EMSCO Group Garden Bench Review

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Review of the EMSCO Group Garden Bench

As of this writing, there are 891 customer comments and 139 answered questions for the EMSCO Group Garden Bench. I have read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review. I hope that this review helps you when shopping for the best outdoor bench for your home.

Best Features

  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • You can add sand to this bench to make it heavier
  • Lightweight
  • Good price

Item Specifics

The EMSCO Group Garden Bench has a natural texture that resembles real stone, making it a perfect garden accent. This outdoor bench is made of a type of resin that’s well known for its durability and lightweight properties. In addition to durability, this outdoor bench is lightweight and can be effortlessly installed in seconds. It can also be filled with gravel or sand to add more weight and stability.

Can Be Painted

If you would like to paint this bench you should be able to do so with outdoor paint. By painting it you could make this bench blend in with any decor. A customer explained why she painted hers by saying, “I purchased two of these to place statues on. They are made of plastic but they are also quite sturdy. I have not filled mine with sand yet but I will. They do look a little cheap because you can see the seam on both sides where they were in the mold. I painted mine white to give a more authentic look and it worked out quite well. the seams are still visible but they do not detract from the overall beauty of the statues and room in which they are placed.”

Each Piece Holds 50 Pounds of Sand

The EMSCO Group Garden Bench is made to be filled with either sand or gravel. It is made to look like a concrete bench but without being made of concrete. Also concrete would be extremely heavy and not cost effective to ship. Each of the 3 pieces will hold 50 pounds of sand or gravel.

A customer explains, “When I purchase any item I always consider the value. The quality in relation to the price. I always try to be fair and honest in my assessment. In this scenario of the Esco Greek Column the value was excellent and exceeded my expectations. I purchased three and had considered some more expensive ones. If you are budget conscious these are perfect .Each column holds exactly one bag (50lbs) of sand and makes them quite stable. The color is realistic and should be very durable. Delivery came in 48 hrs. as promised with Amazon Prime. I give this purchase 5 stars. Order this product with the utmost confidence. Highly recommended.”

Easy to Assemble

Putting this bench together is a piece of cake according to customers.  Here is one of the comments about installation, “This is just perfect for what I was looking for. I needed a bench or two with stone look, lightweight and not too small for my new addition shade garden area and this works to a T. Very easy to assemble, and in 10 munites, I have both of them in my garden. Definitely will recommend. Thanks for making my garden look great. My neighbor across the fence got inspired to start a garden! I intend to get some statues from same seller as soon as I can.”

May Need to Drill Pilot Hole for Screws

It may help to pre-drill before putting the screws in. A customer commented, “The screws were somewhat of a challenge to secure but by drilling a small pilot hole first, they were able to go in to stabilize the top and keep it from sliding. As a finishing touch, I spread some mulch over the pavers to hide them. I am so pleased that I was able to find this product at such a reasonable price.”


Perhaps the best feature of The EMSCO Group Garden Bench is that it is lightweight. That is why it is easy and inexpensive to ship. That’s also why you can move it around without having multiple help.  A customer commented, “This bench looks like granite but it lightweight and can be easily moved around the garden or yard.”

Good Price

For what you will be receiving, the price is good for this bench. It is not a top of the line bench made of expensive materials, but neither is the price top of the line. This is an affordable bench that will mimic what a stone bench would look like.

Won’t Blow Over

The nice thing about The EMSCO Group Garden Bench is that once it is filled with sand or gravel, you shouldn’t have to worry about it blowing over or away. For some of the other benches I reviewed, they could easily blow over in wind. Because this bench has not back to it, it shouldn’t catch the wind like a bench with a backrest would. I also will have a combined weight of over 150 pounds once filled. The weight itself will deter it from blowing away.

No Backrest

As you can see from the image, this is a bench without a backrest. While that may be the exact look you are going for, keep in mind prolonged sitting in this bench may be hard, without a backrest. You could put this up against a building like a garden shed or garage to rest your back against if you wished.

May Want to Add Cushions

If you plan on using this bench for reading or sitting for an extended amount of time, you may want to purchase some cushions for it.  There are outdoor cushions on the market that you could use if this will be in the weather. If it’s under a rooftop such as a roofed porch, you may not need weatherproof cushions but rather any kind of cushion.

Seams Show

Unfortunately, the seams do show a little bit on this bench. So if you are trying to duplicate the look of a stone bench, the seams may give it away that it is not a stone bench. This is a minor detail, but still worth mentioning.

Three Colors to Choose From

When picking out a color for this bench, you can choose from granite, bronze, and sandstone. These all look nice for a natural looking bench. As mentioned before though, you could also paint this bench if you wanted to.

Popular for a Garden Bench

Many of the people who bought this bench, purchased it for their garden. The nice thing is that it is weather-proof so even if you have a garden sprinkler that hits it, it shouldn’t matter at all. Also, because it doesn’t have a backrest, it won’t shade out other plants as much as a bench with a backrest would. The weight of it once filled, shouldn’t tip over on any plants so that is another nice factor for this bench.

But perhaps the best feature of what it’s used so much as a garden bench is that it has a natural stone look, that fits in nicely with garden decor. A customer said, “This is just perfect for what I was looking for. I needed a bench or two with stone look, lightweight and not too small for my new addition shade garden area and this works to a T.”

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  • Lightweight before sand or gravel is added 
  • Good price   
  • Easy assembly   


  •  May need to pre-drill before putting screws in 
  • Doesn’t hold a lot of weight
  •  No backrest

EMSCO Group Garden Bench Conclusion

The EMSCO Group Garden Bench is popular as a garden bench. It is made of a type of resin that’s well known for its durability and lightweight properties. In addition to durability, this outdoor bench is lightweight and can be effortlessly installed in seconds. It can also be filled with gravel or sand to add more weight and stability. This bench won’t blow over since it will have over 150 pounds of weight once it is filled.  

There is no backrest, so keep that in mind if you plan on sitting on it for an extended amount of time. Customers found that it does assemble very quickly as the description states it will. You may want to pre-drill the screw holes though according to one customer. This is a good buy for what you are getting. One of the best features is that even though it looks like a stone bench it is actually very lightweight when not filled with sand or gravel. That means that you can move it very easily.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the EMSCO Group Garden Bench.

  • Is this bench strong enough for a person to sit on it, or is it just for display? It is strong enough for a person to sit on it.
  • How much does this bench weigh? It weighs 10 pounds. Although this is lightweight, once it is filled with sand, it won’t blow over. 
  • How do I add sand to this outdoor bench? You can add sand by removing the black plugs on the legs of the bench.

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