Teak Outdoor Furniture: The Luxurious Wood of Majestic Garden Sets

1 outdoor teak furniture set

Teak furniture is definitely one of the most luxurious furniture options for your garden. Which is why it appeals to so many people. Since winter is already upon us, and you’ve probably stored your old garden furniture away for the cold season, why not consider buying some new one when spring arrives? Whether you already have some teak outdoor furniture around the house, or you’ve always wanted to try it but never did, today’s article will definitely inspire you to purchase some teak furniture. We’re going to talk about why teak outdoor furniture is a great option and how you should take care of it. Furthermore, we’ll also provide you with some shopping suggestions of really awesome teak outdoor furniture.

Why Is Teak Outdoor Furniture a Great Addition to Your Garden?

1. It Lasts for a Very Long Time

If you’re looking for furniture sets that you won’t have to replace for a while, then you should definitely invest in some teak outdoor furniture. As an example of its longevity, you should know that in England, some park benches are made of teak which is a century old. This teak was collected from dismantled ships. If you consider this, then it’s more than obvious that even future generations will be able to enjoy the teak outdoor furniture you buy now.

2. It Is Weather Resistant

Since we’ve already established that teak can last for centuries, it’s quite clear that it’s also weather resistant. So if you live in a place where extreme weather conditions are a usual occurrence, you might want to buy some teak outdoor furniture just to make sure the next storm doesn’t force you to completely replace your garden furniture.

Maybe you’re wondering what makes teak wood so resistant. Well, the answer is the natural oil that it contains. This oil works to repel water, which helps protect the wood against cracks or unnatural curves. Even if it rains or snows, you don’t have to worry about this damaging your furniture. Similarly, the strong sun doesn’t affect teak outdoor furniture either.

3. It Is Pest Resistant

The natural oil we mentioned above doesn’t only work as a water repellent. It also helps protect the wood from pests such as termites, insects, or marine borers.

4. It Is Beautiful

If functionality hasn’t convinced you that you should give teak outdoor furniture a shot, maybe beauty will. When you first buy teak furniture, it has a lovely honey brown color. This will later turn into a majestic shade of grey. However, no matter the color of the wood, teak furniture will definitely complement your garden like none other.

You won’t have to worry about rust stealing away some of the wood’s beauty either. Teak is among a few other types of wood that do not rust when touching metal. The fact is that you can’t avoid your outdoor furniture containing some metal parts as well. Which is why teak furniture proves to be a great option.

5. It Is Easy to Take Care Of

If you thought that such an exquisite type of wood is difficult to take care of, then you’ll be happy to hear that teak wood actually requires low-maintenance. You don’t even have to paint over it to prevent it from looking patchy. The aforementioned oil takes care of that too.

Teak Outdoor Furniture Care

Should You Treat It with Oil?

A lot of people who own teak outdoor furniture are confused about whether or not they should use extra teak oil to treat the wood. Most manufacturers and experts agree that there’s no need for you to treat the wood. The natural oil it contains is enough for the job. What you find on the market sold as “teak oil” is not at all similar to the oil the wood already contains.

If you’ve ever used teak oil on teak outdoor furniture, then you’ve probably noticed that even if it offers a nice glow at the beginning, the effects don’t last for long. The oil will eventually dry out and the color of the furniture will fade again. This doesn’t only make the entire process troublesome, but it can also actively damage the wood by creating a rich environment for fungus.

Consequently, as long as your teak outdoor furniture has its own natural oils that can protect it in time, you shouldn’t replace them with teak oil and then have to apply it over and over again.

Should You Treat It with Teak Sealer?

If teak oil doesn’t seem to be a viable option for teak outdoor furniture, then you should look into some teak sealer that can help the wood preserve its natural oil for a longer period of time. Teak sealers are based on water, and they do not damage the wood in any way. Furthermore, you only have to apply a sealer once a year.

We should mention that teak sealers are designed to prevent the color of the furniture from fading. However, since teak wood still looks great even with a grey patina, a teak sealer treatment is not at all compulsory. Some people actually enjoy their teak outdoor furniture more after it ages. So the choice is definitely up to you. If you do decide to try some teak sealer for your furniture, let us recommend this Waterproofing Wood Sealant Protector that you can purchase on Amazon for $29.99.

How Should You Clean It?

Like any other kind of furniture, teak outdoor furniture also requires cleaning every once in a while. However, the entire process of cleaning it is not at all difficult. All you have to do is remove dirt and make sure the furniture doesn’t have any mold.

Even so, we have to advise you to be careful about the products you use to clean it. You should always rely on a special teak cleaner, such as this Star Brite Teak Cleaner from Amazon. This won’t only effectively remove any dirt, but it will also help preserve the natural color of the wood. If your furniture doesn’t need too extensive of a cleaning, you can also use soap and water.

We recommend cleaning your teak outdoor furniture when it’s sunny outside since this will ensure it dries faster. You need a gentle brush which doesn’t contain any metal. You don’t want to run the risk of scratching your furniture. Scrub in the direction of the grain and then rinse off the furniture by using a garden hose. Instead of simply allowing the sun to dry it off, pat it with a towel first.

man using a brush to scrub outdoor furniture

Shopping Suggestions: Best Teak Outdoor Furniture Models on the Market

Finally, now that we’ve told you all you need to know about teak outdoor furniture and how you can take care of it, it’s time to look at some gorgeous furniture items that you might want to purchase for your garden.

1. 6 Piece Teak Patio Furniture Set – Luxurious Monaco Model

If you want to go all out and buy an entire set of teak outdoor furniture, allow us to suggest this truly luxurious one that you can find on Amazon. Sure, the price might seem quite steep, but the items are definitely worth it. They are made of FSC certified teak that has been hand selected, they are high-quality, long-lasting and already assembled for your convenience. Plus, you also get a 1-year guarantee.

The set contains two armchairs, a couch, two smaller tables, and one larger coffee table. It also comes with comfortable dark brown cushions that complement the color of the wood. All in all, this is a great furniture set that would look lovely in any garden or backyard.

teak outdoor furniture

2. Amazonia Teak Newcastle Teak Bench

For the people who are not yet familiar with the benefits of owning teak outdoor furniture and they want to test it out, this bench is a great idea. It is made of high-quality wood that has an elegant light brown shade. Even though you can also place the bench indoors, you will definitely make the most of its color by placing it outdoors in full sunlight. If you’re interested in such a bench, you can order it on Amazon for $276.00.

teak outdoor furniture

3. Luxurious 4 Piece Teak Sofa Set

Another great teak outdoor furniture set, this one is made up of two lounge chairs, a side table, and an ottoman. The color is truly gorgeous, and the set would look good anywhere in your garden or backyard, or even next to your pool. You can snag it for $1,568.85 on Amazon.

teak outdoor furniture

Summing It All Up

Teak is one of the most gorgeous and functional types of wood out there, and we hope we managed to prove this in today’s guide. Not only is it extremely resistant and low-maintenance, but it is also truly beautiful. Consequently, it will definitely make an impression on your guests whenever you decide to have a garden party. If you’re looking to turn part of your garden into a seating area, or you simply want to replace your old garden furniture, we advise you to consider some of the teak outdoor furniture items we mentioned above.

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