6 Natural Pesticides for Outdoors

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Spring and summer are the best times of the year to have a gathering outside and have some goodies and drinks with friends. The problem is that spring and summer are also the time the bugs are outside. These pests can bring a lot of harm to your outdoor parties and using the sprays and candles sold in stores can be harmful. Try these natural pesticides next time you have the family out for a picnic or BBQ in your backyard.


Although it can give your cakes and cookies a little extra something, bugs do not like the smell. Mix some vanilla in a cup of water and pat some on your ankles, so the bugs will stop biting. You can also put some of the mixture on your tablecloths to keep the pests from finding a seat of their own.

Float Your Table

Ants and other creepy crawlies are not that great at swimming. So, fill come containers with water, just make sure they are wide, and submerge your table feet in the water. If an ant tries to join the party and attempts to crawl up the table leg, they will have to brave the waters first.

Citrus and Cloves

Bugs just do not know what is good for them, mosquitoes especially. A lot of bugs do not like the smell of citrus or strong spices. Cut a citrus fruit in half and push whole cloves into the fruits. The halves should be mostly cloves when you are done. Place the halves on tables, by chairs, and other places people are going to be to keep the mosquitoes from attacking.


If there is a bonfire involved with your backyard shindig be sure to grab some dried sage when you’re getting the food together. Tie the sage in medium sized bundles and throw them in the fire. The smell of the sage will keep the mosquitoes away. Smoke does help with mosquitoes, but when you get a little further from the flames the effect is not as strong. The sage will help widen the radius of safety.

Can I Use Natural Pesticides for My Indoor Succulents Too?

Yes, you can use natural pesticides for planting succulents indoor and outdoor. Natural pesticides, such as neem oil or diluted soap solutions, are safe options to combat pests on your indoor succulents. They are effective in keeping bugs away while ensuring a healthy environment for your plants.

Essential Oils

Before you and your guests lather themselves in bug sprays, reach for some lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, or tea tree oils. Just like sage and citrus, bugs do not like the smell of those essential oils. Just put a few drops on pulse points and reapply through the night. The oils will last longer and are completely natural.

Cucumbers and Aluminum 

Bees and wasps are the next big pest of the BBQ. To keep them at bay, slice up some fresh cucumber and put them on an aluminum pie plate. They can serve as some finger foods for your guests and keep the bees and wasps away. It just so happens that bees and wasps do not like the smell of the chemical reaction between the vegetable and the metal. Humans cannot smell it, but bees can, and they are sure to stay away from your party.


Picnics and BBQs are some of the best times with friends, but having food out will surely attract some unwanted guests. Keep those pests away naturally and make sure that you are protecting yourself and your guests from bugs and chemicals.

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