4 Winter Hiking Tips to Stay Warm on the Snowy Trails

winter hiking

Hiking in the Winter can be a great time to go! Although it will be a lot colder than hiking in the Summer, there are benefits of going in the Winter. There will be fewer people on the trails, it will be good exercise for the Winter, and you’ll be able to get some fresh air instead of being cooped up inside. The problem with Winter hiking is that it’s more difficult to stay warm in the cold weather. Don’t worry, if you want to do some Winter hiking there are some things you can do to stay warm and have fun.

Winter Hiking Tips

Use Hand Warmers

Make good use of hand warmers and put them in places where you have a hard time staying warm. This could be in your gloves, boots, or socks. You can also put hand warmers in an inside pocket in your coat to keep your entire upper body nice and toasty. You’d be surprised at how long hand warmers will provide warmth. Bring a lot of them and don’t be afraid to use them. You’ll be glad you brought them when you feel how much of a difference they can make. Hand warmers are a Winter hiking necessity. 

Eat Lots of Calories

Eating more calories will prevent your body temperature from dropping too low. Make sure you have a lot of snacks that will give your body the calories it needs to hike and to stay warm. Your body uses up calories when you exert yourself, but also when it regulates temperature. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared. Lots of nuts, chocolate, cheese, and salami are all great snack choices. Make sure you bring snacks that won’t freeze so that you will still be able to eat it without breaking your teeth. This is a great Winter hiking tip since nutrition plays a vital role in keeping your body healthy and warm. 

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Keep Your Boots in Your Sleeping Bag

Sleep with your boots in your sleeping bag or nearby you. This will prevent cold and frozen boots in the morning. It’s usually a habit to take off your boots by the door of the tent. However, if you’re hiking in really cold temperatures you might notice your boots have frost or snow in them. Keeping your boots in your sleeping bag will help them to stay warm and you won’t cringe putting your feet into them. Cold toes are really hard to hike with. This Winter hiking tip will prevent aching, cold toes in the morning. It will also help prevent frostbite.

Sleep on High Ground

Low lying ground collects cold air. Heat rises so higher ground will be a lot warmer than a valley. Start to take notice of the temperature changes as you hike. You’ll feel warm air on higher ground and cooler air if you hike down into a low valley. That temperature difference can help you stay just a little bit warmer at night, instead of feeling cold all night long. Winter hiking can be cold but staying on higher ground can keep you a little warmer. 

Summing Up

Winter hiking can be a blast for the entire family. Your family can make lots of fun memories as you hike together on snowy trails. Remember these Winter hiking tips and use them to keep you and your family warm as you explore. Hopefully, they come in handy! 

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