Amagabeli 4×4 Hydroponic Grow Tent Review

Amagabeli 4x4 Hydroponic Grow Tent

Review of the Amagabeli 4×4 Hydroponic Grow Tent

As of this writing, there were 58 customer comments and 29 answered questions for the Amagabeli 4×4 Hydroponic Grow Tent.  I’ve read through the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a grow tent.

Best Fea​tures

  • check 2-year warranty
  • check Easy setup 
  • check Double stitching 
  • check This updated version comes with 2 adjustable rope hangers, 1 tool bag and 1 observation window
  • check Light proof

Item Specifics

The Amagabeli 4×4 Hydroponic Grow Tent provides proper light, humidity, and temperature for seedlings and flowering plants.  This works well with tomato plants, pepper, cilantro, vegetable lettuce, medical marijuana, cannabis, and herbs.  It is made with 98% reflective Mylar interior lining, as well as a 600D tear proof, double stitched canvas.  Because of the thick canvas and double stitching, this grow tent is light proof.  All the vent holes are circular, and are double sleeved. The vent holes can be used to handle cables, or for air circulation by an exhaust fan, ducting hose, carbon filter, ballast or reflector.

The setup is easy, as there are no tools that are needed.  Just make sure that all the rubber feet are going the same direction.  This grow room is also easy to dissemble.  There is a 2-year warranty.  Keep in mind that this is an upgraded version.  Unlike the former version, this has 2 adjustable rope hangers, a tool bag and observation window.

Good Customer Service

The feedback left by customers about customer service was positive.  Here is what one person had to say, “The follow-up customer support and service has been outstanding as well.”

Easy Set Up

Overall the ease of set up comments left by customers for this tent were very positive.  Here is one of the comments, “I was able to set it up by myself and it didn’t take long.” I didn’t come across anything saying that this was a hard grow tent to assemble.  


This is an affordably priced grow tent in comparison to other grow tents.  A customer commented this on the price, “For the price point alone this tent is worth it, but after experiencing their customer service they have made a customer for life!”


The Amagabeli 4×4 Hydroponic Grow Tent is made to last.  Customers had good things to say about the durability.  Here is one of the comments on this subject, “Tent has reputation for sturdy and well made that holds up for many grow seasons without worries.”

Minimal Light Leaking

This tent doesn’t have a lot of light leaking out like some of the other tents do.  Here is a comment on the minimal amount of light that leaks out, ” No light leaks, no pin holes and the price can’t be beat.”

Amagabeli Grow Tent, Amagabeli 4×4 Hydroponic Grow Tent


  • plus Good price
  • plus Easy to assemble
  • plus Durable and sturdy


  • close Small amount of light leaks through

Amagabeli 4×4 Hydroponic Grow Tent Conclusion

The Amagabeli 4×4 Hydroponic Grow Tent is a fairly priced grow tent for what you get.  It has minimal amount of light that leaks out.  The set up is easy and the customer service is good.  I can’t see where you could go wrong by buying this grow tent.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Amagabeli 4×4 Hydroponic Grow Tent.

  • chevron-circle-right Do the lights and fans come with this setup?   No, there’s no lights and fans with this setup.  But the company, Amagabeli, sells these items.
  • chevron-circle-right How will the grow tent be packaged and delivered to me? This grow tent will be delivered disassembled and packed in a box.  It is very easy to put them together, and there are included instructions.
  • chevron-circle-right Can this tent support a 15lb carbon filter, a 5lb LED grow light and a 10lb inline fan at the same time? This grow tent can successfully hold more than 80 pounds of equipment.

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