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20 Lavender Wedding Ideas for a Magical Event

The soothing color of the lavender is a great match for a white or ivory wedding dress. That’s why a lavender wedding is an excellent idea for people who love flowers and want to have an unforgettable event. Today we are going to show you some useful lavender wedding ideas if you’re considering customizing your most important day in this way.

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Lavender Wedding Ideas You Need to Try

1. Combine Neutral Colors

Lavender flowers come in shades that match almost any neutral color palette. Try combining various shades of white, gray or even purple. An intense color will make the entire décor look more lively and appealing, while a paler one will create an elegant aspect.

2. Boutonnieres and Bouquets

One of the easiest lavender wedding ideas you can use is to place the flowers in bouquets and boutonnieres. In this way, all your guests will wear something that unifies the entire party. Add them as details to people’s clothing and they will surely love it. Use small bouquets in men’s chest pockets or as decoration for ladies’ dresses. Bonus points if you know already know how to grow lavender and/or have your own garden since you can abundantly use the flowers.

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3. Stationery

Naturally, one of the best lavender wedding ideas is to use the color for the stationery. This will help with setting the basic tone of the event, as well as make an excellent first impression on all your guests. Choose the wedding invitations in a beautiful lavender shade or add some painted flowers on them.

4. Lavender Cake

Just a simple Google search is going to show you a huge array of lavender cake ideas which you can use for your wedding. However, if you choose the cake to be in this shade, you don’t need to match the flavor as well. Simply choose the flavor combination you want and ask the pastry chef to wrap it in lavender fondant. Feel free to add any other decorations, such as real or marzipan flowers.

5. Lavender Bridesmaids Dresses

If you want to impress everybody who’s going to attend your lavender wedding reception, it’s an excellent idea to ask your bridesmaids to wear ombre lavender dresses. If you also choose other décor elements of the event in lavender shades, it will be a perfect match and the event will be homogeneous. Moreover, they will make a nice contrast with the bride’s wedding dress.

6. Lavender Centerpieces

One of the best lavender wedding ideas for those who are fans of DIY projects is making lavender centerpieces. Here, you have total freedom to use your imagination. From small wicker baskets to random bouquets or wooden supports, you have plenty of options of including lavender in your centerpieces. Add colorful ribbons to them for an exquisite effect. Moreover, it’s not going to take a lot of time.

7. Food and Drinks

No lavender and purple wedding theme is going to be complete without the food and drinks. Besides the wedding cake, you can also experiment with other dishes and tastes. Lemonade lavender is a hit among the lovers of this beautiful plant, so why not give them this option? Alternatively, you can choose to place lavender stalks in water and freeze them. They’re good both as decoration elements and as tasty additions to various drinks.

8. Lavender Favors

Another one of the most successful lavender wedding ideas is to give each guest a themed favor. Here, you can let your creativity roam wild. One option would be to take some lavender seeds and wrap them in colorful paper. It will have a nice vintage feel to it and your guests will surely appreciate it.

9. Ceremony Program Fans

It’s never too much to customize the ceremony program fans you will offer your guests. Add some lavender color to them and create a seamless décor through the entire location.

10. Lavender Color Sneakers

Most likely, you will hold your lavender wedding ceremony at home. In this case, you can make an exception to the formal attire and wear lavender color sneakers. They’re a fun and nice addition, straying a little from the tradition. Moreover, if you’ll make the bridesmaids and the best men to wear them, they’ll be forever grateful for the extra comfort.

11. Lavender Bridal Sash

The brides who are willing to go a little extra with their dress can choose one of the lavender wedding ideas regarding their own attire. For example, a slim lavender belt added to the white dress can make a nice contrast while also highlighting your waist. Of course, this depends completely on the model of the dress you want.

12. Lavender Flower Crown

For the brides to be that love the boho chic style, this is one of the lavender wedding ideas you should be writing down right away. It’s not hard to make a lavender crown if you have a minimum skill. Alternatively, you can ask someone else to make it for you or you can simply buy it from a specialized flower shop. Another option would be to make a crown for each bridesmaid.

13. Ceremony Chairs

The first thing people think of when imagining a lavender wedding is the chairs dressed in white and purple satin. However, you don’t have to go the traditional way. Be original and decorate the chairs in a creative way. For example, tie some clear (and clean) jars to the chair backs. Any Mason jar you have around will do. Then, simply place the lavender inside it, as much as you can.

14. Lavender Toss

Instead of the regular rice or paper confetti toss, you could resort to the lavender wedding ideas that can totally transform your event in an unforgettable one. For example, replace the paper and rice with lavender buds. Your guests can throw them at you after the ceremony is over. It will make for a beautiful effect, not to mention the great pictures. And since we’re talking about pictures…

15. Lavender Photos

If you decided you’re going to have a lavender wedding, it’s important to have a photo shoot that will match the main theme. Choose a stunning and romantic location for your wedding photos, such as a lavender field. This will match any rustic, vintage, or boho chic ceremony. At the same time, if you’re a fan of landscaping with lavender, you can choose to have your wedding shots taken in your own backyard.

16. Combine Different Types of Flowers

Naturally, lavender allows for a huge array of flower combinations, either for your bouquet or for the entire décor. A great suggestion is to mix lavender with baby’s breath for a delicate and elegant aspect. Caladiums can be a good idea as well, despite the difference in size. In general, try to choose flowers in colors that would contrast nicely with the lavender.

17. Lavender Candles

Ideally, you should be able to find candles in lavender shades and flavors. However, if you don’t find any or don’t want to use the commercially available ones, you can make your own. Simply take white candles and place them in jars or special supports. Then, glue lavender stems on the outside of the jars. The clearness of the jars will make a nice contrast with the dry aspect of the stems. Alternatively, you can make your own candles. In this case, place some stems inside the jar before pouring the wax. It’s great because you can also play around with the colors of the wax and jars and the lavender.

18. Lavender Letters

If you’re feeling crafty, try shaping some letters out of lavender stems. It shouldn’t be hard since they are generally long enough. You can write words like ‘Love’, ‘Wedding’, ‘Happy’, or even write your name. It will create a beautiful effect, especially if you use some white ribbons to decorate the word.

19. Potted Lavender Decorations

For the gardeners who are already growing lavender on their own in various pots, it’s a great idea to use them as decorations. Simply take them out of the shed or the house and spread them around the backyard where you’ll be holding the ceremony. The more colorful and varied the pots, the better! However, if you think the aspect of the pots is going to ruin the rest of your décor, you can wrap them in colored paper.

20. Silver Buckets and Burlap

Lastly, a lavender wedding can also include some rustic accents, for those who think of holding the ceremony in a barn, for example. Get some silver buckets, place some burlap in them and then fill them up with lavender. Choose long stalks or simply cut the stems until you fill a bucket. A creative option is to store the lavender buds used instead of confetti in them.


The 20 lavender wedding ideas above are intended to help you make the most of your big day. The best part about it is that there are plenty of combinations and matches you can make, all depending on your personal preference. Moreover, you have the freedom of including lavender everywhere you want, without the fear that it can be too much.

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