Try Outside Extra Large Planters for a Classy Cold Season

1 two outside large planters with colorful flowers

What happens when winter is upon us and we need to protect out plants from the cold? Well, we could try moving them in some planters to keep them safe and warm. What happens to the larger shrubs or trees, you ask? They can be accommodated in planters as well. All you need to do is find the right one, which is usually an extra large one. But just because the container is larger, that doesn’t mean it can’t look nice too. Because we know you appreciate gorgeous containers for your plants, we want to provide you with a few options of extra large planters for outside. Here they are!

Extra Large Planters for Outside Use in the Winter

1. Listo Sierra Planter

If you are into antiques and you’d like your garden to look like it belongs to ancient Rome or Greece, you might enjoy this extra large planter right here. Moreover, it is only $26.73, and we can honestly say it is a decorative piece in itself. It also has an internal saucer, so taking care of your plants is fairly easy with this Nordic bronze planter.

2. Neoclassical Outdoor Planter

This truly gorgeous handcrafted planter has a neoclassical look that will bring a touch of class and elegance to any garden. What is most noteworthy is that it is made of agglomerated stone. Moreover, in time, you will notice that the material will start to look like carved stone. Consequently, you can find this outdoor planter at Neiman Marcus for $350.00.

neoclassical looking planter

3. Cheungs Round Pot Planter

If you’ve always liked those round plant containers that look like little buckets, with a handle and everything, there’s no reason why you couldn’t get an extra large one for your bigger shrubs and trees. For instance, this round pot planter has a really rustic and minimalist look. However, it will spruce up your garden in an instant.

4. Apta Metallic Milk Jug

Does a milk jug for a planter sound weird? Because it is actually a possibility at Riverhill Garden Supplies. You can get one for £29.95. Furthermore, you can be sure that your plants will get the best protection they can. The container is made of fiberclay that has been covered with a metallic glaze. That is how this planter manages to look so authentic and old.

planter shaped like milk jug

5. Slate Matte Classico Planter

If you are going for the classic yet elegant look, we suggest you try the slate matte Classico Planter. It has a really matte finish exterior that looks stylish, and it also comes with a self-watering installation, which means that it is both beautiful and highly functional. Furthermore, against all appearances, it is lightweight and frost resistant.

If you are looking for the best way to protect your plants from cold this winter, you should know some outdoor planters will do the trick. Not only for your smaller plants but for your larger ones as well, as we’ve managed to show with the extra large planters for outside described above.

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