Top Five Tactics to Control the Heavy Energy Bill of Your Home A/C Unit During Summer

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Rise in temperature should never always mean an extraordinary rise in your energy bills. Of course, you will have to crank your air conditioner to beat the heat wave but it should be managed the way as to keep your energy bill to a minimum level. Here are detailed five top-class tactics to achieve this target.

Buy an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Unit

Normally, a lot of air conditioning units manufactured by various companies are available in the open market, but only a few of them are really energy-efficient. Be conscious, while buying a new A/C unit, about how much electrical power it will consume per hour, for it counts the most in this regard. It is somehow manageable to pay a lump-sum price for an A/C unit once, but it is really very difficult to afford a high electricity bill every month. Hence, buying an A/C with energy-efficient technology like ActronAir ducted systems will benefit you a lot by keeping your energy bill within your affordability.

Know the Peak Hours and Manage Accordingly

Nowadays, most of the energy providers are replacing their regular old system-based meters with the new ones equipped with the advanced metering infrastructure. These meters can charge different rates for the energy used during different spans of time. The suppliers have also defined their peak hours when they cost you the maximum. Do keep yourself well aware of these peak hours and try to adjust your timings tactfully as to avoid the obnoxious effects of peak rates. The best way is to avoid using the other heavy appliances such as iron, microwave, washing machine, etc. during the peak hours.

Thermostat Setting Is the Key

As per vision of the electric utility experts, you rise your energy bill by up to 6% for every degree you lower the temperature of your room. This is really alarming and you should always try to be least victimized of it. Set your thermostat at 78° F with a fan to circulate the air. This is an optimal temperature throughout the summer recommended by the experts at consumer energy centers. Set the temperature at 85° F instead of turning the air-conditioner completely off whenever you intend to leave your house. If you turn your unit completely off, it will consume additional energy cooling the room back down, which could cost you much more than what it would otherwise.

Maintain Your A/C Unit

Keep cleaning the filters of your air conditioner on weekly basis and try to replace them after six months if you want to keep your bill under your control. With the passage of time, the filters, actually, get clogged up and end up using more power to gain the same cooling effect and, hence, start injecting you with the heavy energy bills. So, it will be very wise if you keep cleaning the filters regularly on weekly basis.

Get the Best Possible Rate

If you are provided with the facility to opt the energy supplier of your own choice out of so many, you should wisely go with the cheapest one so that you may receive the energy bill at the most minimum level. Select the package that suits you the best, opting to forego services from the local utility in the favor of the retail energy providers. More often than average, the retailers offer packages cheaper than the local utility’s prices and are, therefore, worth exploring.

Summing Up

Thus, you can see that by following the above said tactics, you can control the heavy energy bill of your home A/C unit during summer.

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