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How to Take Care of Your Car During the Cold Season

Cars are especially important during the Winter. Although a well functioning car is important all year round, it is especially hard to get around in the Winter. If your car breaks down in the Summer, it is relatively easy to walk to your destination. You might even ride your bike in nice warm weather. However, riding a bike and walking in the Winter is not always possible. There is ice, snow, and freezing temperatures that will stop you from getting anywhere without a car. That is why it’s very important that you do what you can to help your car adjust to cold weather so that it will perform when you need it to. Here’s how to take care of your car during the cold season.

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How to Take Care of Your Car in the Winter

Start Your Car Every Day

Start your car every day to keep the battery in good shape. Car batteries have an especially hard time in cold weather. When the battery gets cold, it doesn’t have the same starting power as when it’s warm. Sometimes when your car sits for a couple of days, the battery will have a hard time starting. Your car battery will turn over but your car may not start. This is because the battery has sat too long in freezing temperatures. Make it a point to start your car every day so that your battery will not get too cold without being used. If you want to know how to take care of your car in the cold season, this is a good place to start. 

Know How to Jump Start Your Battery

Since cold batteries often don’t have enough power to get your car started, you may need to jump it. Jump-starting a car is not difficult and anyone can learn how to do it. This is a very useful skill to know how to take care of your car. It’s a good idea to always carry jumper cables in your trunk just in case you need to use them. You never know when your battery might not start. Jumper cables might be your saving grace. 

how to take care of your car, winter, maintenance

Keep Windows Clear

Never drive with windows you can’t see out of, even if you’re driving around the corner. Scrape your windows when they freeze to remove ice and frost. This will create clear windows that will make driving safer. Don’t forget to scrape your headlights and taillights so that you can see better and other drivers can see you. Make sure that your defrost button is pushed so that your windows won’t fog up either. Never use hot water to melt ice off of your windshield. The sudden cause of temperature change could result in a cracked windshield. You can also prevent frost so you don't have to remove it. This is a useful tip to know how to take care of your car so that you don’t accidentally break your own windshield. 

Keep the Windshield-Washer Reservoir Full

Always make sure that your windshield-washer reservoir is full. A dirty windshield is very hard to see out of, especially once the sun hits it. There is a lot of mud, snow, and sludge that hits your windshield in the Winter. Without enough windshield-washer fluid, you might find it incredibly hard to drive. Sometimes the holes that the fluid comes out of can freeze shut and prevent the fluid from coming out. Park your car in the sun to help melt the ice in the holes. Or buy windshield-washer fluid with a lower freezing point so that it doesn’t freeze at all. This tip on how to take care of your car can sometimes be overlooked, but it’s really important. 

how to take care of your car, Winter, maintenance

Buy New Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers usually start wearing out in about 6 months. As soon as your wipers start streaking or skipping, it’s usually time to get new ones. Unless there is ice frozen on the wipers. You can wipe the wipers clean or thaw them out to help with this. Make sure that you put your windshield wipers upright if the weather is supposed to be extra cold. Your windshield wipers could freeze to your windshield if you leave them down. This can cause a lot of damage to the wipers. Most people are in a hurry to get inside so they don’t think of putting their windshield wipers up when they get out of the car. Try to remember this tip on how to take care of your car and you won’t regret doing it. 

Check the Oil

Extremely cold temperatures can cause the oil in your car to thicken. This will make it even harder to get started if your car sits for a couple of days. Your car will have a hard time turning over if it has thick oil. It’s a good idea to change your car’s oil and the oil filter in the Winter. Fill your car with oil that has a “W” in the viscosity index. This means that the oil is formulated for Winter use and is less likely to thicken in cold weather. When you’re learning how to take care of your car, changing the oil is one of the first things you will learn. It’s very important if you want a car that runs smoothly. 

how to take care of your car, Winter, maintenance

Get Proper Tires

If snow is not a big problem where you live, all-season tires will be just fine. You will probably want to get really good snow tires if you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow. Snow tires are specifically designed to grip the road through snow and ice to help you be as safe as possible. Good snow tires can get pretty pricey, but it might be worth it if roads around you are really slick. The good news is that snow tires can last for many Winter seasons. Just keep your old tires, if they’re still in good shape, and put them back on once all the snow melts. Keep your snow tires somewhere safe until it’s time to put them back on again. This is good to know when you want to know how to take care of your car in the Winter. 

Summing Up

It’s important to know how to take care of your car in the Winter. You’ll need your car to be operating as smoothly as possible when you rely on it for your transportation. Especially if the weather is so cold that you couldn’t walk or ride a bike to where you need to go. Follow these guidelines on how to take care of your car during the cold season. Your car will work wonderfully all Winter long. 

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