Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart Review

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Review of the Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart

As of this writing, there are 83 customer comments and 14 answered questions for the Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a wheelbarrow.

Best Features

  • check Holds up to 330 pounds
  • check Padded bar makes it easy to push and lift the wheelbarrow
  • check Price
  • check Lightweight
  • check Easy to dump

Item Specifics

The Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart is constructed with powder coated steel, polyurethane, and rubber.  It has thick padded bar that makes pushing and lifting easy.  The tires are 13 inches and made of rubber.  They are pneumatic (air filled) and sturdy.  The tub of this wheelbarrow is heavy duty, and has 5 cubic feet of space.  The dimensions of this product are 36”(L) x 25”(W) x 20”(H).  This wheelbarrow can hold up to 330 pounds.  It only weighs 26 pounds, which is very light compared to other wheelbarrows.  

Good Price

This wheelbarrow has a good price compared to other wheelbarrow prices.  A lot of customers were pleased that the price is so low for this wheelbarrow.  Here is one of the many comments, “We really like this wheelbarrow, we use it a lot, its nice and sturdy easy to handle very pleased with the quality and price compared to how much others like it cost!  Would absolutely buy it again!”

Instructions Have a Separate Section on Suggested Tools

When you go to put this wheelbarrow together, you will need to look through the instruction booklet to find the section that tells you the tools you will need to use.  Some customers got confused about this.  Here a handyman shares his experience, “Please read the instructions all the way through once before trying to assemble just to give yourself an idea of what you are doing in advance. This is a good idea for anything you put together to orient yourself and have a plan. Speaking of instructions, at first I did not see the suggested tools needed because they are usually added near the parts list. On this occasion they were buried in a section called PreAssembly.  It says to use an adjustable wrench but I used a socket which is not an 8mm which it said the nut was, but they were talking about the hole size which confused me at first. Many on here suggested two people needed to put this together. I did so by myself and took my time doing it right and it took me about 40 minutes just because I am a perfectionist.”

Great for Elderly People

A lot of the customers who bought the Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart were elderly.  They said that this yard cart worked great for them.  Here is a comment from a senior, “I have had this wheelbarrow for 5 years and have loved it. It is light and easy to maneuver around my garden. Loved its ability to pivot in tight places. Was easy to assemble – hey I was 75 years old when I assembled it!!! Alas, I have “worked it to death”! When seeking a replacement, I looked for, and found, on Amazon for a similar product but with a larger “cargo” capacity. I will keep this “ole keeper” as it still has life in it (and is still in amazing condition after 5 years even when left out of doors in all weather. I would highly recommend this product. It was light enough to throw into the trunk of my car when doing volunteer gardening in a historic garden in my town.”

Plastic May Not Be Durable

Some customer felt like the plastic this product is made from may not be too durable.  While it will not rust like steel does, it may not work well for those needing to do heavy duty work.  One customer had this to say, “What I do like is it will not rust out like the steel one I am replacing. I do wonder over time though if you overload this plastic one, how long until the bolt rips through the plastic. I will not be leaving this one outside as the Florida sun would probably melt it if it sat in the sun everyday. I Gave it four stars just due to a few minor things I touched on but otherwise would buy it again depending on how long it lasts.”

Easy to Dump

Customers liked that this wheelbarrow is easy to dump.  Because it has two wheels it is more balanced, and therefore allows you to dump contents out of the wheelbarrow more easily.  A customer explains, “We hauled a very large number of loads of shredded bark mulch in this. We had to use a plywood ramp to get up the rock stairs. Many loads had to be taken up a small incline and dumped. This wheelbarrow did it all and made the task much easier for us. A single wheel model could be unstable going up the ramp, dumping is not always as easy in a single wheel model, and this could be pulled when that looked like the best option to get it where we wanted it. We all agreed it was great and I felt good about choosing it. Having said that, I would not choose this to mix cement or for heavy duty construction work. But for residential yard work, an enthusiastic 5 stars.”

Not Made for Heavy Duty Work

Because the plastic is not durable, this wheelbarrow should not be sued for heavy duty work.  Most of the customers who bought this wheelbarrow used it for light yard work.  Here is what one customer thought, “It says it will hold up to 300lbs but with the plastic tray not sure if it will be good for carrying heavy rocks or other heavy items… it will work for my small projects around the yard …”

Well Balanced

With the two wheels, you won’t have to worry about tipping this cart.  One customer had this to say, “Easy to maneuver and well balanced it is easy to dump. And with two wheels, it is very stable…I gave this to my 88 year old father for his Fathers Day gift. He is quite active around his yard, fertilizing plants, trimming hedges, cutting low hanging tree branches, etc. I though this was a good replacement for the single wheel wheelbarrow because he won’t have to struggle with keeping a big load balanced on one wheel. So far, he is very impressed. Saw him carrying three 40lb bags of fertilizer in it from his car trunk to the shed. So it makes life easier for him so he can keep his independence and be active at his own pace.”

Some Customers Said This Wheelbarrow Had an Odor

A lot of the customers reported that their wheelbarrows had an odor.  A lot of them mentioned that the odor could have been coming from the tires.  They recommended assembling the wheelbarrow outdoors, and then storing it in a garage or shed.  Here is one of those comments, “My complaint with it involves the plastic or whatever material that is used for the main container. It is a bit flimsier than I would have expected but even worse — the odor. I store it in the garage and even now — almost six weeks later — the odor is so strong I feel it may be harmful to anyone who breathes it. I suspect it is okay for the price I paid, but truly I can’t recommend it because of that lingering odor and the flimsy materials.”

Great Garden Cart

A lot of customers used this wheelbarrow as a garden cart.  They used it to carry gardening tools, weeds, and potting soil.  Here is what one customer had to say, “Perfect wheelbarrow for smaller jobs. I cart it around one handed and use it to weed my 12 gardens. It’s perfect!”

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  • plus Great price
  • plus Easy to dump
  • plus Well balanced


  • close Not for heavy duty work
  • close Has odor.  Assemble outside
  • close Durability and longevity questionable because it’s made from plastic

Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart Conclusion

The Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart has 13 inch tires that are made of rubber.  This cart only weighs 26 pounds which makes carting things around easy since you won’t also be toting a heavy cart, but rather the contents of what you are carrying.  It is balanced nicely and well priced. This wheelbarrow is made to hold 300 pounds though customers questioned if the plastic tray could hold heavy items such as rocks.  Overall, this is a great buy and had good reviews.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart.

  • chevron-circle-right Where is this product made?  This product is made in the USA.
  • chevron-circle-right Is the tub made of steel or poly?  The frame is made of steel, and the tub is made of poly.
  • chevron-circle-right Can I replace the plastic tub with a metal tub?  Will a metal tub fit?  No, replacing the tub with a metal one is not an option.

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