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How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Birds are really important to the ecosystem. They help maintain the amount of bugs in our area and can help to spread seeds through the yard and gardens. They are also really beautiful and fun to watch. It is very beneficial to find ways to attract birds to your garden and yard. Make your garden into a regularly visited bird stop with these ideas.

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Food and Water

attract birds

Keep a fresh supply of food and water year round. Depending on the bird that you would like to attract, the food source could vary. For example, greenfinches really like sunflower seeds, where as goldfinches like Niger seeds. Placing various different foods around the yard will attract various types of birds. Make sure that the areas that you are placing your feeders are safe for the birds. If they can see the area around them and it is high from possible ground predators, they are likely to feel safe coming to your feeder. Try to keep feeders away from your home as well because this will reduce the likelihood of birds flying into a window and hurting themselves.

attract birds

Water is another important factor. Many will remember to place food in the winter, but not water. Water is harder for a bird to find in the winter since most of it is usually frozen. Place the water in an area that is easily accessible to you making refilling and cleaning easier. You can also place a few flat rocks in the water. That way the birds have an easy way into the water and out of the water.

Provide a Home

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Having some birdhouses and nest boxes through your property is another good way to attract birds, but having some natural coverage is a great way to welcome birds to your backyard. Keep some dense coverage and foliage to create safe nesting areas for the birds. If you do have next boxes around, be sure to clean them out each winter. Clean out feathers and old nests because a bird will not nest somewhere that has been another bird’s home. Be sure to rinse the boxes out with hot water to kill any parasites that might have taken up residence.

Keep It Safe

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Birds are creatures of prey and like to feel safe in their environment. Keeping some brush piles in areas through your yard will create a natural coverage. If a bird feels threatened, they will be able to seek shelter in the brush. Planting native plants around your yard will also attract birds. They like to be in a familiar plant more than something that is new. Also, keep your yard as natural as you can. Try eliminating insecticides. Insects are the main source of food for birds; if you get rid of that source the birds are less likely to be attracted to your yard. Keep the food source and you keep the birds.


Birds are beautiful creatures, but they are very picky. They like different foods, enjoy fresh water, and want to feel safe in their environments. Keeping your backyard as natural as you can is the biggest thing you can do to keep the winged ones in your backyard.

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