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5 Vintage Garden Gate Ideas for an Antique Look

You are not a fan of the standard garden gates? Do you want something unique for your garden? Do you also like vintage items? Then we have the perfect suggestion for you. Try to decorate your garden with a vintage garden gate. You can either purchase one, or make one yourself, according to what you have laying around the house. The result will be amazing either way. To give you a little bit of inspiration, we have gathered 5 vintage garden gate ideas that will give your garden an antique look. Let’s see what they are!

5 vintage garden gate ideas for an antique look

Install an Old Wooden Door that You Don’t Use Anymore

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Maybe you have a really vintage looking wooden door that is just too old to use inside the house. If the paint has come off in certain places, that is even better. It will give your garden an even more antique vibe. If this is not the case, you can always achieve that look by rubbing the surface of the door with some emery paper. If the door has a window, we suggest you take it out, it will go much better in the garden like this. You can it place inside a wooden arch and brighten up your garden.

Put up a Folding Screen and Decorate It

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Do you know those old folding screens? Whether you have one at home or you buy one from a flea market or online, you can always use it to create a nice vintage garden gate. It can cover a large amount of space, and it is easy to open and close. We suggest you install it a few inches over the ground, stuck to a wooden pole. Otherwise, it will get stuck in the soil whenever you want to open it. You can leave the screen like it is or hang dried-up flower bouquets or old mirrors to complete the vintage look.

Combine a Cast Iron Gate with an Arch of Roses

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You can buy a small rounded cast iron gate and plant roses on each side. Then, let them grow over a wooden arch and create a beautiful entrance in the garden. This combination will provide your garden with a beautiful vintage garden gate, and you will feel like you’re in a fairytale every time you walk into the garden.

Put up a Vintage Wooden Door in a Stone Arch

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Pieces of stone stacked on top of each other always give out a vintage look. So why not combine them with an old colorful wooden door and create the ultimate vintage garden gate? For some extra magic we recommend you find a door that also has a round stained glass window. Just imagine how nice that would look in your garden.

Install a Tiny Vintage Garden Gate Made of Wooden Planks

If you are looking for a really rustic look and an easy-to-make-and-install vintage garden gate, this is the best option for you. Just fixate a few (depending on the size you want the gate to have) vertical wooden planks with two horizontal ones. Then add an inclined plank between the two horizontal ones, and your vintage garden gate is ready.

We hope our vintage garden gate ideas have convinced you to give your garden a vintage look, or have at least inspired some other creative ideas for your garden.

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