Tips to Help You Hire a Professional Gardener for Your Residence


Living spaces and greenery are shrinking gradually because of the rising demand for land. Especially in cities, people cannot find adequate space to relax in and breathe freely. Therefore, having a garden in front of your house is the most fortunate thing. If there is adequate space for gardening, one must utilize and try to maintain it properly to prevent it from turning into a jungle. A garden consists of different species of plants, trees, and grass that are basically meant for adornment purposes. In a forest, similar eco-system sharing plants grow, and thus there is no need to take extra care. However, in the case of a garden, different species are planted from different environments. Factors like water consumption capacity, heat exposure, and soil quality matter a lot while taking care of a garden. Therefore, it is important to seek help from a professional gardening agency regarding all these concerns. Before hiring an expert, it is important to confirm his/her proficiency. Here are some tips to identify whether the gardener you are about to hire is skilled or not.

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Things to Consider While Hiring a Professional Gardener

1) License of Professional Practices

You cannot hand over your garden to any random person without knowing his/her ability. The first thing that you need to ask about is if they have a valid license for gardening services. Tasks like tree cutting need special authorization that relevant authorities issue to a person having adequate experience. If the agency is available online, all details can be easily found in their “About Us” section.

2) Knowledge of Local as Well as Foreign Species 

The professional gardener must be knowledgeable enough to identify the local as well as foreign species of plants that can easily grow in your garden. Do not trust anyone without asking questions regarding trees, plants, and flower species of native location. Planting species of the wrong climatic condition only results in the wastage of money and time.

3) Experience Using Trimming Tools for Decorating

A garden looks beautiful only if it is trimmed efficiently with proper tools. Without prior experience, one cannot give desired shapes to trees, grass, and hedges. It requires years of experience to attain the perfection of giving attractive looks to a normal plant. Ask the gardener for the locations of similar jobs they have done for complete assurance regarding their artistic approach.

4) Knowledge of Plant Diseases and Their Cure

Gardening experts are not only required for decoration purposes. Their primary duty is also to inspect the entire garden to identify if there is any disease affecting the plants. A proficient gardener can easily identify the disease symptoms by analysing leaves, branches, bark, and roots. After checking thoroughly, they can suggest tree pruning, effective pesticides, and fertilizers to use for immediate rescue. If necessary, they can also suggest partial or full eradication of a plant to prevent others from infection.

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5) Confirm That the Gardening Agency Is Insured 

Most of the gardening tools for lawn mowing or trimming have sharp edges that can harm the user accidentally. To prevent any liabilities or mishaps, make sure that they are holding a valid insurance certificate.

6) Allow Only Eco-Friendly Sprays and Fertilizers 

Ask the gardener which kind of sprays and fertilizers they prefer to use for plant’s health. Hire only those who use eco-friendly products that attack the core problem and not the entire plant. Spraying harmful chemicals on plants can increase intoxication level, which is hazardous for both humans and pets. Also, strong chemicals badly affect the fertility of the land. Compost and manure are highly recommended over synthetic options.

A healthy looking garden always attracts you to want to spend some quality time on the lap of Mother Nature. Also, it is helpful in improving the air quality of your surroundings. It is recommended to ask professional help form proficient gardening agencies like Jims Mowing rather than going with unreliable DIY ideas.

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