GLOUE Expandable Garden Hose Review

GLOUE 100 FT Expandable Garden Hose

Review of the GLOUE Expandable Garden Hose

As of this writing, there were 212 customer comments left for the Gloue Expandable Garden Hose and 1 answered question.  I’ve read through this feedback and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a hose.

Best Fea​tures

  • ​No kinking
  • Lightweight
  • Quality brass fittings
  • Expandable 
  • Takes up minimal storage space

Item Specifics

The Gloue Expandable Garden Hose set includes the 100 foot expandable hose, a 9-pattern spraying nozzle, a hose hanger, a storage bag and three washers.  It fits to US standard spigot and most kinds of nozzles.  This hose is made from a double layer 100% natural latex core, to ensure the safety and its life-span. It can expand and contracts more than 30000 times.  The patented inner protector in the hose joint was designed to prolong the lifespan of the hose.  The hose weighs 3.85 pounds and can expand up to 3 times the length with full water pressure.  And then it retracts to the original length after draining off the water.  With the purchase of this hose set, comes a 2 month full refund guarantee with no need to return anything.  

No Kinking

The reviews left by customers were solid and consistent with feedback left saying this hose doesn’t kink.  Anyone who has dealt with kinks in a hose can probably attest to the fact, that kinks are annoying.  Right when you think you are all set up to water your garden, the inevitable kink stops your plans.  You shouldn’t have to deal with kinks with this hose.  A customer had this to share, “With my old hoses I was always having the water pressure drop off due to a kink forming somewhere along the way as I walked and dragged the hose around. I haven’t had that issue because of the construction of the expandable hose.”

Quality Hose; Not all Expandable Hoses Are Created Equal

This hose is slightly on the high price end for expandable hoses.  The company states that “We’d rather explain why the price is so high for a period than be blamed for bad quality for a lifetime.”  The feedback left from customers backs that this is a quality expandable hose.  People also explained that not all expandable hoses are up to this quality.

One customer explained her personal experiences with cheap expandable hoses and then with the Gloue Expandable Hose, “I have two relatively cheap expanding hoses that only go to 50 feet and I needed a longer one to reach my driveway so I could wash my car.  I wanted a better quality hose and after reading other’s reviews decided on this one.  I am so glad I made this choice as I’m very happy with the quality of this hose. There is a noticeable difference in the actual hose which has a much sturdier feel to it than my cheapy ones.  The nozzle end is a very good brass fixture that securely connected to my faucet with no leaks.  I would definitely buy this item again.”


One of the best features of this hose is that it is lightweight.  If you’ve ever carried around a rubber hose, you will appreciate how light this expandable hose is.  Weighing in at just 3.85 pounds, it will require very minimal effort to carry it.  The lightweight factor was another of the favorite features of this house according to customers.  As shared by a customer on this topic, “It’s so nice to not have to deal with lugging around a heavy, bulky rubber hose anymore! This hose is exactly what it says it is: lightweight and easy to store, which is a must for me.”

No Leaking – Quality Brass Fittings

A leaky hose wastes water.  Customers reported that the The Gloue Expandable Garden Hose does not leak.  The no leak comments were plentiful.  Here is one, “The nozzle end is a very good brass fixture that securely connected to my faucet with no leaks. I would definitely buy this item again.”  And another of many more, “Working so far for two weeks with no leaks and seems to be built ruggedly to last. This hose works great!! I have recommended it to my neighbors. I’m very happy with the purchase.”

best garden hose, GLOUE 100 FT Expandable Garden Hose


  • Expandable
  • Lightweight
  • No kinks nor leaking


  • Price 

GLOUE Expandable Garden Hose Conclusion

The Gloue Expandable Garden Hose is a very lightweight hose that will not take up much room when stored.  It is easy to carry around because it only weighs 3.85 pounds.  Customers reported that it doesn’t leak thanks to the quality brass fittings.  It also will not kink.  The price is a bit high, but this appears to be worth the extra money.  If you buy a hose that kinks and leaks, you are not only wasting water, but wasting your money.  The company that makes the hose stands by the statement that “We’d rather explain why the price is so high for a period than be blamed for bad quality for a lifetime.” Customer feedback, backs up this the extra money was worth it.  If I were in the market for an expandable hose, I would buy the Gloue Expandable Garden Hose.  If for any reason you are not happy with it, they will refund your money back within the first 2 months of purchase, without you being required to return it.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a GLOUE Expandable Garden Hose.

  • Does this take a standard nozzle that can be bought at Lowes or Home Depot or is it a different type? I would like to use a standard nozzle that I have now.  Yes, it takes a standard nozzle. It also comes with a nozzle. 
  • What are the couplings made of?  The couplings are made from brass.
  • How much does this hose weigh?  It is very lightweight, and weighs in at just 3.85 pounds. 

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