5 Best Hiking Snacks to Give You Energy for the Trails

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A long hike can definitely take a lot of energy and concentration. Good snacks help you get reenergized and refueled. You don’t just want to bring any old snack to give you energy on the trail. For example, potato chips may be your go-to snack for any other day but it wouldn’t give you enough macronutrients to curb your hunger and keep you going on a hike. Hiking snacks need to have healthy fats, protein, and carbs to help you get to the end of your trail. Here are the 5 best-hiking snacks to give you energy for the trails.

Best Hiking Snacks

Beef Jerky

hiking snacks, healthy, energy

Beef jerky is one of the best hiking snacks out there. It’s packed with protein which will give you long-lasting energy. It will also quiet your growling stomach. The great thing about beef jerky is that it’s also super easy to pack. Since most beef jerky packages are reusable, they’ll have a zipper at the top that makes keeping your beef jerky fresh really easy. Beef jerky doesn’t take up a lot of room in backpacks either so it’ll fit in your hiking backpack easily. 

Dried Fruit

hiking snacks, healthy, energy

Dried apricots, apples, peaches, mangos, pineapples, or bananas all make a delicious healthy snack. Dried fruit has a lot of natural sugar that will give you a quick energy boost if you’re losing steam quickly. These hiking snacks are easy to pack on the go and they won’t get smashed like fresh fruit. Packing a fresh peach in your bag might mean it’s flattened and has gotten peach juice all inside your bag when you stop to eat it. Dried fruit can be squished no problem and it won’t make a mess. 

Nut Butter

hiking snacks, healthy, energy

Nut butter is the perfect combination of carbs, fat, and protein. This king of hiking snacks will give you everything you need to be able to climb to the top of a mountain and back. The carbs in the nut butter will give you a quick boost of energy, while the fat and protein will help keep you sustained without feeling faint. One of the best ways to snack on nut butter is to bring a spoon and just grab a spoonful whenever you feel like you need it. However, you can also bring things to dip in the nut butter if eating a spoonful isn’t your thing. Bring apple slices or celery to dip in the nut butter for a more flavorful snack. 

Can Fire Ant Bites Be Treated with Hiking Snacks?

Can fire ant bite symptoms and treatments be alleviated by hiking snacks? While hiking snacks won’t directly treat the bites themselves, they can provide sustenance and energy to help you cope with any discomfort caused by the itching and swelling. Remember to still seek appropriate medical attention for proper treatment and relief.


hiking snacks, healthy, energy

Tuna fish is packed with protein. Plus you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged or squished in a backpack. It’s easy to open and spread on a piece of bread or crackers. Some people aren’t a fan of eating plain tuna and that’s ok! There are lots of little packets of flavored tuna to give you an extra kick of flavor. Flavors like lemon pepper, buffalo sauce, and barbecue will spice up any snack! Any one of these flavors would make many delicious hiking snacks. 

Trail Mix

hiking snacks, healthy, energy

Trail mix has a little bit of everything in it. You’ve got dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate! The dried fruit and chocolate will give you something sweet with some carbs to get you into gear. Then the nuts will give you some protein and fat to help your energy to last a little longer. However, you have to get a big handful of trail mix to get a lot of good energy from it. You can’t just pick out the chocolate, no matter how much you may want to! Get a big handful of trail mix and it’ll be one of the best hiking snacks out there. 

Summing Up

These hiking snacks will give you the energy you need to power up any trail and reach the top of any mountain. It’s important that hiking snacks have lots of macronutrients and are well balanced to give you everything you need. These choices of hiking snacks will give you what you need to have a great time on the trail and feel good too. 

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