How to Choose the Right Snow Shovel

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Did you read this headline and roll your eyes a bit? A snow shovel is a snow shovel, right? Aren’t they all created equal? Before you think I’m totally crazy, let me tell you all snow shovels are not created equal! It’s really important to choose a shovel that will help you get the job done as quickly and easily as possible. We’ve got a few tips, pointers and recommendations to share with you today!

Shoveling snow is a relatively mundane task for many who live in cold climates. However, it can be pretty stressful on your limbs. The best snow shovel for you is one you can handle easily.

While all shovels vary in shape and size, most are designed to lift 1-1.5 cubic feet of snow. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but some snow can be extremely heavy. Snow typically ranges anywhere from 7-45 pounds per shovel full. That’s a wide range. It’s no surprise people throw out their backs shoveling snow. The powdery white stuff looks light and soft but it can pack some weight!

Try Before You Buy a Snow Shovel

Whether you’re picking a shovel up last-minute before a storm or ordering online, try the snow shovel. Make the same shoveling motions you would if you were clearing actual snow. Do you feel like it’s easy to life and move? Is it easy to control? Don’t be afraid to test it out and make sure it’s really something you’ll feel comfortable with.

Own a Variety of Snow Shovels

It’s usually a good idea to own a few different options so you’re prepared. Since snow comes in such wide amounts and weights, you might need a different snow shovel to do the job. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow this is a really good option for you. Some shovels are better for pushing or shoveling. Some areas have major problems with drifting, so a lighter weight shovel is better for sculpting that away.

Research Your Snow Shovel Options

Since there are so many different types of shovels, we decided to do the research for you! Use this as your guide when trying to decide which shovel is best for the job you have at hand.

A Snow Shovel / Pusher is perfect for clearing your driveway or front walkway. They’re designed to push a large amount of snow across a hard surface. The graphite blade helps to keep the snow from sticking so it slides easily off your shovel.

If you have back problems, a snow shovel with an ergonomic shaped handle is a good option to consider. The bent handle keeps the pressure off of your back, helping you lift the snow. Be careful you don’t put too much on the shovel. If it’s heavy snow, you want to take smaller amounts. However, this shovel design will make lifting all of that much easier! 

Does ice tend to be a problem where you are? Sometimes ice is more hazardous and tougher to deal with than snow. Having a small metal square nose shovel makes scraping ice off of pavement much easier. Use the blade to shop or scrape packed snow or ice from your driveway or steps. This avoids injuries from black ice and refreezing that often happens after you’ve shoveled and salted.

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Investing in a couple good shovels is totally worth the time and money. Knowing you’re prepared for whatever type of winter weather comes your way is a great feeling to have. Make sure your shovels are easy to access all winter long. Enjoy clearing your driveway with your fancy new snow shovel in the great outdoors!

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