Christmas service activities, service, cheer

7 Holiday Service Activities to Do to Spread Christmas Cheer

Christmas time is a wonderful time of year because it encourages people to give. All around you are opportunities to serve others. Doing holiday service activities will teach your family how important it is to help other people. Instead of using your time and money to buy another gift, think about using your resources to enrich the lives of others. Here are 7 holiday service activities to do to spread Christmas cheer.

Holiday Service Activities

Make Christmas Cards

Have your family make Christmas cards to military personnel overseas. Your kids will be able to learn about the sacrifices that military members have to make in order to serve the country, and they’ll feel good writing a letter to someone else expressing their gratitude. 

Adopt a Pet

Lots of children want a pet for Christmas. Maybe instead of buying a new puppy, consider adopting one that needs a new home. There are so many animals in pet shelters that need a second chance at life. Your family could be the second chance they’re looking for. Have your children come with you to choose a pet just right to fit into the family. These holiday service activities will bring joy to your new pet and to your whole family. 

Christmas service activities, service, cheer

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Make a Hot Chocolate Stand

Instead of a lemonade stand, make a hot chocolate stand. Then instead of charging for your hot chocolate give it out for free. Set up your stand at a populated place where there are a lot of people. Maybe at a crowded bus stop, or near a homeless shelter. Everyone will be grateful for a little extra warmth on a cold Winter day. Holiday service activities like this one will bring joy to people that really need it. 

Decorate a Hospital

Go to your local hospital and decorate the halls for everyone to enjoy. The hospital isn’t always the most pleasant place to be during the holidays, try to make it more enjoyable for those that have to be there. The hospital halls will look a little brighter for everyone there. 

Give a Gift to the Crossing Guard

Crossing guards are always out in the cold early in the morning and after school. They deserve something special while they sit in the cold waiting to help children cross the street. Make them something warm and delicious so that they can feel loved. Holiday service activities like this will help your crossing guard know that their service isn’t going unnoticed. 

Donate Clothes

Go through your Winter clothes and donate clothes you have outgrown that are still in good shape. There are lots of children that would love to have your coats, hats, gloves, or scarves. Or buy new coats and donate them to children in need. 

Christmas service activities, service, cheer

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Shovel Your Neighbor’s Snow

Shoveling snow is a pain in the back. Do some service by doing the heavy lifting for someone else. It would be such a wonderful surprise to look out the window and see that someone has already shoveled your snow. 

Summing Up

Doing holiday service activities will make you feel good and teach your whole family the true meaning of Christmas. Giving is more important than getting and these holiday service activities will give a whole lot of Christmas cheer. Your family will love seeing bright, smiling faces look back at them as they serve the people around them. 

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