3 Rock Garden Ideas for Natural Landscaping

rock garden ideas primordial design

How many rocks do you have in your garden just lying about as we speak? Our best guess is that if you have a natural garden, you also have rocks in the hundreds. In that case, you can turn them all in an artsy project that will embellish your garden and give you a sense of serenity every time you go for a stroll or your morning coffee. Here is a list of three rock garden ideas to help you out.

3 Great Rock Garden Ideas for Natural Landscaping

#1. Going Back to the Roots

And by that, we mean way, way back to the roots because this little project centers around the idea of a primordial time when rocks were the grand masters of the land. People hadn’t gotten around to shifting them yet to make way, so the landscapes had a sense of wild and natural beauty about them that you can now reproduce in your personal backyard.

The first of our rock garden ideas requires a few long and narrow rocks. You can get them from a beach, from the forest or the riverbank. Once you log them home, you can begin the setup. Bury them halfway into the ground, with the point sticking upward. Sprinkle pebbles around and you’ve got yourself a primeval space for tranquility.

rock garden ideas primordial design

#2. The Rock River

Heraclitus once said that you could never step into the same river twice, as its waters are constantly changing. Not with these rock garden ideas for a river, though. Instead of the classic rock alley in your garden, you can set up a faux river of white stones. Choose some elongated ones and be careful to place them on their side and not haphazardly.

Doing this will aid with the illusion that there’s a foamy river running through your garden, as you can see in the picture. Add some boulders here and there to give the ‘river’ some three-dimensional perspective as well as some depth.

rock garden ideas river of rocks design

#3. Your Personal Stonehenge

Another one of our outstanding rock garden ideas centers around the famous Stonehenge. Believed to be a place where the old druids used to go to worship the sun, Stonehenge can cross the ocean as well as an ocean of time to land right in your backyard. In miniature version, of course.

It’s not difficult at all to construct it. However, here’s a piece of advice. Fix or bolt down the stones instead of letting them lean on each other. In this way, you will avoid any accidents, especially if you have kids or animals.

rock garden ideas stonhenge design

In the end, all rock garden ideas should stem from your own imagination. There is really no end to that you can do with your backyard rock-wise, from Stonehenge to primordial settings. Therefore, give it a go!

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