Top 4 Coolest Plant Hooks and Hangers for Suspended Pots

hanging plant hooks with flowers in bloom

As we all know, backyard gardens are not the roomiest of places, especially if you happen to live in the city. If that is your case as well, we are here to help you. Here are four cool plant hooks to hang your favorite flowers and herbs instead of placing them on the ground.

1. Mkono Macrame Plant Hooks

This plant hanger works both for indoor and outdoor greens, and it can be hung literally anywhere you choose. Since it has a macramé design, it is very elegant and full of vintage charm. These plant hooks are usually made of cotton and, even though they get wet, they will still be very strong.

macrame plant hooks

2. Stained Glass Plant Hooks

Instead of a dull, old plant hook, you can try a gorgeous and unusual stained glass one. Our choice is in the shape of a small hummingbird that will integrate beautifully in your garden. Apart from plants, you can also use them to hang bird feeders, wind charms, or baskets. The great thing about these bird-shaped plant hooks is that they can be cleaned really easily with just some soap and warm water.

stained-glass plant hooks

3. Wrought Iron Plant Hooks

If you’re in the mood for something a bit more elegant and Old World, you can go for some wrought iron plant hooks. They are perfect for holiday decorations, plants, flowers, bird feeders, ornaments, wind chimes, and string lights.

These plant hooks have the advantage of being very easy to attach to the wall. You can also screw it into your deck, a wooden fence, or any tree in your backyard.

wrought-iron plant hooks

4. Minimalist Plant Hooks

In case you want to keep your backyard garden as natural as possible, you can go for some minimalist plant hooks. They should be made out of wood or simple metal rods, twisted in a flora of fauna design. They will blend perfectly well with the natural environment and, if your vegetation grows big enough, they won’t even show from in between the leaves or the branches of your hedges.

There are many people out there who opt for this design, as it doesn’t spoil the wild feeling their garden has. Recreate the look with this one of a kind monkey minimalist metallic plant hook.

minimalist plant hooks

Whenever you feel the need to grow your garden in a vertical rather than horizontal fashion, plant hooks are the best way to go. They will allow you to suspend your flower and herb pots rather than trying to find a way to fit them all on ground level. It’s also a good idea if you have children or pets who might knock over your plant pots.

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