4 Creative Kids Gardening Games to Get Them Outside More

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You have a beautiful and spacious garden and you wish your children would take advantage of it more? Well, they could become more interested in spending quality time outside, if you tempt them with some fun and creative kids gardening games. The tasks don’t need to be arduous. After all, that’s why they call them games. However, they can be challenging enough for your child to become interested in gardening in the process. Today, we would like to give you some ideas of such interesting kids gardening games that you can try teaching your child.

Fun and Creative Kids Gardening Games and Activities

1. Recycle Old Truck Toys and Turn Them into Miniature Gardens

Recycle Old Truck Toys and Turn Them into Miniature Gardens
If you have old truck toys laying around, or if your child is already past the age where he or she wants to play with them, you shouldn’t let them go to waste. You can get creative and use them to create a miniature garden with your child. It shouldn’t be a complicated task, and it can be really fun to do. Not to mention the fact that your garden will become really original once you decorate it with these little colorful gardens. Just get your child to fill the trailer with soil and plant something in there.

2. Grow a Beanstalk

Grow a Beanstalk
Especially if your child is a fan of the popular Jack and the Beanstalk story, he or she will love this creative gardening idea. You need a clear jar, some cotton balls, and a dry bean. What your child should do is wet some cotton balls and place them into the jar. Then, stick the bean inside, making sure he or she can clearly see it from the outside. After all, the point is to witness the magic when it happens, which will definitely cause excitement.

3. Make Flowers out of Soda Cans

Make Flowers out of Soda Cans
A great way to recycle soda cans after you’ve drunk the actual soda is to cut them apart and turn them into all sorts of creative garden decorations. What better way to do that then with your child by your side? Together, you can cut up the cans according to what you want to remodel them as. For instance, we suggest you make colorful flowers out of them. You will need a stem and a few petals that you glue together. After the glue is dry, you can stick all over your garden. We can guarantee the fun and the unique decorations that you’ll make.

4. Make Garden Markers Out of Rocks

Make Garden Markers Out of Rocks
When you’ve recently planted a lot of new fruits and vegetables in your garden, it can be hard to keep track of which goes where. That is why it is advisable to use garden markers. However, why buy basic ones? We suggest you ask your child to help you make some out of rocks instead. Use multicolored paint and write the names of the plants, accompanied by a drawing of them, to make things more fun.

With these interesting and creative kids gardening games, your child will definitely have fun and learn a few new things about plants. Plus, you can do all of these things together, so that you spend quality time tending to the garden as well.

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