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Zen Garden Designs That Will Increase Your Home Resale Value
The reason why designing your Zen garden gives a great boost to your home’s resale value is due to the[...]
The Different Types of Pots to Use for Container Gardening
Container gardening is becoming more popular these days, and for a good reason. This kind of gardening has many advantages[...]
How to Build Your Own Garden Pond
If you have guests visit your place a lot, or if you are wanting a place to have some space[...]
Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Garden
So you have decided to use tiles in your garden – but which ones do you pick?! Different materials not[...]

diy fun

Ideas for Making Your Own Backyard Ropes Course
A ropes course can be fun for adults and kids alike.  Not only does it engage your mind, but it[...]
DIY Splash Pad: Tips and Tricks for Making Your Own
A splash pad can bring hours of fun to both kids and adults.  But it can soon get expensive to[...]
Fun Ways to Create a Backyard Obstacle Course for Kids
It's a natural and common occurrence to find kids making and building obstacle courses in their backyards. Why not help[...]
The Steps to Building a DIY Treehouse
A treehouse might stir up fun childhood memories from days gone by.  You may have had a treehouse or knew[...]

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5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Backyard Safer for Your Children
Children love playing outside and being adventurous. There’s nothing wrong with children trying new things and taking risks, it helps[...]
5 Ways to Make Your Trampoline Safer
Trampolines are a lot of fun. I have spent hours on the trampoline playing games and having picnics. I’ve also[...]

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7 Easy and Delicious Tin Foil Dinners for Your Next Camping Trip
Meals during your camping trip can be stressful to plan. You need to make sure everyone has enough food and[...]
Fun Fall Activities to Put on Your Bucket List This Year
Many people assume that summer is the time to go on fun outings and mini vacations.  And while it is[...]
6 Super Fun Activities to Do with Your Kids in the Fall
School has started, but that doesn’t mean the the fun is over. There are still plenty of fun activities to[...]
Tips to Help You Host an Incredible Backyard Barbecue
With the summer days that we have left, it can be fun to have backyard barbecues.  After all, there isn't[...]

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Amazing Fall Wedding Centerpieces for You to Use on Your Big Day
If your wedding is coming up this fall, first let me say congratulations.  With the leaves turning into beautiful colors[...]
Fun Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas
The time has come to tie the knot, say the classical “I do” and kick off the party. Outdoor weddings[...]
Tips and Ideas to Keep in Mind as You Plan Your Summer Wedding
Summer is a perfect time for a wedding.  Flowers are in bloom, the weather is warm and the days are[...]
How to Plan a Beautiful Barn Wedding – Helpful Ideas and Tips
A barn wedding can add a country farm wedding flare to your big day. If you have dreamed of cowgirl[...]

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