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How to Incorporate Beautiful Wedding String Lights at Your Reception

On the most romantic night of your life, you want everything to be perfect. Brides spend so much time planning and preparing for that special night so that everything is exactly as they imagined. Although cakes and bridesmaids dresses are important, there may be nothing more important than the the reception. The pictures taken at the reception will be one of the lasting tokens of the evening. Lighting at the reception will be one of the most memorable features of the night. Wedding string lights are very customizable and add a personal touch to your reception decor. Indoor and outdoor venues alike can benefit from the addition of wedding string lights. Incorporating wedding string lights into your reception is a stunning way to bring a little extra special feeling to your wedding day.

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Things to Consider

There are a few things you need to consider before you can hang your wedding string lights. You should think about what the theme of your wedding will be. Is it shabby chic? Vintage? Traditional? Not all wedding string lights are designed the same, and different styles will give off a different feel to the reception. Lights with large globe bulbs give off a modern and flirty vibe, while small twinkling fairy lights will add a touch of tenderness and romance. Next, you should consider where you are holding the reception. Both indoor and outdoor venues can easily accommodate wedding string lights. However, indoor venues have more access to outlets, and more anchor points. Last, you should decide how you want to use your wedding string lights. To help you decide, we have compiled a list of inspirational ways to add wedding string lights to your reception.

In the Entryway

They say first impressions are the most important. So why not start your reception of with a romantically lit entryway. Imagine your guests walking through a beautifully lit tunnel to enter your reception. It sets the mood right away and will leave you and your guests breathless. You can go with a simple elegant drape over the doorway, or a more dramatic approach by creating a tunnel of lights for your guests to walk through. Either way, you will not regret adding wedding string lights to your entryway.  

Around the Rafters

Many indoor reception venues will have exposed rafters or beams. This trendy architecture is a great place for you to add some extra lighting. Wrapping tiny fairy lights around these beams will add to the overall beauty of the room without demanding all the attention. The greatest part of wrapping lights around the rafters is that it is easy to do yourself. This DIY option will brighten any barn or dance hall.

Accent the Dance Floor

If you want the focus of your reception to be fun, consider highlighting the dance floor. An easy way to visually, and physically, draw your guests attention to the dance floor is with lights. You can add wedding string lights in loose, swoopy lines around the perimeter or in tight grids over the top. Adding wedding string lights to your dance floor will make you feel like a million bucks as you step out with your loved one for that first dance. Not to mention having wedding string lights over your dance floor makes for some amazing photo opportunities.

Over the Reception Tables

For a clean and classic look, think about placing wedding string lights over the reception tables. Use lights with big bulbs for a casual outdoor bistro feeling, sure to inspire great conversation. Or you could use tiny delicate light strings for a cozy and more intimate feel. If you don’t feel like hanging your wedding string lights over the entire reception, you may just want to hang them over the head table.

As a Beautiful Backdrop

You can use lights as a backdrop for photo opportunities or to highlight points of interest. Hanging up strings of cascading lights will be sure to draw attention to some of the most beautiful parts of the reception. This could include the cake, the guest sign-in book, or even the where you plan to exchange vows. Your photographer will thank you when they see these dreamy lit backdrops at your reception.

A Faux Tent

If you are holding an outdoor reception, why not give your guests a night under the stars that they won’t forget. Using wedding string lights to create a faux tent is a great way to have a large area feel small and intimate. Just have a central pole to anchor your string lights too. You will not want your evening to end if you are celebrating under this magical set up.

Mixed with Textiles

If you thought adding wedding string lights was fun, wait until you see what they can do once they are incorporated with your wedding textiles. Using your wedding textiles like lace or tulle can add interesting and trendy textures to your reception. Once you string along a dainty set of wedding string lights with your textiles it will only highlight the textile and double the whimsy. This is a great way to create a stunning focus to your wedding without looking like you are trying too hard. It is a classic combination and will look great both indoors and outdoors.

Hanging Focal Points

If you are looking for something a little more bold consider using Christmas lights to wrap around hanging focal points. Wrapping your lights around focal points such as wreaths, lanterns, or globes is a great way to draw your guests eyes upwards. Not to mention it helps seamlessly transition your party from day to night, simply turn on the lights once it gets dark for an awe inspiring moment.

Wrapped Around Decor

If your focal points are not hanging from the ceiling, do not worry. You can still wrap twinkle lights around those decor items that are placed on the floor. In this photo, the winter reception wanted to bring a little of nature indoors with them. So they wrapped wedding string lights around trees for truly showstopping results. Think about what you will have decorating your room and if it can support a string of lights. You might be surprised!

As a Table Centerpiece

While many wedding string light set-ups are designed to bring your guests gaze upwards, some more subtle lighting can keep their attention down low. Adding string lights into a vase or mason jar and using them as center pieces is a great way to add an elevated feel to a casual backyard wedding.

In Conclusion

Adding wedding string lights to your reception is a beautiful and easy way to make your evening magical. Whether you are hanging them yourself, or having your venue professionally lit, there is no reason you can’t have the perfect lights on your special day. With so many different ways to hang and style string lights, there is something for everyone. Hopefully this list inspired you to add a little extra magic to your reception with wedding string lights.  

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