4 Ways to Make an Eco-friendly “Mini Farm” in your Backyard

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Old McDonald had a farm and you can, too (or, in the very least, be a little bit more self-sufficient and eco-friendly at your home).

In a world where pesticides and GMOs taint the vast majority of the produce and meat industries are cruel and full of who knows what, where can we turn to get REAL FOOD, anymore? Plus, modern living has us wasting resources like its going out of style. In order for us to reverse some of this devastation, we turn to urban farming and backyard gardening.

You can turn even the smallest yard into your own little mini farm and create self-sustainability that will feel absolutely awesome. Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be hard (as you’ll see below)!

Collect Rainwater for Your Garden

Do your part to be eco-friendly by collecting your own water for gardening use. Considering California is facing a huge drought, you’d be doing the world a service by recycling rain for your uses.

Keep a Flock of Chickens

Keeping some chickens in a coop in your yard can produce your own fresh eggs daily. The upside? Having cool pets that also keep you fully-stocked with yummy, organic omelets.  The downside? Not all areas have zoning allowing them so you have to check before you get too excited. Also, you probably need to invest some time into designating a coop with chicken and wire for your poultry pals.

Choose Compost over Fertilizer

Compost smells like poop (because it is poop), but it is full of the natural goodness to grow your produce like no other without polluting with chemicals. And, you can even make your own with any animals you are farming so you can save money!

Plan Your Produce Planting

Grow things in your backyard that your family will consume. Some things like tea leaves are simple to plant and forget then just trim. Others need more love. You should keep in mind that you can always can things to preserve them. For instance, cucumbers can be placed in vinegar to make your own pickles and tomatoes can be turned into the most amazing homemade pasta sauce. This stuff can really last and save you trips to the store if you plan it right.

In Conclusion

If you follow these tips, you’ll find that you can have a backyard garden that is eco-friendly. Some ways that you can do this are to collect rainwater, keep a flock of chickens, choose compost, and plan your produce planting.

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