How to Get Rid of Pests and Vermin in Your Yard

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Not all animals are bad, which dog owners know best. You let your canine friend run freely through the yard and play catch with it. But that same yard can be shared by more sinister animals. Vermin, such as rats or mice will eventually find their way into your backyard. Other pests, such as cockroaches are probably already there. They carry numerous contagious diseases, so it is clear that they are more than unwelcome guests. They should be fought against and done away with in the most effective way possible. This isn’t always easy to achieve, but we can help. The following passages address the most common pest and vermin control practices, as well a guide for each species of these unwanted intruders.

How to Be Sure of Their Presence

In order to combat this threat more effectively, it is always good to know what you are dealing with. The obvious proof of their presence is making visual contact. You are likely to see a rat at dawn or dusk going along a power line or near a wall. An indirect sign of their presence can be damage on plants that they have nibbled on. If the roots of a plant are damaged from below, then you could be dealing with a mole or a rat. They bore tunnels that damage the root system of the plants, causing them to rot. Besides the tunnels, another clear sign of suspicious underground activities are mounds. Finally, other than coming face to face with a rat, the most telltale sign of their presence are their droppings.

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Likely Hideouts

A garden doesn’t have to be large in size to present a labyrinth in which it is hard to pinpoint the location of the vermin’s nest. They have plenty of places to hide, but there are some that they like more than others. Compost piles are an open invitation to mice and rats, so be sure to rummage through them first. They like tight, dark, and warm places, such as trash cans. If you keep these outside, look for holes on the side that they might have chewed through. Metal or plastic containers are far better in stopping vermin from getting inside your trash. Also, they like sheds, as they provide excellent protection against the elements and humans rarely venture there. They like to crawl into wood piles and breed in there. If you are afraid of rats or other rodents, make noise before entering and tap on the wood piles to see if you are not alone in the room.

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So far, we've mostly discussed rats and mice, but there is a threat smaller in size, which is equally as serious. Termites can enter your yard and make their home underground. You will know that they are here to stay when you see hollow trees as they feed on wood. Another kind of termites are drywood termites that are common in Australia and the US, for example. They go straight for the wooden chairs and tables and can even enter your house and damage the furniture inside. That is why a thorough termite inspection in Brisbane, let’s say, would have to start from the house, and only then be widened to the yard outside. If the wood is not treated, the best countermeasure against both kinds of termites is foam that is injected through crevices on the wood’s surface.

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At Night

Rats coming from under the ground, termites inside the wood, and flying pest in the air; your yard can turn into a nightmare. Night is the time most of them are active, but the ones we see are the ones that are the closest to artificial sources of light. Flies and moths are attracted by light bulbs and can ruin a quiet summer night on the porch. In order to avoid this scenario, place blue light insect killers that will attract flies and mosquitos. Another option is to change the color of your nightlight and opt for more mellow colors, like yellow, orange, or even pink. Finally, if you have garden lamp posts, try moving them far away from the house, so they will act as a decoy for those pesky winged bugs.

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Good Bugs

As we said at the beginning, not all animals are bad. Just as your dog will chase away a rabbit or a rat nibbling on your plants, so will the introduction of other species act as a deterrent for unwanted ones. For instance, bees and ladybugs should be more than welcome in your garden. The former will also fend off any flying intruders as they are highly territorial.

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