17 Winter Wonderland Wedding Centerpieces Ideas Inspired By Nature

wool pinecone centerpiece

The wedding centerpieces may not seem such a big problem when you see the big picture. However, they can be important for your guests and can change the entire décor aspect. For this reason, today we are going to have a look at various options for winter wonderland wedding centerpieces.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Centerpieces to Inspire You

1. Wooden Logs

A good idea to use for winter wonderland wedding centerpieces is to cut out wooden logs. They don’t need to be too tall, otherwise, they’ll incommode your guests. A thin log can be used as a support for a wedding bouquet, a vase, or anything you want. Moreover, you should choose it if you want your event to have a rustic appeal.

2. Glass Jars

Glass jars are yet another elegant, yet inexpensive option for your great reception. It’s one of the most popular winter wedding ideas, plus you can do it yourself. This is an idea that allows you to fully use your creativity. As such, you can place some candles inside and light them up for a magical aspect. Depending on their size, you can fill the jars with pine cones, ribbons, glitter, etc. Just make sure the jars are perfectly clean.

winter wonderland wedding centerpieces candle centerpieces

3. Champagne Bottles

If you want to complete the white décor, it’s a good idea to use champagne bottles as vases for your centerpieces. Paint them completely white, then choose your favorite winter wedding flowers to fill them. From baby’s breath to amaryllis, tulips or roses, you’re free to combine them in whatever way you want. In fact, this is a good opportunity to break the white monotony and have some color splashes on the tables.

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4. Use Succulents

You don’t need to have an entire garden filled with succulents to take advantage of them and use them as your centerpieces. It’s enough to have a couple of pots and to borrow from friends. You can just leave them as they are, in their pots, for a more casual touch. If you don’t like this aspect, try decorating the pots with colored paper, glitter, or ribbons. However, in case you have many children as guests, make sure they can’t injure themselves in the cacti, for instance.

5. Tree Branches and Crystals

Another original and creative idea for your wedding is to use tree branches and crystals as decorations. Place the tree branches in vases and hang crystals out of them. They’ll look like tiny precious trees, which will add to the elegance at your wedding. You can also opt for using baby’s breath together with the branches if you still feel the need for some white decorations.

winter wonderland wedding centerpieces close up of a bouquet with succulents and flowers

6. Glasses

Glasses are perfect containers for candles and/or berries. If you’re holding a ceremony in white and red shades, you can create some wonderful winter wonderland wedding centerpieces with simple glasses. Just place a candle in each one of them, then fill the rest of the space with red berries. There will be a nice contrast between the clear glass and the fruits, not to mention if you light up the candles as well. You can replace the berries with colored beads as well, but a natural element will be more charming than a boring, artificial one.

7. Mason Jars, Glasses, and Logs

We’ve already talked about all these elements separately, but it’s time to see how to combine them to obtain amazing winter wonderland wedding centerpieces. First, you need to take logs that have different sizes. Place the smaller ones to the outside and keep the taller ones in the middle. Next, place different mason jars and glasses around them. If you have some greenery to add to the logs, even better. Fill the glasses and jars with white candles and light them up. You will obtain an enchanting décor that brings a natural wild element to your ceremony.

8. Glass Cloche

Instead of using a glass vase, you should think about incorporating a glass cloche to your design. Place it on a plate where you previously put a miniature fir tree. Feel free to use your imagination for these winter wonderland wedding centerpieces. Add fake snow, ribbons or green wreaths around the plate, for example. You can even hide small gifts for your guests under the cloche, but make sure they won’t miss them.

winter wonderland wedding centerpieces in the shape of a heart

9. Christmas Wreaths

If you’re holding your event around Christmas, it’s a good idea to take advantage of this and use various decorations. For example, you can decorate the tables with Christmas wreaths you have left from Christmas or which you intend to use next. You can leave them as such, or you can place glasses or vases inside them. If you have the right supports, you can place the wreaths in a vertical manner, to obtain various circles on your table for a symmetrical look.

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10. Branches and Candles

This is just like the idea we suggested earlier, the one with the branches and crystals. Only that here you will need to hang small candles on them. Place the candles in small glass or plastic containers and hang them there. Of course, you will need to get small candles. It’s important to make sure nothing will catch on fire there. If you want extra stability, try ‘planting’ the branches into pots filled with soil. In this way, you can make sure they’re not going to flip over and set the table on fire.

winter wonderland wedding centerpieces log centerpiece that says 'guest book'

11. Oversize Everything

Another one of the best winter wonderland wedding centerpieces is to use oversized vases and branches. Choose tall, elongated vases if you want to create a sleek aspect. Next, fill them up with long branches and spray some fake snow on them. Alternatively, you can also use some silver tinsel or mistletoe, depending on your personal taste.

12. Green Branches

Green fir tree branches are also great decorations if you want to bring a touch of color to a completely white décor. Cut small parts of them and place them in champagne glasses. There is also the option of adding ice water to the glass, which will make the branches look more appealing. The water will also help them resist throughout the ceremony and even afterward.

13. Pine Cones and Christmas Tree Ornaments

Yet another idea that involves Christmas is to use random pine cones and ornaments. The simplest idea is to take as many of them as you can and place them together in a bowl. Choosing a wooden bowl would be more suitable if you want to create a rustic and casual aspect. For a fancy décor, try using silvery bowls or large plates.

winter wonderland wedding centerpieces made with roses and candles

14. Silver or Gold Apples

If you’re still looking for other winter wonderland wedding centerpieces inspired by nature, we still have more for you. Who would have thought you can use apples as decorations? Of course, you can leave them just as they are, for a more natural look. But if you want to go for more, you can spray them with silver or gold glitter. Alternatively, you can make a hole in the middle and place tall candles in them. Place the apples on white plates and you’re set.

15. Frozen Roses

For those of you who loved Beauty and the Beast and not only, a frozen rose is a perfect choice for a romantic wedding. Take a container, fill it with water and place a red rose inside. Put it in the freezer and take it out when it’s all frozen. For an extra effect, you can use sparkling water. At the wedding, make sure you place the block of ice in a place where it can melt in peace without wetting your tablecloths.

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winter wonderland wedding centerpieces string bottle

16. Etched Glass Vases

Another creative idea if you want to have a coherent décor at your wedding is to have etched glass vases. Choose a common element, such as trees or snowflakes. Place them all throughout the wedding venue. Next, have your glass vases etched with the same element. It will offer a special coherence to the entire event. Placing a candle inside them will underline the subtle etching. Moreover, if you want to make something customized, try etching something specific to your wedding, such as the bride and groom’s names, a word that is symbolic of your relationship, etc.

17. Feather Boas

An original idea for the wedding décor is to use feather boas. They might look a little too much if you overdo it, but they can be a nice detail if you use them wisely. Wrap them around vases or glasses, for instance. They will add to the snowy effect, plus they make a great contrast with other green or red elements.

winter wonderland wedding centerpieces white flowers


To sum it up, there are plenty of winter wonderland wedding centerpieces you can choose from if you want to have a special event. Getting some inspiration from nature is an easy way out of it, so you shouldn’t avoid it. Luckily, there are plenty of elements to use, from snowflake patterns to tree branches, ice, or flowers such as baby’s breath, roses, tulips, etc.

Images source: depositphotos.com

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