Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas: 18 Beautiful Designs You Can Make

winter wedding bouquet

A winter may not seem the perfect time to host a wedding, but believe us, it is. What can be more magical than a bride dressed in her white dress with plenty of snow falling around? If you want to make this fantasy become reality, you need to think about all the details. That’s why today we are going to look at some beautiful winter wedding bouquet ideas to inspire you.

Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas for Your Big Day

1. Neutral Colors

The best thing about a winter wedding is the fact that you can play around with neutral colors. You don’t need to stick necessarily to white, for instance. Diversify the event by adding beige, grey, or pale peach shades. You can focus on adding pastel colors, for instance, but try not to overdo it. Luckily, there are plenty of winter wedding flowers which you can combine in crazy ways.

2. Long Ribbons

Going to the opposite of the first suggestion, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the neutral winter background and combine various colors. If you still need more colors, one of the most popular winter wedding bouquet ideas is to add long ribbons to it. It may be rather unusual, but it will completely change the aspect of your bouquet. Choose ribbons in bright shades: bright pink, red, purple, etc. You can match the color of these additions to the one of your bridesmaids’ dresses, for instance.

winter wedding bouquet ideas bright colors bouquet

3. Eucalyptus Bouquet

Quite an unorthodox choice, eucalyptus is a great match for the white colors you’ll find everywhere in winter. Most of the time, people use it for the winter wonderland wedding centerpieces and forget how beautiful it would be in an attractive bouquet. Moreover, the play between white and green has always been an interesting one, so why not give it a chance?

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4. Dried Flowers

For those of you looking for original and nonconformist bouquets for their wedding, a good idea would be to use dried flowers. Some say it’s rather dark and dramatic, while others think it complements nicely the sea of white at the big event. It would be useful to consult a wedding flower guide a couple of months before and see what would fit your needs and wishes. Choose flowers in bright colors if you want to go for a full contrast.

winter wedding bouquet ideas dried flowers bouquet

5. Christmas Wreath

Brides who love Christmas and/or hold their event around the biggest holiday of the year might consider a Christmas wreath as their wedding bouquet. Of course, you will need to disassemble the typical round shape and use it just like a regular bouquet. Here, you can fully use your creativity. Fir tree branches grouped with a red poinsettia or other specific Christmas flowers will give off a festive air. Alternatively, you can add some tinsel to the bouquet. However, some brides avoid this because it takes people’s attention away from the wedding, focusing on Christmas.

6. Berry Bouquet

Have you considered using berries in your wedding bouquet? We must admit, it’s one of the most original winter wedding bouquet ideas, but it’s totally worth it! Viburnum Tinus berries are a great choice, for example. Combine them with olive branches, ranunculus, anemones, sweet peas, and jasmine vines. The result will be a combination of white, green, and red. If you don’t want to include red, you can choose branches with berries that are not mature yet.

winter wedding bouquet ideas white and green bouquet

7. Asymmetrical Bouquet

Everybody follows the classic rules of symmetry and correspondence when designing a traditional wedding bouquet. But what if you strayed from the regular path? Try to mix things a little and introduce some asymmetry. Place large flowers on one side and counter them with short branches on the other. The contrast will be even more powerful if you choose different colors.

8. Bow Bouquet

Regardless of the flowers you choose for the bouquet on the big day, it’s an excellent idea to tie them together with a bow. The idea here is to use a brightly colored bow to add a special look to it. However, if you’re already using bright flowers, you can tone it down with a neutral bow.

9. Icy-Hued Bouquet

Some of the best winter wedding bouquet ideas decide to continue the winter theme, instead of fighting it with bright shades. As such, you can create your own icy-hued bouquet. You can do this by combining ranunculus, lotus pods, anemones, garden and spray roses, eucalyptus, dusty miller, and privet berry. Add a blue ribbon in a cold shade and you’re set.

winter wedding bouquet ideas white ribbon bouquet

10. Rustic Style

Another great idea if you don’t know how to organize your wedding bouquet is to create a rustic one. Here’s a brief list of the plants you can include if you want to have a rustic look to your flowers:

  • Sweet peas;
  • Chocolate cosmos;
  • White garden roses;
  • Lisianthus;
  • Dusty miller;
  • Scabiosa;
  • Blackberries;
  • Brunia;
  • Loose greenery.
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Put them all together and you’ll see how beautiful this bouquet will turn out to be.

11. Valuable Items

Another one of the most emotional winter wedding bouquet ideas is to add small, valuable items to it. For example, if you have a handkerchief inherited from your grandparents, you can wrap the base of the bouquet in it. Or if there is a key that bears a special significance to it (such as the key to your future home), you can hang it between the flowers. However, make sure you don’t lose it during the ceremony or when you’re tossing the bouquet.

12. Feathers Bouquet

Many people seem reluctant when they hear for the first time about a feathers bouquet, but it’s a great alternative to a regular flowers combination. We would suggest you choose something special, such as ostrich feathers. Besides offering the bouquet a new shape, it also lends a vintage charm to the event. Moreover, you can turn this into a pattern of your event, and include ostrich feathers on the event décor as well. The white and grey shades of the feathers will complete the winter wonderland aspect.

13. Paper Pinwheel Bouquet

It may seem rather childish, but paper pinwheels can boost the aspect of a dull bouquet. For example, you can choose only white flowers to add to it. Then, craft or buy some colorful paper pinwheels and add them to the bouquet. Make sure they are visible from the group of plants. It’s a good idea to place them in front of the rest of the flowers, for instance.

winter wedding bouquet ideas succulents bouquet

14. Succulents

Succulents are one of the most popular winter wedding bouquet ideas. They are preferred by people who love green and by those who grow their own succulents. If you have already set the date for the big event, you can start planting them so they’ll be ready in time for your big day. You can combine them any way you want, and you can enjoy an original texture for it. Add some other ideas we mentioned in this article, such as bows, ribbons, special items, etc.

15. Ribbon Roses

You can craft your own roses from fabric if you like handmade things. Get enough material in white and pale shades and twist them around. Next, glue them to a long stick so that you can place them in a bouquet. Add glitter, pearls, or spray some of them with gold spray. The best thing about it? You can keep it for the rest of your life and it won’t wilt like the ones with natural flowers.

16. Colorful Paper Flowers

It’s easy to learn how to craft paper flowers on your own. If you don’t know how to do it, watch this short tutorial:

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Now that you know how to craft paper roses, you can use different types of paper for it. Shiny, matte, with glitter, it doesn’t matter. The more, the merrier! As an original suggestion, you can use paper with musical notes on it. A good idea would be to print photos of the two of you and use those as paper for crafting different flowers.

17. Sea Shell Bouquet

Missing summer? Why not try some winter wedding bouquet ideas that will bring back some of the sun you’re missing? Try crafting your own summer bouquet by putting together various sea shells. Glue them to long, colorful sticks and put them together. You can also add some ribbons in cold colors, to match the rest of the wedding décor.

18. Kale Bouquet

The last suggestion on our list for winter wedding bouquet ideas is to use kale. It may be the idea that seems the strangest, but kale, besides being delicious, is appreciated for the play between green and purple shades. Combine it with other purple flowers to offer your bouquet a certain coherence. They will make a beautiful contrast with the rest of the white and neutral décor.


To sum it all up, there are plenty of unique winter wedding bouquet ideas, you just need to put your creativity to work. Think about the things that you are most passionate about and try to include them in this special item: photos, items, ribbon roses you crafted with your own hands, etc. Remember to play around with the colors, while keeping the winter feel to the design.

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