Awesome Ideas for a Backyard Makeover This Year


During the summer months, most people spend most of their time hanging out in the backyard. From grilling dinner on the grill to taking a swim in a backyard pool, the backyard is the ideal place to be all spring and summer. If you are somebody who escapes into your backyard whenever you get a chance, you may be interested in doing a backyard makeover. A backyard makeover doesn’t have to cost much money and can usually be done without hiring anyone. Backyard makeovers are supposed to make your backyard more relaxing and fun to be in, as well as more functional. If you have been considering doing a backyard makeover, you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll go over the top ten best backyard makeovers to consider doing this year. Hopefully, this article inspires you to improve your backyard so that it is a nicer place to be at. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Backyard Makeover Ideas to Try

1. Build a Patio or Deck

One great backyard makeover idea is to build a patio or a deck. Patios and decks offer a place to relax during the summer months. There are many different deck and patio options, so make sure you choose one that will go well with your house. Consider if you want a deck, porch, or a patio. The difference between a porch and a deck is that a deck is open, whereas a porch has a roof and is slightly enclosed. Patios are different than decks and porches because they are made for level ground. Therefore, they don’t have stairs. Consider what will work best for you. If you are wanting a deck that is similar to a patio, consider building a floating deck.

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2. Create a Stone Path

Stone paths are so easy to make. They can be used as a walkway leading to your house, garden, or backyard. To make a stone path, first, find a location that will work well for building a stone path. Once you have found a good location, prepare the area so that all vegetation is removed and other rocks are moved out of the way. Next, begin laying down the stones about six to eight inches apart. Level them out, and then pour smaller pebbles around the stones. If you want, plant some flowers around your stepping stones. Another option for making a stone path is to use mortar to bond the stones together. This option takes longer, but it is more permanent and can look neater. Consider which stone path would work best for your backyard.

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3. Build a Stock Tank Pool

The summer days can be hot, which means adding a pool into your yard may be a great idea. Unfortunately, most pools cost a lot of money and are difficult to maintain. That is why you may be interested in making a stock tank pool. Building a stock tank pool is very simple. Simply prepare a spot for it, install the filter, and seal your pool. The filter kit should come with instructions. Stock tank pools are easy to maintain and provide a place to relax during the hot days of summer. Once it is winter, you should be able to easily unplug your pool and move it to a garage or shed to protect it from the weather. Once in a while, you may want to drain the water and hose down your stock tank to get rid of any algae.

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4. Build a Pergola for Additional Shade

Speaking of the hot weather, you may be interested in providing some shade in your backyard. If you don’t have trees growing in your backyard, a great backyard makeover idea is to build a pergola. A pergola provides just enough shade from the sun that it still allows cool air to flow through the slats but it also blocks the sun rays. A pergola is a great place to put deck chairs, coffee tables, or even an outdoor kitchen. If building a pergola sounds too difficult, no worries. You can purchase a pergola kit so that setting it up is easy.

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5. Make Your Fence Decorative

Another great backyard makeover is to make your fence more decorative looking. There are so many decorative fence ideas. You can either build a new fence or you can add fence decorations that make your old fence look stylish. It doesn’t take much to make a fence look unique and creative. You can even simply add a fresh coat of paint to your fence. Some people take the time to paint designs onto their fence. Consider what you think would look nice on your fence or if you should build a new fence for your yard.

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6. Set up an Outdoor Kitchen

This is no simple backyard makeover, but the results are incredible. No longer do you have to be inside your hot kitchen on a beautiful summer day. Instead, you can cook meals outdoors in your backyard. As I mentioned earlier, some people build their pergola over their outdoor kitchen. That way, you can cook your meals in the shade while still feeling the cool breeze. Another option is to install an outdoor kitchen in your patio or porch. It is recommended that some kind of roof is over the outdoor kitchen so that it doesn’t become damaged by the weather. Also, outdoor kitchens are recommended for places that do not get harsh weather such as snow. That way, you don’t have to worry about your kitchen becoming ruined. Consider if an outdoor kitchen would be a good investment for you and your family.

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7. Landscape

What’s nice about landscaping is that it can be as simple and inexpensive as you want it to be. If you love plants, you could plant flowers and trees all around your backyard. Creating stone paths around your backyard would make your backyard even prettier. If plants don’t grow well where you live, a rock garden is a great idea. You can also combine a rock garden with plants. Rock gardens are easy to maintain because you don’t have to care for them at all. Of course, if you do add plants, you will need to spend time watering them each day. Consider what kind of landscaping looks best in your backyard.

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8. Build a Trellis

A trellis is another beautiful backyard makeover that is so simple to build. It can be built against a building, along with a fence, or as an arch right before you enter your home or garden. Along with a trellis, you’ll want to plant some plants that like to climb. To help support the plants, use twist-ties to secure them to the trellis. There are so many creative ways to build a trellis. You can use lattice, ladders, and so much more to make a trellis.

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9. Set up a Fountain

If you happen to have a pond, consider adding some waterfalls into your backyard. This is a great backyard makeover that does not require much work. If you don’t have a pond, there are many other alternatives for having a fountain in your yard. You can purchase solar fountains, battery-operated fountains, and can even make your own little fountains. You can also build a pond in your backyard and add some fountains to it. A fountain is a nice backyard makeover idea, as it is relaxing to listen to the sound of the water.

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10. Grow Your Garden Vertically

Not only are vertical gardens beautiful, but they also save you a lot of space for gardening. Instead of taking up space in your lawn, you can grow vegetables and flowers upward on fences, walls, and trellises. You don’t have to build a vertical garden directly onto your fence or building. There are many vertical gardening ideas that are so simple and easy. Such ideas include using crates, hanging pots, an old dresser, and soda cans hung sideways. Make sure your vertical garden drains properly. Because it is growing vertically, you’ll need to come up with a watering system that doesn’t get the side of your house or fence all wet. When it’s done right, a vertical garden can bring so much beauty and is great for those with limited space.

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Final Thoughts

If you enjoy being in your backyard a lot, you may be interested in doing a backyard makeover. Most backyard makeover ideas are inexpensive and can be done by yourself. Some backyard makeovers are simple, such as starting a vertical garden or decorating a fence. Others are slightly more difficult, such as building a new porch or setting up an outdoor kitchen. While some of these backyard makeover ideas may sound challenging, they will definitely be worth it. Because the backyard is somewhere you probably spend most of your time during the summer months, it is important that you make it an enjoyable place. Even if it is as simple as planting some flowers, you will most likely be glad you took the time to improve your backyard. I hope this article has answered all your questions about backyard makeovers. Have fun!

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