How to Achieve Better Car Garage Lighting


We all love garages because they give us ample space to park our cars. They are also a fantastic place for storing old and unused equipment. Sadly though, they are often neglected which makes them turn gloomy, dull and boring. Is your garage in such a terrible condition?

Now, you can improve the ‘acoustics’ in your garage by adopting some simple home decor techniques. Here, we would like to show you how you can achieve this using only some simple garage lighting ideas. Take a look!

1. Install Larger Windows in Your Garage

Are you thinking of renovating your garage? Well, start by replacing all small windows with larger ones. While this may not light up your garage during the night, expect to see wonders in the day time hours.

Of course, large windows tend to attract thieves and other malicious individuals. If you’re worried that this may happen, feel free to install extra security measures like adding some metal bars on the outer side of the window. In any case, even the most massive garage windows are too small for a burglar.

2. Use Some Long Bulbs for Your Interior Garage Lighting

Don’t underestimate the power of long bulbs when it comes to garage lighting. They usually are 4 to 8 inches in length. Although you’ll also have to install a current circuit as you replace your regular bulbs with long ones, the results are quite pleasing.

The only thing you should take care of is your bulb’s warm-up duration. Why? Interestingly, a good number of them don’t function properly when it’s cold. Cold start bulbs are our most recommended option for interior garage lighting for their outstanding performance even in the coldest environments.

3. Paint All Your Walls White

One of the easiest garage lighting options for brightening the room is applying paint on all the walls and even the ceiling. Light which hits such surfaces normally bounces off, brightening the entire space in an instant. If you don’t wish to change the color(s) of your garage walls, start with your ceiling. In doing so, you conserve all the light coming into the garage and reflect it to the place where it’s most needed.

4. LED Lighting for Garage Spaces

Are you looking for the brightest types of lights? Well, with LED lighting for garages, you’ll illuminate your garage and transform it into a tranquil and heavenly place. However, what makes them a fantastic option is that they can save you a good amount of money consumed by electricity bills.

Now, if you have not installed some LED lights in your garage, make this investment before changing other layout features. In the end, you’ll realize that using the brightest bulbs is one of the best garage lighting ideas.

5. Some Skylights Would Also Work Well in Your Garage Space

There are many reasons why you may decide to improve your garage lighting. A good example is it to create studio room where they can work on things like art and music. Whichever reason that makes you remodel your garage space, never underestimate the power of skylights.

We love them because they add a lot of natural light into the room. They will help you to create better pieces of art, and they free you from the stress of worrying about increased electricity bills. What’s more, in the night, they give you a perfect view of the stars which is one of the most amazing sights you’ll ever see!

6. Floor Garage Lighting

There are some people who hate concentrating light in only one area. If you are one of them, then consider adding some floor lights. They are one of the most reliable garage lighting options for the general ambiance they add to the room. Our garage has the LED strip lighting for garage bulbs which we are pleased to say is quite impressive.

You can fix them on your baseboard (if you have one) or on the edges of the garage floor if there are no baseboards. Both of these floor garage lighting solutions will give the room a gentle and simple glow making it brighter and more beautiful.


There’s no arguing that garage lighting is one of the most difficult parts of home decor for anyone who wishes to do a home remodel. However, with these lighting for garage tips now within your grasp and understanding, we are sure that you’ll have one of the simplest times in at least renovating your garage.

Let everyone who enters into this room feel as comfortable as possible once you’ve illuminated the place. From the above guidelines, you can see that that doing so is pretty easy. Even so, we know that you may encounter one or two challenges along the way.

Tell us, have you come across any problems in your garage lighting transformation process?

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