Top Picks: Best Flowers To Plant In Colorado

Best Flowers To Plant In Colorado

Preparing to cultivate a vibrant Colorado garden? Understanding the Rocky climate flora is essential. With the right flower planting guide for Colorado, you can select the best perennials that Colorado offers. Blessed with a varied climate, gardens in the Centennial State face unique challenges, yet there’s an array of plants that flourish, bringing color and life to your outdoor spaces.

Colorado State University’s Flower Trial Garden has rigorously tested various perennials to withstand the state’s high altitude, vast temperature shifts, and even the occasional hailstorm. By choosing these top performers, your garden can boast a bouquet of resilience and beauty with minimal care, offering you a lush retreat in your backyard.

Discover the Charm of Colorado’s Native Flowers

As you embark on a journey to adorn your garden, allow the native Colorado flowers to bestow their natural splendor upon your landscape. These botanical treasures, already attuned to Colorado’s climactic whims, offer not only dazzling visuals but also a remarkable ease of care. Let’s explore the botanicals that transform your garden with the enduring spirit of the Centennial State.

The Allure of Rocky Mountain Columbine

Imagine delicate petals of blue and white dancing in the breeze; the Rocky Mountain columbine, Aquilegia caerulea, captures the essence of alpine elegance. This native gem, requiring scant maintenance, is a testament to both beauty and resilience. Thriving in varied conditions, from full sun to part shade, it’s a prized addition for its deer resistance and suitability for container gardening. With its ability to enchant, this flower is a proud emblem of Colorado’s rich floral heritage.

Rocky Mountain columbine

Thriving Through Seasons: The Resilience of Native Species

For the gardener seeking enduring beauty with minimal fuss, thriving wildflowers Colorado natives are indeed the quintessential choice. With a myriad of species to choose from, these perennials not only withstand the state’s unique weather patterns but also emerge year after year with spirited blooms. Their adaptability makes them perfect for low-maintenance Colorado landscaping, creating vibrant scenes of color that withstand both time and elements. Found in nature’s untended plots, they exude a charm that’s effortlessly sustained.

  • Rocky Mountain columbine: A beacon of low-care charm in shades of blue and white
  • Purple Coneflower: A summer-long display of purple majesty
  • Shasta Daisy: White blossoms bringing simplicity and brightness

Consider these resilient cultivars as reliable companions for your garden, ensuring a backyard oasis that flourishes with minimal intervention. The native flowers of Colorado are living symbols of the state’s rugged beauty and are ready to bring their wild charm to your personal retreat.

The Vibrant Ground Covers: Perfect for Colorado Landscapes

As you consider enhancing your home’s landscape, the selection of ground covers is crucial, especially in Colorado’s diverse climate. Ground covers Colorado gardeners love are not just visually stunning but also drought-tolerant, making them ideal for sustainable landscaping in the region. Two standout varieties, the Granita Orange ice plant and LAMI Dark Purple lamium, have emerged as top choices for their beauty, resilience, and low maintenance needs.

Low-Growing Beauty: Granita Orange Ice Plant

The Granita Orange ice plant is a low-growing dynamo that saturates the garden with its vivid blooms. As a premier pick among ground covers Colorado offers, this hardy plant creates a luminous carpet of bright orange flowers that enhance your garden from the first breath of spring till the farewell of fall. Ideal for rock gardens or border edges, this sun-loving perennial thrives in full sun and relishes dry soil conditions, making it a quintessential drought-tolerant plant Colorado residents can depend on.

Granita Orange ice plant

Creating Lush Carpets with LAMI Dark Purple

Continuing the theme of spectacular ground coverage, LAMI Dark Purple lamium presents a lavish tapestry of rich purple blooms amidst attractive green foliage. This versatile plant flourishes from spring through early fall, offering an extensive bloom period that beautifies any shade garden. Beyond the ornamental appeal, LAMI Dark Purple is celebrated for its outstanding performance in both sunny spots and shaded corners, making it a robust addition to your collection of drought-tolerant plants Colorado landscapes need for year-round interest.

Whether tucked into containers or spread across the garden floor, both the Granita Orange ice plant and LAMI Dark Purple lamium serve as prime examples of ground covers that not only withstand the test of a challenging climate but also delight with their enduring beauty.

Drought-Resistant Picks for a Hassle-Free Garden

As you ponder the perfect accouterments for your garden in Colorado, consider adding **drought-resistant plants** suitable for xeriscaping. These hardy selections boast resilience in dry climates, reducing the need for frequent watering and fostering a **hassle-free gardening** experience. They thrive in the region’s sunshine, exhibit vibrant colors, and require minimal upkeep, perfect for lovers of **low-maintenance perennials**.

drought-resistant plants Colorado

‘Dianthus Kahori Scarlet’ emerges as a brilliant choice for your garden, thriving in Colorado’s intense sun and dry conditions. Its drought defiance and vibrant magenta blooms create an eye-catching display without the incessant need for care. Likewise, ‘Euphoria Ruby’ Joe-Pye weed graces the landscape with compact clusters of ruby-lilac flowers, magnetizing an array of pollinators while maintaining a low-profile growth habit.

  • Hassle-Free Elegance: Delicate to the eye yet sturdy in nature, Dianthus Kahori ‘Scarlet’ delivers lush ground coverage with minimal effort.
  • Pollinator’s Ally: With ‘Euphoria Ruby’ Joe-Pye weed, welcome a throng of beneficial insects that bolster the health and vibrancy of your garden.
  • Sustainable Practices: By adopting xeriscaping principles and choosing appropriate plants, you contribute to water conservation efforts without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Embrace the beauty and practicality of nature’s offerings. These selected perennials will not only adorn your garden with continuous color but also stand as testament to the symbiotic relationship between **drought-resistant plants Colorado** gardeners seek and the effortless charm they provide all season long.

Adding Height and Drama with Flowering Perennials

As you plan your Colorado garden, consider integrating flowering perennials that promise both vertical intrigue and stunning visual drama. These stalwarts of the garden not only draw the eye upward but also captivate with their blooms. Below, you’ll explore two such plants that are mainstays for adding structure and allure to any garden in the Centennial State.

Elegant Spikes of Blazing Star Liatris

The Blazing Star Liatris, renowned for its tall, spiky silhouette, effortlessly incorporates into your landscape, promising an infusion of elegance. With deer-resistant and drought-tolerant qualities, it is an ideal choice for gardeners seeking to attract vibrancy without the worry of local wildlife damage. A magnet for birds and butterflies, these flowering perennials Colorado garden enthusiasts cherish are not only beautiful but also beneficial for the ecosystem.

Blazing Star Liatris

During the summer months, the upright stalks of Blazing Star Liatris erupt in a display of feathery, purple flowers adding a burst of color and a dynamic form to your garden. The architectural grace of these perennials contributes significantly to the garden drama Colorado landscapes are known for.

Russian Sage: A Fusion of Color and Fragrance

In late summer, when many gardens start to wane, Russian Sage comes into full glory. Its fragrant foliage and clouds of soft silver-lavender blossoms bring both color and perfume to your outdoor space. Esteemed for their hardiness and ease of care, they are a staple in the Colorado gardener’s palette, providing an energizing contrast against the warm yellows and reds typical of the late-season garden.

Plant Russian Sage in sunny areas for a spectacular show of color and indulge in the sensory pleasure it brings through its aroma and the soft rustle of its leaves in the breeze. Watch it become a sanctuary for pollinators, ensuring that your garden plays a part in supporting local wildlife. The ethereal presence of this Russian Sage thus elegantly crowns any garden with an air of mystique and vibrancy.

How to Select Blooms that Last from Spring to Fall

As you plan your Colorado garden, focusing on perennials that offer long-lasting blooms is essential. Certain varieties stand out for their ability to provide vibrant color and lasting beauty throughout the varying seasons of the Centennial State. Let’s delve into the selections that promise prolonged floral displays from the fresh days of spring to the crisp evenings of fall.

Prolonged Beauty with Penstemon and Coneflower

Embrace the rugged yet stunning Penstemon strictus, or Rocky Mountain penstemon, recognized for its durability and vibrant indigo to violet blossoms. This native Colorado plant is specially adapted to the high-altitude climate, ensuring your garden is graced with long-lasting blooms Colorado residents admire. Next is the Echinacea purpurea, also known as the purple coneflower. Celebrated for its richly colored, daisy-like flowers and medicinal properties, this hardy native is a favorite for its endurance and ability to thrive with minimal fuss.

  • Penstemon strictus: A standout for its tolerance to drought and its magnetic allure for hummingbirds and pollinators.
  • Echinacea purpurea: Offers a feast of nectar for bees and butterflies while providing a strong architectural element to garden designs.

Millennium Ornamental Onion: A Pollinator’s Paradise

In the quest for unique textures and forms, the Millennium ornamental onion is a must-have. Celebrated for its sphere-shaped clusters of pinkish-purple flowers, it not only adds an eye-catching element to your garden but also invites a variety of pollinators. Its robust stems stand tall against the weather, never succumbing to the weight of rain, making it ideal for maintaining a pristine garden appearance. This ornamental beauty is beloved for its ability to add depth and interest to any landscape design, ensuring a parade of color from the height of summer into the fall.

long-lasting blooms Colorado

With selections like Penstemon strictus, Echinacea purpurea, and the Millennium ornamental onion, your garden will become a sanctuary of continuous blooms. These plants are not just a feast for the eyes; they’re a vital part of the ecosystem, providing sustenance for local wildlife. As you pick your perennials, consider these options that guarantee a breathtaking display from spring to the very end of fall, embracing the full spectrum of Colorado’s growing season.

Shrubs and Larger Plants for Bold Colorado Gardens

When you’re looking to create a statement in your Colorado garden, the introduction of bold and robust plant varieties elevates your landscape’s visual appeal. Integrating larger perennials can provide the striking contrast and focal points necessary for a truly captivating garden design.

‘Cherry Choco Latte’ Hibiscus: Big Blooms for a Big Impact

One standout amongst the bold garden plants Colorado is known for is the ‘Cherry Choco Latte’ Hibiscus. Its generous blooms that flaunt shades of deep pink with strokes of white are a visual feast. The large blossoms are perfectly offset by the foliage which starts with a chocolate-brown hue, creating a dramatic backdrop that encapsulates the power of nature’s palette.

This hibiscus variant proves itself not only with its beauty but with its hardiness. Thriving in the varied climate of Colorado, from zones 4 to 9, the ‘Cherry Choco Latte’ Hibiscus demonstrates a robust nature by maintaining its stunning blooms from mid-summer into the fall. They are low-maintenance; the flowers naturally decline without the need for deadheading, simplifying garden upkeep significantly.

Opt for Ornamental Grasses: ‘Bandwidth’ Maiden Grass

In addition to the fulgent hibiscus, ornamental grasses provide a textural counterpoint in your garden. The ‘Bandwidth’ Maiden Grass is an exceptional choice, characterized by its vibrant yellow and green striped foliage, that adds a striking visual detail to your outdoor space.

More than just its appealing looks, the ‘Bandwidth’ Maiden Grass impresses with its growth habit. It remains relatively compact, reaching about 3 feet in height, which proves advantageous for smaller gardens or spaces where a less overwhelming presence is desired. This maiden grass is sterile, preventing unwanted spreading by reseeding, and is acclaimed for its adaptability, flourishing from full sun to part shade. In terms of maintenance, this grass solidifies its place in the category of bold garden plants Colorado gardeners can confidently select for a hassle-free addition of elegance and style.

Both the ‘Cherry Choco Latte’ Hibiscus and ‘Bandwidth’ Maiden Grass represent selections that personify the resilience necessary for thriving in Colorado’s diverse environmental conditions. By incorporating these larger plants into your landscape, you invest in year-round interest and sustainability, ensuring that your garden remains a place of beauty and relaxation.

Floral Combinations that Work Well in Colorado’s Climate

When designing your Colorado garden, selecting floral combinations that harmonize with the local climate is key. Certain pairings not only withstand the rugged conditions but amplify each other’s beauty, making for easy-to-maintain yet magnificent displays of nature. Below, we’ve highlighted some exceptional floral combinations Colorado gardeners can regard as both aesthetically pleasing and pragmatically sound.

Pairings that Pop: Sedum with Hens and Chicks

For a textural showcase that echoes the wild beauty of Colorado, look no further than Sedum garden pairings with hens and chicks (Sempervivum tectorum). These two succulents form a duo that promises not only visual appeal with their contrasting shapes but also remarkable drought tolerance. As sedums blanket the ground with their robust foliage, hens and chicks punctuate the greenery with their rosette clusters. This low-maintenance partnership is a sculptural feast for the eyes that persists through extremes of weather with a remarkable resiliency.

  • Adaptable to dry spells and sudden downpours, making them virtually carefree
  • Richly colored foliage that adds depth and contrast to garden beds
  • A year-round interest with change in hues during colder months

Sedum and hens and chicks are innovative low-maintenance flower combinations that offer longevity and ease of care. They are perfectly suited to both rock gardens and border fronts, embellishing them with their resilient charm.

Romantic Duos: Shasta Daisy and Meadow Buttercup

Captivating charm comes easy when the cheerful Shasta Daisy meets the relaxed demeanor of the meadow buttercup. This classic pairing resonates with the nostalgia of wildflower meadows, bringing an essence of romance to the garden. While Shasta daisies stand tall with their pristine white petals set against dark green foliage, meadow buttercups with their golden-yellow flowers complement this brightness, weaving together a tapestry of colors that epitomize the summer spirit.

  • Both varieties attract birds, adding nature’s melodies to your garden
  • The daisies’ vibrant blooms serve as focal points, while buttercups fill the ground with color
  • Robust against the heat of Colorado summers and require minimal watering

This combination not only thrives with less water but also offers a fetching appeal to anyone who gazes upon your garden. Gardeners praise such matches for their durability and the visual allure they provide through the seasons without demanding constant attention.

Best Flowers To Plant In Colorado: Selections that Thrive at High Altitudes

If you’re increasing the allure of your garden with the best Colorado has to offer, high altitude gardening brings a set of considerations unique to the region. Fortunately, thriving at higher elevations, the hardy ‘Alchemy Silver’ brunnera, robust CrazyBlue Russian sage, and resilient Sunbeam Veranda roses are top perennial selections Colorado gardening enthusiasts can rely on for long-lasting color and unwavering beauty.

‘Alchemy Silver’ brunnera is a staple for those shaded nooks in your garden, casting a glow with its shimmering silver foliage complemented by delicate blue flowers. This variety is not only known for its graceful appearance but also for its ability to maintain its splendor through Colorado’s fluctuating temperatures – ideal for creating a serene ambiance in your high-altitude sanctuary.

The CrazyBlue Russian sage, a lavender-hued marvel, stands as another essential for elevating Colorado’s best flowers. Its fragrant sprays of violet-blue flowers have a lengthy blooming period, ensuring that your garden is a hub of color and life well into the cooler months. The sage’s ability to attract pollinators adds an extra layer of engagement to your garden’s ecosystem.

Not to be outshined, the Sunbeam Veranda roses inject a burst of bright gold into your landscape. Balanced perfectly for smaller spaces, these roses are champions of winter hardiness and a source of joy from the early days of June until the autumn chill sets in – a fitting contender for any gardener aiming to cultivate a garden with both flair and fortitude.

To lay the groundwork for a garden that’s a sight to behold, you should consider incorporating these recommendations for the most vibrant and resilient flora:

  • Always choose plants like the ‘Alchemy Silver’ brunnera for shaded areas to ensure they thrive.
  • Since CrazyBlue Russian sage enjoys the spotlight, place them where they can soak up the Colorado sun.
  • Allow enough room for Sunbeam Veranda roses to stand out and captivate with their sunny blooms.

By selecting such hardy and attractive varieties, you can guarantee a delightful display of blooms that endure from spring through fall, hallmarking your garden as a high-altitude haven. Let your Colorado retreat resonate with the vibrance and spirit of these top perennial selections, each offering a snapshot of nature’s tenacity and splendor.

Expert Advice: What to Consider for a Flourishing Colorado Garden

To manifest a flourishing garden, your journey begins with a fundamental understanding of the local growing conditions. Colorado gardening advice often emphasizes the importance of this knowledge as it arms you with the power to make informed decisions tailored to your garden’s success. Let’s plunge into the crucial factors that will guide you in fostering a vibrant Colorado garden.

Soil and Sun: Understanding Colorado’s Growing Conditions

For your garden to truly thrive, it’s essential to grasp the nature of suitable soil conditions Colorado offers. The soil here can range from clay-heavy to sandy, each with its distinct properties and nurture requirements. Fortifying your soil with compost can enhance its fertility, accommodating a broader range of plant life. Moreover, the high-altitude sunlight in Colorado means that sun-loving plants can flourish with proper care, yielding lush foliage and stunning blooms. Be attentive to the specific light needs of each plant, ensuring they receive the optimal amount of sunshine to stimulate their growth.

Dealing with Colorado’s Wildlife: Deer-Resistant Varieties

Indeed, the charm of nature extends beyond your green sanctuary as it may invite local wildlife such as deer. To keep your garden intact, consider planting deer-resistant flowers that dissuade these lovely yet potentially disruptive visitors. Plants like ‘Firefly Sunshine’ yarrow not only resist deer but also boast compact growth, requiring limited space, making them a desirable option for gardeners with spatial constraints. Similarly, the Rocky Mountain penstemon, with its prolonged bloom and clumping habit, serves as a living fortress in your garden, exuding beauty while demonstrating exceptional winter survival rates.

Embracing these resilient varieties fulfills your dream of a thriving garden amidst the challenges posed by the local wildlife and climatic conditions. Remember, the key to a successful garden lies in the harmony between your plants and their environment. By selecting the right flowers and caring for them in tune with Colorado’s unique landscape, you foster a sanctuary that’s not only a feast for the eyes but also a haven for local biodiversity.


As your gardening journey in the Centennial State unfolds, an embrace of Colorado’s native flora not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your garden but also paves the way for a greener future. The diverse conditions of Colorado call for specific plant choices that guarantee beauty across seasons and cater to the local wildlife. By selecting hardy flowers Colorado is famous for, you infuse your garden with the state’s resilient spirit, creating a haven of color that brims with life.

Embracing Colorado’s Hardy and Captivating Flora

The allure of cultivating a garden stocked with plants native to Colorado lies not just in their robust nature but also in their ability to draw in a cornucopia of pollinators. By planting varieties like the Millennium ornamental onion and the vivacious Joe-Pye weed, you’re actively contributing to the local ecosystem while enjoying blossoms that laugh in the face of altitude and the arid climate. The joy that stems from such endeavors is matched by the practical benefit of having a landscape that requires less water and care.

Benefits and Joy of Gardening in The Centennial State

Gardening joy in Colorado extends beyond the visible tapestry of blooms and touches on the visceral pleasure of connecting with the earth. Centennial State plants offer a delightful challenge and promise a spectrum of color, texture, and fragrance. As you personalize your space with these hardy flowers, Colorado reveals its bountiful character, allowing your green thumb to thrive. This pursuit, blending artistry with nature’s own symphony, results in a pride of place, a testament to patience and care that will adorn your home year after year.

Are the Best Flowers for Planting in Idaho Similar to Those for Planting in Colorado?

When considering the top flowers for Idaho gardens, it’s important to take into account the climate and soil conditions. Similar to planting in Colorado, popular options for Idaho include daisies, sunflowers, and lupines. These hardy blooms thrive in both states’ mountainous and variable climates.

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