Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Garden

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So you have decided to use tiles in your garden – but which ones do you pick?! Different materials not only create various looks but have different levels of practicality, both of which are highly important to consider. For this reason, Tile Monkey is here to round up the best tile choices for your garden. 


Stone tiles are nature’s choice. They are naturally slip-resistant, rustic, and authentic looking – but don’t be fooled if you think they only come in plain brown. Many modern stone tiles have been manufactured to feature patterns if you wish to add a bit of personality and a unique touch to your space. However, it is essential to seal stone tiles, as they are porous and otherwise may become damaged by rain. Once sealed, expect a lifetime of use from your stone tiles.

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Slate is yet another natural material perfect for the outdoors. They can come in surprisingly fascinating tones, with the typical grey and black sometimes containing hints of purple or dark red. Their uneven surface ensures slip resistance if you have wet feet from the pool or spill a few drinks. We recommend these only in warm areas, however, as cold temperatures can make slate tiles much easier to scratch. Regardless, they can last a lifetime in even the hardest conditions.

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Can I Use Tiles from the Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Garden article to Create Edible Landscaping?

Using tiles from the Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Garden article to create edible landscaping is a unique idea. Instead of traditional planting methods, you can incorporate plants for edible landscaping into your garden design with the help of these tiles. With careful planning and placement, you can create a stunning and functional garden that offers both aesthetic appeal and delicious homegrown produce.


Many don’t understand the differences between ceramic and porcelain floor tiles, but in simple terms, porcelain can resist water much more effectively. It also resists damage from stains and extreme temperatures that are likely in the unpredictable outdoors – this is due to the fact the tiles are made of clay that is fired at high temperatures. This method also allows them to be just as durable as stone and slate. Not only are there multiple practical benefits, but porcelain is perfect for creating diverse and original looks thanks to their variety of shades, finishes, colors, and patterns. If you are searching for a specific look, there will be a porcelain tile to suit your needs.

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Can the Same Principles for Choosing Boots for Gardening Be Applied to Choosing Tiles for a Garden?

When it comes to choosing good gardening boots, comfort and durability are key. Likewise, when selecting tiles for a garden, it’s important to consider their durability and suitability for outdoor use. Just as sturdy boots protect your feet, quality tiles can protect your garden from wear and tear.


Overall, outdoor tiles can create the perfect area to socialize or relax on those warm summer nights, as well as add value to your home if you ever decide to sell. So what are you waiting for?

Written by Jess Cappleman

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