12 Garden Themed Wedding Ideas That Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Most brides have probably dreamed at least once about a garden wedding, with its fairytale-like decorations and the magical atmosphere. For your wedding, you can make everything come true. Get inspired by these garden themed wedding ideas and turn the most beautiful day of your life into a whimsical celebration in a dreamy setting.

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How to Set Up a Garden Themed Wedding

An outdoor wedding might be the dream of many brides and grooms. However, this might not be possible in some cases. If the weather isn’t friendly enough for that, or you simply cannot afford to organize the celebration outside, you can adopt some garden themed wedding ideas and bring the greenery inside.

Of course, everybody is thinking about lots of greenery and flower garlands that decorate the venue. However, there’s a lot more you can do. As long as you are creative, you can bring a whole garden to your wedding. Be it fresh plants, artificial greenery, or flower prints, there are plenty of garden themed wedding ideas you can choose from.

Garden Themed Wedding Idea

1.      Luxurious Garland

Of course, this is the first step to start with. Your venue will need decorating, so there’s no best idea than flowing garlands full of flowers and greenery. To evocate the concept of a garden, you’ll need bushy leaves that look as natural as possible. You can either choose all-green garlands or insert several flowers among them.

These flowers will bring a splash of color to your wedding and will make everything look more bohemian. You can pick a single hue, or combine different colors. Whatever you choose, make sure you don’t put flashy colors together and turn the whole ornament into something artificial.

In the end, you need to pick the place where you’ll hang the garlands. It can either be along walls, but you can also let them flow from the ceiling. If you want to be more playful, you can create beautiful shapes and wreaths and hang them around.

2.      Organic Table Decorations

When organizing the wedding, you shouldn’t forget about the tables. They need some decorations as well, and there’s no better choice you can use than plants. Instead of the traditional flowers placed in vases, you can create some garlands, especially for the tables. This means you should add plenty of greenery with flowers placed among it.

Again, you have plenty of options when choosing the design. If you want something simple, one single organic arrangement at the center of the table should be enough. However, there’s nothing that brings the garden spirit inside like a luxurious garland that stretches throughout the entire table.

3.      Flowery Dresses for the Bridesmaids

Garden themed wedding ideas shouldn’t only be about decorations. You can bring nature to your wedding through clothing patterns as well, so get ready to turn your bridesmaids into some forest fairies. Pick up a thin flowing material for their dresses, and choose a delicate color, like a dusty pink. Also, consider adding a flower pattern on them.

The combination between the blooms and the airy material will make everything look summery and free. Also, consider tying garlands to their ankles or their bouquets, and match the flowers in the arrangement with those on their dresses.

4.      Flower Bride Shoes

Not only your bridesmaids should be covered in flowers. While a flower pattern on a wedding dress might be too much for some of you, it doesn’t mean you should completely abandon such models. Instead, you can opt for something subtler, and keep the flowers only for those who know how to notice them.

Choose a pair of delicate shoes covered in an even more delicate flower pattern. It doesn’t matter what types and style of shoes you like, they can be as eccentric or as simple as you want.

The flowers on them will make you seem playful and brave and will stay hidden but also visible enough for those who look for them. These shoes are the ideal thing for brides who want to be daring without shocking.

5.      Flowery Neckties and Bowties

Among the garden themed wedding ideas, there should be something for the bridegroom as well. To complete the set of floral patterns, you can convince your loved one to wear something similar.

Choose a delicate necktie and bowtie that is covered in flowers, and complete the garden-inspired look. Of course, you can make the groom’s knights of honor wear similar ties as well. To keep everything orderly and pretty, you can match them with all the other floral patterns you will use.

6.      Wild Aisle Decorations

Of course, the place where you’ll exchange your vows should steal all the spotlight. Therefore, make sure you decorate the aisle and the centerpiece as natural as possible.

You can either go for something wilder, made of bushy leaves and bright flowers or something more delicate, enveloped in thin veils. For a more magical atmosphere, you can add garden lamps along the aisle with scented white candles.

7.      Floral Details

For a complete indoor garden experience, pay attention to every little detail. Flowers shouldn’t miss from any of your decorations. If you have signs that direct your guests to your ceremony and venue, attach flowers to them. The cards on their tables can also have blooms drawn on them, as well as the chairs or other furniture pieces.

8.      Floral Cake

Even if it doesn’t last until the end of the wedding, the cake is one of the most important elements of the celebration. This is why you shouldn’t forget about it and incorporate some more garden themed wedding ideas. A cake covered in flowers and greenery is the secret to bringing nature close to your guests.

However, avoid bringing something artificial. While edible flowers and leaves sound tempting, they won’t give you that feeling you are looking for. That is why you should consider decorating the cake with real flowers and foliage.

9.      Garden Themed Food and Drinks

A wedding in a garden should be something fresh. Even if you don’t hold the celebration in a garden, you can bring freshness to your guests through the food and drinks you’ll serve.

Instead of serving hard-to-digest food that will keep your guests full, you can choose something lighter. Offer them a selection of salads, as well as foods that contain plenty of vegetables.

As for drinks, you can easily give them a garden feeling. Freeze edible flowers to turn them into ice cubes, and then add these ice cubes in the reception drinks. Also, you can leave them over at the bar and encourage people to add them to their drinks whenever they like.

10.  Flowery Wedding Invitations

You can prepare your guests for the garden themed wedding they are going to attend as soon as you invite them. For this, you can choose some beautiful invitation designs that contain flowers and greenery.

If you have enough patience, you can paint the invitations yourself. If not, you can still choose something that has pretty pastel colors and delicate design.

11.  Stony Memories from Your Guests

You have probably observed that, at some weddings, the bride and groom invite the guests to leave them some good thoughts and memories. Instead of giving off pieces of paper, you can replace them with stones.

Your guests will find it to be a nice idea and will enjoy leaving you the warmest messages they can think of. However, it might be a little impractical.

If you want something orderly, you’ll probably want all stones to look the same. It might be hard to find hundreds of stones with the same shape and color, so you’ll probably have to opt for diversity.

Also, maybe not everyone will feel inspired to leave you a message. You can create a special booth with a bowl full of blank stones and a black sharpie nearby.

Then, encourage those who want to leave a written memory for you to pick up a stone and write whatever crosses their mind. This way, you can keep the bundle of stones uniform, and won’t force anyone to write anything if they don’t want to.

12.  Flower Seeds as Wedding Send-Offs

At the end of your wedding, you’ll want to give your guests some gifts to remind them of you. These gifts can be any small token, either symbolic or useful.

To maintain the garden themed pattern, you can give them a gift that will last, namely flower seeds. Place them in a tiny little sack with a sweet message on, and give it to them as you welcome them to your celebration.

You don’t have to disclose the type of flowers will grow from the seeds. Let them discover it and be impatient until they fully bloom.

Summing Up

Here are a few garden themed wedding ideas you can apply for the most beautiful day in your life. Of course, if you come up with some others, you can always try them and see how they make your guests feel. If you love nature and want something less sophisticated but memorable, these tips are perfect to turn your wedding into a fairytale.

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