GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower-Review

GreenWorks 20 Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower

Review of the GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower

As of this writing, there were 3,001 customer comments left on Amazon along with 400 answered questions.  I’ve read through this feedback on Amazon and condensed the results here into this report.  I hope that this helps you to decide if the GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower will meet your needs.

Best Fea​tures

  • check Runs quiet
  • check 20 inch cutting deck
  • check 7 position height adjustment for grass length
  • check Lightweight
  • check Easy to push 

Item Specifics

The GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower is a 12 Amp Electric Motor that delivers enough power to cut through long and thick grass.  It has a durable steel 20-inch cutting deck that is wide so that you will be able to make less passes to get the job finished quicker.  This lawnmower is rust resistant.  It features a 3-in-1 multiple option for grass clippings from rear bagging, side discharge and mulching.

The dimensions of this lawn mower are 26.9 x 16.1 x 18 inches with a weight of 56 pounds.  A 7 position height adjustment offers a range in how how you’d like to cut your grass.  You can choose from 1 1/2 to 3 3/4 inches for a perfect cut on all grass types.  For wheels, the rear wheels are 10 inch while the front wheels are 7 inch.  To find the mulching plug, simply lift the rear discharge cover.

Dealing with Dragging a Cord

This is an electric lawn mower so you will need to contend with the cord.  With a gas powered or battery operated lawn mower you won’t have to worry about the cord.  But most of the feedback left from customers stated that it was not a big deal to manage with the cord.  Some suggested if you are cutting the same lawn each time, to come up with a pattern and system of how you avoid the cord and stick with it, as it will just keep getting easier.  The beauty of an electric lawn mower like this GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower is that you don’t have to keep adding gasoline and you don’t have to recharge batteries.  Also, electric lawnmowers require little to no maintenance.

Ready to Go Out of The Box

With the GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower you will not have to spend anytime putting it together other than attaching a cord and folding up the handle bar. This is a real plus for people like myself who don’t want to fuss with putting things together.  One satisfied customer reported it this way, “Unpacking…there was none. I mean really…outta the box, fold up the handle bar, attach cord, cut grass. I could still smell the exhaust fumes from the UPS truck that dropped it off when I first started mowing. Press the control handle down, press the start button, start mowing.”

Quiet Mower

One of the nice things about the GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower is that it runs quiet.  There is some noise but no where near what a gas powered lawn mower makes.  If you live in a city or subdivision, or anywhere even in the country with a close neighbor, people should appreciate that you got this quiet mower.  With a quiet mower like this one, you can mow at any hour of the day without disturbing people.


Compared to other corded lawn mowers, the price is great on the GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower.  For what you get including the wide 20 inch cutting deck, you are getting a good deal here.  Customers repeatedly commented on the low price and quality of this machine.  Many of the customers who left comments on Amazon, chose this lawnmower for the great price.  Here one customer explains, “I chose this mower because of the price, the reviews were great, and it has a big height adjustment range.”

Height Adjustment

An added feature of the GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower is that you will get a 7 position height adjustment.  This means that it offers a range in how how you’d like to cut your grass.  You can choose from 1 1/2 to 3 3/4 inches for a perfect cut on all grass types.  It’s easy to adjust the height of the blade as there’s only one lever to adjust.

Wide Deck

The GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower has a 20 inch deck.  This is a great feature because it means you will have to take less passes to get your lawn cut.  Less passes mean less time and more time for more important things in your life.  Every added inch on a lawn mower deck really can make a big difference.  One customer explains it this way, “My first electric mower was an 18″ so this 20″ is nicer. 2 inches might not seem like much, but depending on the size of your yard it could mean saving a few passes.  Also this mower has plenty of power. I love how I can just keep mowing and mowing.  Nothing has bogged me down yet.”

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  • plus 7 position grass height adjustment
  • plus Easy to push
  • plus Large (20 inch) cutting deck


  • close Must contend with cord 

GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower Conclusion

The GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower is a quality and durable electric lawn mower.  It has a 20 inch deck with means you get a large cutting surface that ends up taking less passes and less time needed to cut your lawn.  This lawnmower does not include a cord, so take note on that when comparing prices.  It is a low priced lawn mower for what you get.  And what you get is a quiet, powerful lawn mower that is ready to go right out of the box.  There is no assembly required which is very nice for people who aren’t big on assembling products.  As far as corded electric lawn mowers go, I don’t see how you can go wrong with purchasing the GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower.

  • chevron-circle-right Is this lawn mower self-propelled?  No, this lawnmower is not self propelled, however it is very light and easy to push.
  • chevron-circle-right Does this lawnmower come with a cord, and if so how long is the cord?  The GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower does not come with a cord.  You will need to purchase a cord separately.
  • chevron-circle-right My lawn is shaded by large Live Oak trees, and they shed twigs constantly, and acorns in season. Will this mower be able to handle it?  As answered by a customer:  I have a hickory tree, live oaks and pine in my yard that shed nuts and twigs almost constantly. The GreenWorks has a powerful motor that has handled the obstructions easily. I expect to have to sharpen the blade eventually but so far has remained sharp and efficient all summer.

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