How To Get Rid Of Slugs On Patio

Methods to remove patio slugs safely without harm to them or the environment. Includes barriers, natural repellents, traps, and prevention tips.

Create a slug barrier with DIY or professional solutions for effective pest control in your outdoor living space.

Create a Barrier Around the Perimeter

Use diatomaceous earth to repel slugs on your patio. It's a natural, sharp powder that dehydrates and kills them.

Use Natural Substances to Repel Slugs

Diatomaceous earth repels pests, safe for all. Caution: wear gloves and mask while using to avoid irritation.

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth, made of fossilized algae, is a safe, effective slug repellent for your patio. Handle with care!

How Diatomaceous Earth Works

Combat slugs with strategic traps using beer, citrus, or commercial options. Ensure eco-friendly bait for a slug-free patio.

Set up Traps to Catch Slugs

Prevent slugs on your patio: Remove debris, use rough materials like eggshells, copper tape, and elevate potted plants.

Make Your Patio Unappealing to Slugs

Learned to banish patio slugs: create barriers, use coffee grounds & eggshells, set traps, and maintain a clean, dry space.


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