders. We like those made of wood since they give the entire structure an antique feel.

flowers climbing some ladders on a wall

5. Pots Kingdom

If your backyard is already covered with pavement but you’re still looking for flower garden designs that might work in this situation, then you should give this one a shot. Even if you can’t use the soil from your backyard to plant flowers, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a nice flower garden. How, you ask? Well, by using a lot of pots. There are so many flower pot options out there that you are free to choose any design and size that you see fit. Since you can find pots that are quite large, it doesn’t limit the type of flowers that you can plant. You can create a beautiful garden by matching all sorts of pots together and placing them all over your backyard.

backyard surrounded by multiple flower pots and a water fountain

6. Gravel Paradise

This flower garden design also requires a little bit more space. However, it can be done at a smaller scale as well, if you are really a fan of the idea. Have you always dreamed of having a place in your garden where you can just sit down, relax, and maybe read a book while sipping on some lemonade? Then you should consider designing your garden to include this small paradisical corner. Cover the desired area with gravel and then use some larger stones as garden edging. Inside the edges, you can bring some chairs, a bench, maybe even a table. The choice is completely up to you. Then, you can plant flowers outside of the edges and surround yourself with beauty and color.

gravel paved sitting area in a garden

7. Flower Arch

This is another one of the flower garden designs that suit both large and smaller spaces. If you don’t have a lot of space to plant flowers in your backyard, you can simply build an arch made of wood. Then, plant crawling flowers that will grow on top of it. You might have to wait for a while until the flowers completely take over the arch. However, we guarantee that the end result is worth it.

Now, if you also want a flower arch and have plenty of available space in your garden, you can spruce things up by connecting two or more arches that will create a shaded area once the flowers develop properly. Then, you can use that space as a seating area where you place some chairs and a table. Imagine the amazing feeling of sitting among so many beautiful flowers. For an extra dash of romance, we recommend you plant crawling roses that will provide your garden with a fairytale vibe.

garden seating area covered by flower arches

8. Through the Cracks

If your backyard is covered with cobblestone and you really don’t want to ruin that design, but you still want to find some flower garden arrangements that complement it, you’re going to like this option. A flower garden doesn’t necessarily have to be extensive to be beautiful. You don’t even have to design separate flower beds and plant different types of flowers. All you have to do is find some really small flowers and plant them in between the pieces of cobblestone. They will really spruce up the look of your backyard. Moreover, you don’t have to put in a lot of time and effort to take care of them.

small flowers coming out of the cracks between cobblestone pieces

9. Under the Tree

Do you happen to have a tree in your backyard? The larger the better, but you can also make use of this flower garden design if you have a smaller one. If you just can’t find another place where you can plant some flowers, you can also do that under a tree. You can actually create a really unique setting there. All you have to do is surround the tree with some gravel. Then, plant flowers around it and add a little bench on one side.

The great news is that you can also hang some flower pots from the tree’s branches. That way, you can bring even more of your favorite flowers into your garden. However, we do advise you to consider the fact that the flowers won’t have enough sunlight because of the tree. So if you want them to thrive, it’s better to look for flowers that have no problem growing in the shade.

garden arrangements under a tree

10. The Wheelbarrows

If you really want your garden to be unique and you are tired of the flower pot options you can find on the market, you can simply use your imagination and find some other container where you can plant flowers. For instance, how about some old wheelbarrows? Whether you have at least one at home, or you simply buy some from the store, this makes for one of the most interesting flower garden designs anyone could try. All you have to do is fill the wheelbarrow(s) with soil and plant your favorite flowers there. The best part is that you can form all sorts of patterns to achieve an even greater result. For instance, we recommend you to plant some colorful flowers in the middle and surround them with white ones for a lovely contrast.

flowers planted in old wheelbarrows

Summing It All Up

Whether you have a small garden and are looking for flower garden designs to suit that space or space is not a problem and you just want to experiment with some awesome designs, you can always come back to today’s guide for inspiration. The truth is that space should never be limited as long as you have a rich imagination and examples that can inspire you. It’s not about how much space you have, it’s about how you choose to use it.

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