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11 Wedding Flower Trends for 2018 that You Won’t Want to Miss

These past years have been marked by delicate and pretty wedding flowers with an airy consistency and plenty of greens. 2018 is the year of bold statements and vivid colors. As a result, the wedding flower trends for 2018 are full of brave details that catch your eye anytime and full of bohemian style.

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Some General Features of the Best Wedding Flower Trends for 2018

Until now, you might have probably gotten used to delicate flower arrangements at weddings, containing pastel colors and nothing too striking or flashy. In 2018, florists want to challenge these old trends and replace them with something braver.

2018 is the year of bright colors put together in daring combinations. It is about asymmetry, nonconformist ideas, and about creativity. Brides no longer want something delicate to accompany them, they want to attract attention and impress the guests with some unusual decorations.

Most Popular Wedding Flower Trends for 2018

Some of these trends might sound unusual for a wedding. Now, brides have decided to embrace the modern times and abandon the classic decorations. If nothing from the list impresses you, you can still come up with your own ideas. This season, boldness is in, but make sure you don’t overdo it.

1.      Soft Oranges and Yellows

The first trend on the list is still on the soft side, for those who are afraid to let go of traditional pastel colors. However, this is still a step up from the white and pastel pink that used to be so popular. 2018 will be full of bridal bouquets and centerpieces decorated with flowers in butter yellow and apricot orange colors.

These colors are great for those who love pastels but still want a striking effect. They are the perfect balance between a pale hue and something bolder. To sport this pretty color combination, you can use Icelandic poppies, peonies, ranunculus, or chrysanthemums.

2.      Ultra Violet and Other Related Shades

The color of the year 2018 is the bright ultra violet, so everybody expects to embrace it for weddings as well. Last year, green was at the top, and everybody adopted wedding greenery ideas. Now, it’s time for violet to take its place.

This shade is bold and beautiful and offers the ideal splash of color one might want at one’s wedding. Ultra violet flowers and others in all kinds of purple shades make a beautiful contrast with the white wedding dress, as well as with garlands and drapes. The ideal place for ultra violet flowers is in the bouquet, but they make perfect centerpieces and aisle decorations as well.

3.      Circles and Wreaths

Greenery is not completely out this year, as we will see plenty of ideas that include foliage. However, instead of keeping the traditional bouquets, brides now opt for wreaths. Instead of carrying bouquets, brides and bridesmaids can now carry wreaths with plenty of greenery and several flowers spread here and there.

If you want to make a statement, you can make use of circles as the top wedding decoration. Instead of flower garlands, hang some circles where you have added several small flowers with rich foliage. This way, you can make sure your wedding will stand out.

Bouquet of flowers in bold colors

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4.      Moss

If you still like greenery but don’t want to embrace the trends of last year, moss is the perfect choice for you. Ditch that rich foliage and replace it with moss, and turn your wedding into a fairytale wonderland. What is great about moss is the fact that you can do almost anything with it.

If you want to add a little greenery in your bouquets, moss is the answer. If you want a forest-theme wedding, add the moss on tables and your flower wall. You can even create a pretty moss design of your initials and place it at the center of a room. Whatever idea you get, you can create it with moss.

5.      Wearing Flowers as Jewelry

Bouquets are no longer a must at weddings, as you can get original with other ideas. Instead of carrying these flowers in your hand, you can turn them into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Flower crowns are incredibly popular among brides, but you can incorporate blooms in other places.

Wedding bracelets and cuffs made entirely of flowers are the next big thing. If you don’t like this idea, you can choose a flower necklace. This type of jewelry is perfect for a rustic wedding in an outdoor setting.

6.      Foraged Flowers

This is probably the most daring among the wedding flower trends for 2018. It implies creating innovative arrangements by combining flowers and some other natural elements. These can be anything from branches and leaves to vines and sticks. Such elements will help you better connect with nature and be a part of its disorganized harmony.

If you like everything in perfect order and symmetry, such decorations might not be for you. However, if you love patterns, there are plenty of other ideas from which you can choose.

7.      Mandalas

This is another creative wedding flower trend for 2018. You can create mandalas by using flower petals, leaves, or even individual flowers and placing them in perfectly symmetrical patterns. Mandalas have a strong symbolism associated with peace and harmony, and people often create them to reach such a state of mind.

Therefore, you might find it greatly satisfying and soul-nourishing to create such patterns for your own wedding. You can draw them everywhere, either on the ground around your outdoor aisle, in the center of your wedding venue, or on the tables.

Wedding wreath on a white blanket

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8.      Sticking to a Single Color

Wedding flower trends for 2018 are not only about asymmetry and bold statements. You can achieve the same effect through uniformity as well. Pick your favorite color and, then, create all the flower arrangements in that color. Everything, from the bridal bouquet to the wreaths on the table and on the walls, should have the same color.

If you’re feeling brave, you can choose bright and flashy colors like blue, violet, or fiery red. If not, you can achieve the same dramatic effect with pastels and whites. It depends on the type of wedding you like and the message you want to send.

9.      Succulents

Succulents were the 2017 favorites in terms of interior design, but their moment of glory is far from over. Designers and florists have decided to take things further and bring succulents in wedding flower arrangements as well. For a maximum of dramatism, you can mix the succulents with other flowers and add some texture to the side arrangements.

However, you can use them on their own as individual decorations. If you’re feeling tough, you can ditch all the flowers in your bouquet and cross the aisle holding some pretty succulents. As long as you stay creative, you can play with these plants everywhere you like.

10.  Anthuriums

Anthuriums are some exotic flowers with an unusual appearance that immediately attract attention. If you want your bouquet and arrangements to be memorable, anthuriums are the right choice for you. The good thing is that even one single anthurium flower among other blooms is enough to highlight the entire arrangement.

However, if you want to prove everyone you don’t follow any rules, you can shock them by choosing a bouquet made entirely of anthuriums. Its odd blooms come in all kinds of color, either paler or brighter, and can be combined both with flowers and with greenery.

11.  Abundant Greenery and Bold Hues

For a luxuriant effect, bushy greens are the secret. Think big and incorporate resplendent or hanging greenery in your bouquet. Of course, hanging them on walls and near the tables will be even more suitable, and will give your wedding that sophisticated look you have been looking for.

To fit the 2018 trends, you need some flowers next to those greens. A rich bush and a thick foliage won’t go too well with faded hues, so stay on the same track and pick up something that stands out. If you’re not a fan of the color of the year, you can still be dramatic with other bold shades. For more natural colors, you can always opt for crimson, plum, or burgundy. If you still want something shocking, blues and greens are the thing.

If flowers and greens are still not enough, you can complete the look with some extra elements. Feathers might go well in certain combinations, as well as tiny precious stones. Tie them up with velvet or silk ribbons in bold colors. Don’t forget to match everything, to avoid an unpleasant mix of colors.

Wedding table with crystal glasses and meadow flowers in vases

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Summing Up

The wedding flower trends for 2018 include all kinds of contrasts. They are based on striking design that needs a lot of courage, but also sophisticated ideas for any traditionalist. The big stars of 2018 weddings will be the bold colors, with ultra violet being the queen. Greenery remains on top, together with other elements taken from nature and plenty of foliage. There are trends for anyone, both for courageous brides and for fans of classical weddings, and all they require is a little creativity.

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