Make Your Own Flour in 3 Easy Steps

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You can make your very own flour right at home. There are a million and one uses for flour and making your own is a fun way to try all sorts of different recipes. You can make wheat, rye, or other grain flours too. Try making different flours with all sorts of different grains. It’ll be fun to try use different flours for breads, muffins, or other baked goods. Here’s how to make your own flour in 3 easy steps. 

How to Make Your Own Flower

Choose Your Grain

Since there are so many choices you’ll need narrow it down. Pick a grain that you want to try and go with it. You can always try a different grain later on. You can get whole grain kernels at most health food stores. A lot of health food stores will sell the whole kernels in bulk a lot cheaper than it would cost to get already made flour. You’ll save money by making your own flour, not to mention have more fun! Making your own flour is also better for you. A lot of store bought flours are bleached and processed.

make your own flour

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Grind Your Kernels

The easiest way to grind whole grain kernels is to use a coffee grinder. If you don’t already have a coffee grinder, buying one can be expensive. However, if you plan on making your own flour frequently it’s probably worth it. Using a coffee grinder won’t make your flour as fine as store bought flour, but it’ll grind the kernels easily. Usually the amount of kernels you put in the grinder is the amount of flour you’ll get out. If you put ¼ of a cup of kernels in your grinder you’ll get ¼ cup of flour out. Decide how coarse you would like your flour. Some recipes are good with coarse, rough flour. Other recipes require finer flour. The amount of time you grind your kernels will determine how rough or smooth your flour will be. Keep a close eye on your flour as you grind it to get the texture you want. Use a sifter to try to get your flour a little finer.

Use Your Flour

Store you flour in an airtight container and use it at will. This is the fun part! You can use your flour for anything you’d like. Make homemade whole wheat bread that your whole family will love. You can even grind up corn kernels to make cornmeal for delicious cornbread. Rye bread is also a family favorite. Try different recipes with different grains and see which flavors you like the most. 

Summing Up

If you decide to make bread, it’ll be so much fun to say that you made the flour that’s in it! Your kids can help you make the flour. They’ll have fun using the coffee grinder because most kids like grinding up things, that’s pure fun! Have your kids help you choose which grain you want to try next and then help you make the recipe. You’ll enjoy family time and everyone will love saying how they made their own flour in the recipe. 

Image Source: Pixabay

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