7 Beneficial Bugs For Your Garden

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Most of the time, people don’t want bugs in their gardens. Gardens can be ruined by bugs eating leaves or infesting them. Gardeners sometimes use pesticides to keep bugs at bay. Pesticides are great at getting rid of all the bugs in your garden, but not all bugs are harmful. There are several kinds of bugs that would be useful for your garden. A surprising amount of benefits come from using bugs. Here are 3 beneficial bugs for your garden. 

Why Use Bugs?

Bugs can be creepy and crawly, but they are also useful. To have a successful garden, you might want to consider using beneficial bugs. Beneficial bugs are a more natural alternative to using pesticides. Remember, pesticides will kill all the beneficial bugs as well. Your garden can be organic if you use beneficial bugs instead of pesticides. Some research shows that bugs are growing a tolerance for pesticides. Using beneficial bugs might be more effective at getting rid of non-beneficial bugs. Beneficial bugs also save money. Instead of buying pesticides, you can use beneficial bugs. Beneficial bugs can be caught from from where you live so they are free! There are so many wonderful things about bugs. You may not like bugs, but it would help your garden to have them. 


Ladybugs eat aphids, fleas and mites. Aphids can be very harmful to gardens and ladybugs can eat over 5,000 aphids in their lifetime! You want this bug in your garden. They are fun for kids to catch, and they are useful. Ladybugs would make a great choice. They are attracted to dill, dandelion, Basket of Gold, and Common Yarrow. Besides, they’re kind of cute! 

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Praying Mantis

These critters have a big appetite! They will eat just about everything. Say goodbye to caterpillars, beetles, crickets, and moths. Praying mantis’ may be slow moving but they are quick to eat. They can snatch up their prey in no time. If your garden is having a bug problem, this bug is the solution. Praying mantis’ are fun to catch and your kids will love trying to get them. They might be big, but they’re not mean. Put them in your garden to see what they can do.


I know what you’re thinking. Why would I want more spiders around the house? Well just grab them from your house and put them in your garden! It’s a win win. Less spiders in your house, more spiders in your garden. Spiders eat grasshoppers, aphids, caterpillars, and fruit flies. They might be gross to look at, but they do their job well. Get past the ick factor and let those critters run wild in your garden. You won’t be sorry. You’ll have less harmful bugs and your garden will thrive. 

Summing Up

Bugs can be hard to deal with. Especially if you’re wary of all creeping things. If a successful garden is important to you, you might want to consider using beneficial bugs. They save money, cut out the need for harmful pesticides, and are just as effective! You can have your kids help you catch the bugs and they’ll have fun learning about them.            

Image Source: Pixabay

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