9 Moss Wedding Décor Ideas to Give an Earthly Feel to Your Big Day

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Moss is the new trend when it comes to decorations, so it shouldn’t be missing from weddings. You might think of it as a central element for a rustic wedding but, in fact, it is so versatile you can make use of it in most styles. This greenery is great as it’s easy to handle, so you can achieve almost any design you want. If you need some guidance in picking up your designs, here are a few moss wedding décor ideas you can take inspiration from.

Moss aisle decorations for the chairs
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Why Choose Moss Wedding Décor?

Moss is one of the most popular trends of the moment when it comes to decorations, either at weddings or in your own home. People are fond of it because its texture allows them to be creative and produce all sorts of interesting shapes. Unfortunately, there is one bad thing about moss.

Since it’s a natural decoration, it is not long lasting. If you keep moss everywhere around your house for a long time, it will eventually stop looking so good. However, if you keep it hanged around for a night, it will turn your wedding into the fairytale you have always been dreaming about.

You can go for a rustic look, and incorporate a lot of greenery in your wedding decorations. If you don’t want to overdo it, you can apply only a few romantic accents. Either way, the moss wedding décor will look stunning.

Moss Wedding Décor Ideas

If you cannot come up with your own décor ideas involving moss, here are a few tips you can apply. Depending on how you want your wedding to be, here you will find both luxurious decorations and delicate green accents. Whichever you pick, it is guaranteed to bring the feeling of a fairytale at your wedding.

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One other great thing about moss is the natural sensation it brings. Usually, people associate it with a summery celebration, but it can bring warmth and sunshine at a winter wedding, too. Here are the moss wedding décor ideas that are worth trying.

1. Table Centerpiece

Centerpieces are probably the most important items of décor at a wedding. They are there for everybody to see, and can work as a leitmotif for your entire wedding. Table centerpieces are the main element your guests will see, so you need to make sure everything looks perfect.

For a fully natural look, you can add a resplendent moss decoration across your table. Spread the greenery on a rug from one end of the table to the other, and use as support for candles or flower vases. If you only want a touch of green, you can attach the moss directly to the vases or candleholders.

You can add some flowers directly in the decorations as well. Regarding color, it’s better to stick with white. This will give your wedding that romantic look that is necessary. For an avant-garde touch, you can insert some metallic elements in the moss centerpiece. For instance, instead of the traditional candleholders, you can place the candles in geometric metallic shapes.

2. Place Settings

If luxurious moss centerpieces aren’t your thing, you can still bring the greenery on the table. Your guests will enjoy seeing a creative place setting, so take this as an opportunity to include some moss wedding décor. You can try a thin layer of moss placed under the plate of each guest. If you want to be less intrusive with their private space, you can use moss only as a border for table numbers, or for their names placed in front of each seat.

3. Ceiling Decorations

You shouldn’t forget about the ceiling when choosing the moss wedding décor. This space is extremely important when you’re choosing the decorations, as you can do a lot with it. You can never go wrong with some hanging garlands which, instead of flowers, will have plenty of moss and greenery.

However, if you want something truly unique, you can try some braver ideas. You can create an entire hanging system covered entirely in moss. Find a nice pattern you’ll want to try, and put up a metal structure where you’ll hang the moss.

If you want a truly unique moss wedding décor, you can hang lamps down from the ceiling. Then, cover their lampshade with moss. This will produce an intimate diffuse light that will allow people to take a break from the party. If you like, you can hang such lamps everywhere, and turn it into a motif of the wedding.

4. Cake Decorations

There’s nothing more exciting than some green cake decorations. If you want to bring the nature to your wedding, you should allow it to be everywhere. Therefore, not even your cake should be spared. If you have a cake with many levels, moss is the perfect border for each of these levels. You can introduce some flowers as well, or keep a raw look and make use only of moss.

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In other cases, you can use twigs as borders for the levels, and add the moss directly on the cake. However, don’t forget how important hygiene is. Natural moss looks better in wedding decorations, but you cannot use it everywhere. No matter how neat it looks, the plant is still dirty, so it’s a bad idea to put it on the cake. This is why you should use some artificial moss that is made of plastic or other substances.

Cupcakes on a stump with candles and moss nearby
Image source: Pexels

5. Monograms

One pretty idea for a wedding is to include the monograms of the bride and groom as decorations. This is a great opportunity for designers, as they can choose a variety of fonts and all kinds of places where they can hang the letters.

To create such monograms, you first need to choose the material. You can make them from cardboard but, if you want something that is not so easily degradable, go for wooden letters. Then, you’ll need to choose the font. If you are going to cover them with moss, opting for a simpler design will be the best idea.

Once you have created the monograms, you can hang them on the walls and doors. For the perfect aesthetic effect, you can put up a thin wall behind the bride and groom table, and attach the monograms to it.

6. Aisle Decorations

Of course, aisle decorations cannot miss from any wedding. The moment you exchange your vows is the most important, so you should make sure the way to the altar looks flawless. If you want to incorporate moss in these decorations, there are a few ideas you can try.

You can create small pouches, cover them with moss, and then add flowers in them. Then, you can attach these pouches to chairs. If you want to make things even prettier, you can edge the aisle with some metal bars with a nice shape, and hang the pouches on them.

7. Ring Boxes

Of course, you cannot forget about your rings, as they deserve a special place. Instead of bringing them on a pillow, you can be creative and create a special arrangement for them. They will look more vintage if you place them in a wooden box and, instead of a pillow, you put the rings on a thick layer of moss.

For a more rustic wedding, you can try other ideas as well. For instance, you can build a nest by using some twigs and use it to keep the rings. Inside, add the moss, and tie the rings up with a ribbon to make sure you won’t lose them.

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8. Flower Girl Baskets

If you want your moss wedding décor to be complete, you shouldn’t forget about this element. If you cover the flower girl baskets with a layer of moss, you will capture everyone’s attention. Concerning ideas of decoration, you can try more of them, depending on the type of basket you’ll choose.

If it’s a traditional basket made of wicker, you can add the moss both inside the basket and across its handle and body. This is perfect for a more rustic wedding. If you want something more sophisticated, you can replace the basket with a metal bucket. To soften it up a bit, you can cover it entirely with moss. Don’t forget to add some white flowers here and there, and maybe cover the handle with a white ribbon.

9. Wedding Tokens

In the end, you can give your guests something to remind them of you. If you want an exquisite wedding token, the best idea is to incorporate moss in its design. They can be pretty artificial flowers that are tied into a bouquet with moss, or wooden objects that are layered with greenery. If you like, you can choose something more personal, so they won’t forget where they got it from.

Two wedding rings on a moss bed
Image source: Pixabay

Summing Up

Moss wedding décor is, at the moment, among the most popular ideas in terms of decorations. No matter what type of wedding you choose, moss can find a perfect place anywhere. It is suitable for a rustic celebration in the middle of the warm season, just as it is for a sophisticated and romantic winter wedding. As long as you are not afraid to experiment, moss wedding décor remains one of the most exquisite design ideas.

Image source: Pixabay

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