stay warm, Winter, save money

5 Best Ways to Stay Warm While Saving Money This Winter

We all know that Winter can be brutal. With frigid winds and snowy blizzards, it can be hard to keep the chill off your back. The problem is that it can cost an arm and a leg to stay warm during the Winter. Your heating bill can skyrocket if you crank up the thermostat. So what can you do? Don’t worry, there are a couple of things that you can do to stay warm that won’t have your wallet feeling tired. Here are 5 best ways to stay warm while saving money this Winter.

Best Ways to Stay Warm


stay warm, winter, save money

Exercising in the Winter is really important because it boosts your immune system and fights off holiday weight gain. But another great thing about it is that it’ll keep you warm! This is a free way to get your blood pumping and stay warm while the weather is cold, all while staying healthy and being active. If you’re feeling chilly, just start doing a home workout and you’ll be warm in no time. In fact, you’re probably going to have to take off a few layers. Just remember that if you get too sweaty it might actually make you colder because you’ll be wet. So find a happy medium where you get warmed up but don’t start pouring sweat. 

Bundle Up

stay warm, Winter, save money

Break out the blankets and start cuddling. It doesn’t need to be Antarctica in your house to save money. Just leave your thermostat a couple of degrees cooler than usual and you’ll save money. When you’re starting to feel chilly, grab a blanket and your favorite person and cuddle away. Having someone else near you will help you stay warm. Maybe have a family movie night and all cuddle under the blanket. 

Start a Fire

stay warm, Winter, save money

Typically, it doesn’t cost anything at all to start a fire except for maybe buying firewood if you don’t have any access to any. All you need is a fireplace. Fires do a great job at helping you stay warm and they’re really fun in the Winter. It’s so cozy to have a cup of hot chocolate by the fire or to roast marshmallows. You’ll start to feel the heat and probably end up getting too hot. That’s the way it always goes with fires. Your house will unthaw and you’ll be toasty warm while you save money. Just remember to close your flue after the fire is out to prevent more heat from going up the chimney. 

Switch Your Ceiling Fan Direction

stay warm, Winter, save money

Switch your ceiling fan direction to clockwise to help circulate warm air throughout your entire house. Your furnace won’t have to work as hard to help you stay warm since your ceiling fan will be doing the majority of the work. Some people are afraid to try this in fear that it will actually cool their house down, but it really works! 

Let Sunlight In

stay warm, Winter, save money

Keep your curtains closed at night to prevent hot air from escaping, but open up your curtains during the day. Sunlight is always warm, even on a chilly day. You could always use some free heat from the sun. Open up those curtains and let in those rays. Your dogs and cats will also love laying in those warm spots. 

Summing Up

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to stay warm this Winter. These tips are sure to help you stay warm throughout the entire Winter. These things aren’t hard to do and they’ll make a big difference. Try these tips and tricks to help you save money while you and your family have a nice and toasty Winter. 

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I am a farmer’s wife living a farmer’s life. I love having wide open spaces and plenty of space to raise a family. Making the most out of outdoor spaces is something I never get tired of!

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