Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan Review

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Review of the Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan

As of this writing, there are 158 customer comments and 106 answered questions for the Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for an outdoor ceiling fan.

Best Features

  • check Four-speed wall control
  • check Good price
  • check Three blades
  • check Blows a lot of air
  • check Great for high ceilings

Item Specifics

The Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan is a great ceiling fan for high ceiling applications.  This ceiling fan is Energy Star approved and rated for superb energy efficiency.  It has three high-efficiency airfoil blades.  This ceiling fan has four-speed wall control.  It is remote control adaptable. 

Good Price

For what you get, the price of this ceiling fan is good.  The quality is great, and the price is low compared to other outdoor ceiling fans.  Here is one of the comments on the price, “As a sales representative for industrial fans for the past 5 years – this fan is a great fan. Which is hard to say as this brand is a competitor for us. It is at a great price point for its design/quality, in my line of work in fans, you get what you pay for.”

Cannot Be Reversed With the Remote

Unfortunately, the reverse button is located on the top of the fan.  You cannot reverse it with the remote.  Customers were disappointed that each time they wanted to make the fan reverse, they had to get out a ladder and climb up to the fan in order to reverse the direction it was spinning. Here is one of the comments, “Works well, but wish you could reverse it with the remote, but you cannot. Get the ladder out every time.”

Blows a Lot of Air

Customers were pleased with how much air this ceiling fan blew.  If you are looking for a ceiling fan that will blow a large amount of air, this is it.  Here is what one customer commented abut the amount of air it blows, “We purchased one fan to see if it would work on our back porch. The fans that we had just did not put out any air…The remote has 4 speeds and on high you can really feel the air. This is the only fan we have tested that stirs the air. We liked it so much we bought another one. It works and moves the air. Very Happy.”

Plastic Blades

Keep in mind that only the motor is metal.  The blades are made of plastic.  This makes the fan lighter, but some customers complained about the quality of the fan.  Here is what one customer shared, “I bought 4 of these for our outdoor patio and living spaces, mainly because they look nice but also because reviewers stated that the blades were made of aluminum…However, this fan comes with PLASTIC blades painted to look like aluminum. Not sure how long they will last outdoors, though they are covered.”

Has Three Blades, Which Means More Airflow

When a ceiling fan has too many blades, the blades will hold the fan back from spinning around fast.  This results in less airflow.  The nice thing about this ceiling fan is that it only has three blades, which means more airflow.  Here is one of the positive comments from a customer, “This fan may not look like it would create enough airflow with only 3 blades but it really does! The pitch in the blades is significant and will blow enough air down on us while we sit on our covered patio to keep us from wilting in the Texas evening summer heat. The blades are durable. Though, I do not think the are metal. Two thumbs up!”

Does Not Come with a Handheld Remote

This ceiling fan only comes with a wall remote control.  Customers commented that the wall control did not look nice on the wall, and it would be easier to use if it had a handheld remote control.  You can use a remote control from a different ceiling fan, but you would need to buy this separately unless you already had another ceiling fan.  This customer explained, “Love this fan! It’s simplicity & air movement is phenomenal! Only thing I don’t care for, the controls. Would love to see this sold w/ remote control.”

Three Color Choices

There are three different color choices for this ceiling fan.  The color choices are Barbeque Black, Appliance White, and Brushed Steel.  Although there were no comments about the different color choices, it is nice to have options.  This allows you to shop for a ceiling fan that matches your home.

Gray Ceiling Fan Is Not for Outdoor Use

Keep in mind that only two of the color choices (Barbeque Black and Appliance White) are made for outdoor use.  The Brushed Steel (gray fan) is not made for outdoor use.  It can only be used indoors.  Here is what one customer had to say, “There are 3 colors you can choose from for this fan, black, white and silver. The black and white are both labeled ‘indoor/outdoor’, but BEWARE that the silver is labeled only as ‘INDOOR’. I didn’t even realize it until I received the e-mail asking me to rate the shipping.”


This ceiling fan is very quiet according to customers.  It is especially quiet when it is on its highest speed.  The only time you can hear it is when it is on its low speed, but even then it is only a small hum from the motor.  This customer explained, “My home rests on a top of a canyon hill in a secluded area and is dead quiet. When the fan is operated at what would be about ‘low – medium’ RPM ranges, I get a rather audible motor hum. However, I operate at full speed 24/7 and the only sound it creates is from air turbulence, and motor is silent.”

No Lighting

Although a lot of the customer comments were positive that there wasn’t a light on this ceiling fan, some of the customers were disappointed.  According to one customer, you cannot attach a light kit to this ceiling fan because it is not made to have a light.  Here is what the customer said, “The fan is great for outside, especially when you are in a high humidity area. However, I was lead to believe a light kit could be ordered for this fan at a later time. Once the fan was up and we decided to put a light kit on, I found out you cannot put a light kit on this type fan because the entire fan rotates. The ad was misleading. We do like the fan, but are unable to add lighting to our patio with this fan. After paying $200 for the fan we cannot afford to just go out and buy another, so we are stuck with it and are making do with what lighting we can.”

Great for Those with High Ceilings

This outdoor ceiling fan is made for high ceilings.  Here is what one customer with a high ceiling had to say, “Bought this fan several months ago and just recently had it installed in living room with 16′ ceiling…Very satisfied with purchase! Fan is positioned high over my sofa, I’ve been running it on it’s highest speed and it runs quiet. Moves the air very well. “


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  • plus Great for high ceilings
  • plus Good price
  • plus Good airflow


  • close Not wet rated.  Only damp rated
  • close No handheld remote 
  • close Plastic blades

Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan Conclusion

The Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan is especially good for high ceiling applications.  This fan is Energy Star approved.  It has three high-efficiency airfoil blades and four-speed wall control.  It is remote control adaptable.   This fan is priced to sell and nice and quiet.  However, there are some drawbacks.  There is no lighting for this fan and it doesn’t have a handheld remote.  If you choose this ceiling fan you will have 3 color choices.  Those choices are Barbeque Black, Appliance White, and Brushed Steel.  This fan is damp rated but not wet rated.  If you have a high ceiling this is a great choice for an outdoor fan that won’t be directly in the weather.  Most of the reviews for this fan were very positive. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan.

  • chevron-circle-right Is this outdoor ceiling fan damp rated or wet rated?  This is a damp rated ceiling fan.  That means it cannot be used in places exposed to weather.  Patios, enclosed porches, and damp rooms make great places for this fan.
  • chevron-circle-right Can this fan be mounted on an angled ceiling?  Yes, with the standard installation kit you can.  If the ceiling is sloped more than 25 degrees, an adapter is available for purchase.
  • chevron-circle-right Is it compatible with any hand held remote systems?  Yes, it should be compatible with all ceiling fan remote control.

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