Top 11 Kids Gardening Tools for Awesome Backyard Activities

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If your child is always following you around when you work in the garden and seems interested in participating in all sorts of gardening activities, then you should increase his or her interest by buying some kids gardening tools. Playing outside in the garden is a great activity for children of almost all ages. Not to mention the fact that you can keep an eye on them and also spend some quality time together while you tend to your garden. There are a lot of great kids gardening tools that you can buy. Today, we are going to talk about 11 of the best.

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11 of the Best Kids Gardening Tools You Can Find

1. Leaf Rake

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Even if the main purpose is for your child to have fun while playing in the garden, that doesn’t mean that you can’t teach him or her to help you out as well. Especially in the fall, when your backyard is covered in leaves, you could buy your children leaf rakes and ask them to help you clean the yard. You can even make it more fun by competing over who gets to clean the largest area. If you are looking for a really sturdy and colorful kid’s rake, we recommend this one from Amazon. It is the perfect size for a child of 5 or older, yet it is entirely functional.

2. Trowel

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If your child enjoys digging, it would be a great idea to find a place in your backyard where he or she can do that freely without disturbing any of your plants. Digging requires a lot of energy, which is why this activity is suitable for children who are usually hyperactive. Since the mere act of digging a hole in the backyard might not sound too exciting for your children, you can always pique their interest with a really colorful trowel. For instance, if they are SpongeBob fans, they are going to love this trowel that you can order on Amazon for $6.49. It comes in bright yellow and its handle is decorated with a picture of the famous cartoon character.

3. Sprinkler Heads

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If your children are slightly older and you want to convince them to help you water the plants, you can try buying some fun sprinkler heads that will liven up even the most boring hose. Watering plants become much more entertaining when you connect a colorful sprinkle head to the water hose. That’s because water will be splashing in several directions. This could be a really fun activity to do in the summer since your children need something to do to stay away from the heat. We recommend this sprinkler head from Amazon which has multiple grub sprouts that shoot water in all directions.

4. Gardening Cart

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Wouldn’t it be nice if your children could carry around all their gardening tools and supplies in a cart of their own? Usually, children are more motivated to engage in gardening activities if they have their own tools and are not dependent on yours. Which is why it is worth investing in a kids gardening cart. That is if you know your child really loves spending time in the garden. Since you want a sturdy option, but one that you can also make easier for your child to carry, you should take a look at this one from Amazon. The wagon is made of steel, yet it also includes wooden panels that detach. It is quite large, so it is not suitable for younger children. However, this is good news if you want to carry your child around in it.

5. Herb Garden Kit

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For your child to have a fun time outside, he or she doesn’t necessarily have to tend to the actual garden. You can simply buy this awesome herb garden kit and teach your children all about growing their own plants. The set contains 3 pots and a tray, growing medium, 3 herb tags, 3 seed packets (basil, parsley, and chives), and some really cool paint and stencils that your child can use to decorate the pots. This is an activity that keeps your children entertained for a while. That’s because they will have to plant the seeds, decorate the pots, and then take care of them in order to harvest the herbs. Not to mention the fact that you can spend some quality time with them as well. Tell them everything they have to know about planting herbs.

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This might not look like something we should include in a kids gardening tools list, but it is definitely something that will motivate your children to spend more time in the garden. By buying an apron, you protect their clothes from getting dirty. You also show them that you take their role in the garden seriously. We suggest a really fun set that includes matching aprons for you and your child. The set also comes with gloves and some small tools. Wearing your apron whenever your children wear theirs will make them feel like part of a team. This will determine them to engage more in gardening activities.

7. Watering Can

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Especially if you decide to buy the herb garden kit we mentioned above, or if you just want to provide your children with yet another colorful kids gardening tool, a watering can is something you should consider. If your children aspire to become gardening experts, they are going to need all the kids gardening tools they can get. That includes a watering can. We recommend something fun to peak their interest, such as this chameleon watering can from Amazon. It has a really unique design that will definitely stand out. It also comes with an integral handle that your child can easily manage.

8. Wheelbarrow

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When your children spend a lot of time in the garden, they usually need something to help them carry around mulch, dirt, or even toys. Consequently, you should look into buying a really nice wheelbarrow. This is one of the most useful kids gardening tools they can have. Since the wheelbarrow shouldn’t be too heavy, we thought you might like this one that you can order from Amazon for $41.97. It is bright red, it has hardwood handles, and it even comes with a poly tray that is corrosion-proof. Plus, it has a sturdy rubber tire and it looks just like a wheelbarrow for adults. Except for the fact that it is designed to fit your child’s stature.

9. Shovel

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If you’re also looking for a shovel for your child that looks exactly like the one you normally use in the garden, you will be happy to know that you can buy a 36-inch handle one from Amazon. You and your child can work side by side and prepare the soil for planting seeds. Unlike a small plastic shovel, this one can teach your children the proper way of using a gardening shovel. This is great practice for when they will grow their own garden.

10. Garden Root Viewer

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Watching the roots of a plant grow is definitely an interesting and exciting experience for a child. It is also one that could motivate him or her to pursue gardening later on. So if you want something fun for your children to do without too much work, you can buy them a garden root viewer set like this one from Amazon. It is really cheap ($8.62), and it includes 3 root viewers made of clear plastic, some seed packs, instructions on how to plant them, growing medium, and a wooden stand to fit the plastic containers in. Plus, you can reuse the set whenever you want, so it is definitely an investment. Your child can learn how to grow and take care of carrots, radishes, and onions, while proudly admiring his or her progress.

11. Push Broom

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Finally, if your child likes to help around the garden and enjoys sweeping, you can buy him or her a push broom. For instance, you only have to pay $12.99 for one on Amazon. Sweeping is one of the easiest tasks you can assign to your children if you want them to help you out. So this is one of the most useful kids gardening tools that you can buy them. If they need a little bit more motivation, get them to sweep next to you and beat your record.

Summing It All Up

For children who really enjoy helping in the garden and for parents who want to teach their children the benefits of learning something while playing, there are many kids gardening tools that get the job done. Luckily, most of them appeal to children of all ages. So the trick is to simply find some that you know your child would like. From wheelbarrows, to leaf rakes, sprinkle heads, watering cans, and garden root viewers, anything can make for an interesting and fun kids gardening tool if you know how to use it. Remember that the ultimate goal is for your children to have fun. Learning gardening tips is just the added benefit.

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