Lawn Sprinkler Repair – How to Get Your Sprinkler Properly Working Again

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A sprinkler that is running well will make life so much easier for you than a faulty one.  Watering your garden or lawn should be a simple task that doesn’t eat up your time each time you run it. I’m going to go over the proper installation, sprinkler maintenance, what to do if a sprinkler breaks, good places to get sprinkler parts, the process of fixing a lawn sprinkler and cost of having and maintaining a sprinkler system.  In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about proper lawn sprinkler repair.

The Ins and Outs of Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Proper Sprinkler Installation

Make sure to follow all of the manufacturer’s directions when installing a sprinkler. While installation may look like a no-brainer, depending on your sprinkler knowledge and the complexity of your particular sprinkler, it will pay off to still read through the directions.

Sprinkler Maintenance

The old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” also applies to lawn sprinkler care.  Exercising precaution before a sprinkler problem occurs is better than having to fix the sprinkler later.  Sprinkler maintenance does not take much time, and you will reap future rewards by not having to fix a broken sprinkler.  It really is worth the effort to take care of your sprinkler. Let’s talk about what you can do to keep it working properly.

Check your sprinkler heads to make sure that they are free of dirt and grass clippings.  Any debris lodged in your sprinkler will restrict the sprinkler head movement.  Make sure to clean out dirt both in the heads and inside the sprinkler.  Do this by removing the head and flushing out the inside of the sprinkler with water.

If possible, keep the water pressure even.  You may not be able to control what your water pressure is, but if you can ideally spray head sprinklers operate best on 25 to 30 PSI.  Rotor head sprinklers operate best at 30 to 50 PSI.  For most sprinklers, you can change the pressure on your sprinkler head with pressure reducing valves.  Take a look at your sprinkler manual to see if instructions explain how to control the pressure.

Routinely inspect your pipes and sprinkler hoses for leaks.  This can not only waste water and make puddles on your lawn, but it can also affect your sprinkler’s pressure.  Seal up small leaks and plan to replace bigger leaks with new pipes or hoses.  If you have a major leak, you may need to contact a plumber.

If your sprinkler has a timer, check to make sure that it’s working properly on schedule.  Often times if a timer isn’t working right, it may not be getting enough power.  You may need to call an electrician to get the power working properly.


Winterization is an important aspect when it comes to lawn sprinkler repair.  Proper winterization involves removing all of the water from your sprinkler system. This will prevent freeze damage in the lines, rotors, heads and valves. Make sure to pick up all hoses and sprinklers and hang them in an area such as a garage after all of the water has been drained out of them.

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What to Do If a Sprinkler Breaks

If a sprinkler breaks, take off the heads and any removable parts and look for debris.  If you find dirt or debris, remove it and wash the sprinkler off in a basin or under a faucet.  Often times, sprinklers don’t work because something is clogging it up.

Good Places to Get Sprinkler Parts

You may need to buy sprinkler parts at some point in your sprinkler maintenance program.  A general rule of thumb is the more expensive your sprinkler system is, the better chance that you will be buying parts for it someday.  While this may not seem to make sense, the reason is that for cheaper sprinklers, it’s usually easier and less expensive to just buy a whole new sprinkler than to fix it.  If you do need to buy sprinkler parts, check out the Sprinkler Warehouse online store.  They are one of the bigger and most shopped sprinkler supplies online.

lawn sprinkler repair

The Process of Fixing a Lawn Sprinkler

Fixing a broken sprinkler can be a simple thing or more involved depending on what’s wrong with it.  The first step is to identify the problem.  Take your sprinkler apart.  You may want to videotape yourself taking it apart using a cell phone in video mode so that you remember how to put it back together.  Lay your sprinkler out on a flat surface free of clutter.  Once taken apart, check for any debris and flush the whole system and parts out with water.  Look for worn out parts and replace any broken valves or hoses that are leaking.  Make sure to replace washers.  If your sprinkler still does not work properly, replacing it may be the least expensive thing to do.  This will depend on how pricey of a system that you have.

Cost of Maintaining a Sprinkler System

If you keep your sprinkler system maintained, you most likely will spend much less on maintenance than if you neglect basic care.  It really does pay off to take the time to winterize your system properly by draining or blowing out all of the water.


You do not have to be a genius nor have a degree in engineering to take care of a lawn sprinkler system.  If you maintain your system properly and pay attention to lawn sprinkler repair, you will save yourself future headaches.

One of the biggest things that you can do to keep your sprinkler system working properly, is to winterize it.  Make sure to get out water so that you don’t have freeze damage show up when you get ready to set up your system in the spring. Always follow the directions that show how to set up your sprinkler.  Then, remember to routinely check  your system while looking for leaks.   Replace any broken parts promptly so that you don’t start having more broken issues occurring. Inspect your sprinkler system routinely so that you can catch a problem before it escalates into something bigger.  Always be on guard for leaks and deal with leaks promptly.  Ensuring that keep up on lawn sprinkler repair will save you time and money in the long run.  Above all else, make sure to enjoy your sprinkler system and the greenery that it brings.

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