5 Ways to Make Your Trampoline Safer

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Trampolines are a lot of fun. I have spent hours on the trampoline playing games and having picnics. I’ve also spent the night outside on the trampoline. As a child, I have very fond memories of the trampoline. I’ve also fallen off a time or two. I’ve been bounced off, gotten caught between the springs, and my brother has hit his head on the bar around the edge and gotten stitches. My nephew and another brother have broken their arms from the trampoline. Unfortunately we are not the minority. Lots of kids get hurt on trampolines. It’s kind of a right of passage for a child. Once you get hurt on a trampoline, you’re in. So how do we make our trampolines safer, and allow our kids to still play and have fun on it? Here are 5 ways to make your trampoline safer.

Choose Your Location Wisely

Your kids will most likely spend a lot of time on the trampoline. Pick a safe location for the trampoline where your kids will not get hurt. Don’t put your trampoline next to a big pile of rocks where they can hit their head. Try keeping your trampoline away from rose bushes, ouch! A flat grassy area works the best for trampolines. Trampolines and hills don’t mix. The trampoline can flip over if it’s on an incline.

Use Nets and Pads

Nets and pads help significantly reduce the number of injuries that occur on trampolines. A pad over the springs will make sure no one gets caught in them. The net around the trampoline helps make sure that no one bounces off. This is one of the most popular safety additions to a trampoline. It’s still fun to bounce on, and it’s a lot safer.

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Trampoline Rules

Make rules for your children about jumping on the trampoline. I remember having rules growing up and they helped keep the injuries at bay. We didn’t have pads or a net on our trampoline so there were still a couple of injuries. Make sure everyone knows you aren’t allowed to jump on the trampoline when someone is underneath it. Kids like to make forts or sit under the trampoline. Maybe a ball went under it that someone needs to get. No one jumps! This can cause serious injury to the person beneath. Another good rule might be to limit the amount of people that can be on the trampoline at one time. Maybe no more than 5 kids on the trampoline at once. This will minimize how much everyone crashes into each other. Less bodies equals less injury.

Safety Checks

Make sure that you go out and check your trampoline routinely. You might notice a hole in the tarp, or a spring that is sticking up. Noticing things like this early might be the difference between serious injury and safety. Holes in the tarp can grow when they’re jumped on and rip while your kids are on the trampoline. Springs that aren’t in their proper place can poke, scratch, or cut.

Follow the Owners Manual

Follow the owner’s manual even if you think you can set up the trampoline yourself. There might be a certain way the trampoline needs to be set up to be safer. Don’t cut any corners. Make sure that everything is exactly as it should be and everything goes where it belongs. Don’t go the quick and easy route.

Summing Up

Trampolines were a great addition to my childhood. Most people would probably agree. These safety precautions will reduce injury, and let your kids have fun. Everyone will be able to enjoy the trampoline and be safe doing it. There are a lots of ways to make trampolines safer, but doing these 5 could significantly reduce your child’s chance of getting hurt.

Image Source: Pixabay

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