Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller Cultivator: Review

Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller Cultivator

Review of the Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller Cultivator

As of this writing, there were 3,305 customer comments and 193 answered questions on Amazon for the Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller.  I’ve read through the feedback and condensed the results into this report.  I hope that this helps when shopping for a tiller.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Powerful for electric
  • check Runs quiet
  • check Maintenance-free
  • check Easy start
  • check Durable 

Item Specifics

The Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller has dual four-blade steel tines that maximize efficiency. It has a 8.5-amp electric tiller has a cutting width of 11″, with a helpful tilling depth of 8″.  This tiller will help you to prepare your soil exactly how you want it for planting.  It is made for preparing your garden and flower beds, loosening soil and bed cleanup at the end of the season and all of your gardening soil till needs.  The Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller is designed to make your gardening experience hassle-free and enjoyable. It is easy to transport and operate with flip down wheels. This tiller is also lightweight.  It features a power on and off safety feature that will only run when being operated.  Just push the start button and squeeze the lever to get started, once the lever is let go the tiller will power off.

Powerful and Practically Maintenance-Free

Customers talked about how powerful the Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller is for an electric tiller. “Wow. This thing really digs. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a tiller as I don’t garden, but I wanted one to till up major portions of my yard that had a lot of erosion and compacted clay soil.  After reading lots of online reviews, I decided to go ahead and order this. I liked the idea of an electric tiller as I have enough machines requiring oil changes and gasoline and spark plugs, etc.  No maintenance on an electric one! I dug up my back yard down to about 6-8″ with this digger.”

Easy Assembly

The comments on how easy or hard to assemble This Earthwise Tiller was very inconsistent.  Some people found it very easy to assemble while others found it challenging.  The assemblage might not be for a someone who is total novice with putting things together.  Comments ranged from, “was easy to assemble it took me about half an hour. You pretty much can’t assemble it wrong,” to ” My husband took on the challenge of assembling the device and encountered the problem described by other reviewers which were the impossible directions. Luckily, he has good mechanical instincts and was able to correctly put the parts together.”

Easy Start

The Earthwise Tiller starts right up with just a push of a button.  This is no small matter if you’ve ever tried to start a gas powered tiller.  There is no need to pull on a cord again and again.  No spark plugs to change either.  Customers had great things to say about how easy this tiller started right up.  One commented, “Love the push start.. no pulling strings, no choking it, just push, it starts, and go. You can’t beat that!”

Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver

The Amazon listing for this tiller says 2.2 pounds so I’m assuming it is 22 pounds in weight since the shipping weight is listed at 25 pounds.  This is a great weight for people who don’t want to push around and have to transport to storage a big and heavy machine.  One customer had this to say about the weight, “It’s small, yes, but so lightweight that it was worth it to me, a small woman, to use it to remove an entire (dead) lawn!  You have to do more passes with this narrow machine, but, again, this is better for me than using a larger, heavier machine, which is harder on one’s body.”

Runs Quiet

One nice thing about electric versus gas machines are that they run much quieter.  This may not be an issue if you live way out in the country away from neighbors, but if have any neighbors or even family members who are within earshot, they might just appreciate that you purchased a quiet machine like the Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller Cultivator.  The quiet feature is especially nice for early morning hours if you want to till without waking people.  One customer had this to say, ” The electric motor is relatively quiet compared to a gas tiller, so I’m not disturbing the neighbors.  Every backyard gardener should have one!”

earthwise garden tiller


  • plus Runs quiet
  • plus Powerful for the size
  • plus Lightweight


  • close Must contend with a cord 

Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller Cultivator Conclusion

The Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller Cultivator is a powerful tiller for it’s size.  It is low priced in comparison to gas powered tillers and it runs quietly.  One of the best things about it, is that it starts right up with just the push of a button.  It is also practically maintenance-free.  There is no need to change gas nor oil.  You will have to contend with a cord and be fairly close to an electrical outlet depending on how long of an extension cord that you get.  But that is the case with all corded machinery.  If you are wanting an affordable, powerful electric tiller that is easy to maneuver, I would suggest getting the Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying an Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller Cultivator.

  • chevron-circle-right Does anyone have any idea on what gauge cord I should use? 16 or 14? I need 100 ft cord thanks.   According to the manual (page 4) for an 8.5 amp motor you can use a 16 gauge cord for up to 50 feet, a 14 gauge cord for up to 100 feet, and a 12 gauge cord for up to 150 feet.
  • chevron-circle-right On the battery powered model, how long does the machine run before the battery runs out of power and needs recharging?  This tiller has a 40V 4 amp hour battery.  The working time is about 45 minutes.
  • chevron-circle-right What is the battery life, how long can I run it between charges?  Depending on how well the battery is taken care of it would last between 2-5 years. The run time for continuous use would be 1 hour.  It is recommended to charge after each use.

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