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Fun Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas

The time has come to tie the knot, say the classical “I do” and kick off the party. Outdoor weddings are all about indulging in the perfect weather, light breeze and crispy nights. If you have always dreamed of holding an outdoor reception, think no more! Here are some of the essential ideas on how to have a fun and lavish outdoor wedding reception.

Home and Garden

Blend the Ambiance

Indoor receptions can be extremely formal and elegant, but also classy and entertaining. If you feel creative, you can blend the indoors and outdoors. Consider holding your reception at a venue that has a combination of both, such as a rustic and vintage boardroom that has tall ceilings with sliding doors that open to the outside. Locations that combine both are a craze this year. Natural lighting in the ballroom, big windows, and an open space for the gorgeous garden will make a perfect atmosphere.

outdoor wedding reception

In the Open Air

The times have come when people have started crowning their relationship in their own unique style and manner. Don’t follow the tradition and be original. Another alfresco reception idea is to hold it in a tent, a marquee, a teepee, or on a field. Translucent tent receptions can be amazing because they are a fantastic way to show off the location. You can place a tent anywhere: at a beautiful country house, next to a lake or medieval castle, or simply in your backyard. The scenic location will be topped with a meticulously decorated tent, so it is a great idea.

outdoor wedding reception

Go Rural

Whether you want an intimate reception or something wilder, going rustic and vintage is always a good idea. For example, you can have your reception at a local barn with hay bales as chairs and paper lanterns that light up the event. But, what about a backyard wedding? A ceremony and reception in your backyard can be a real blast. You can place wooden tables, colorful flowers, and rustic ornaments. Plus, you can find kombi bar and DJ hire, which will spruce up the ambience and add even add a greater vintage flair to your event. With a mobile kombi bar, you can have signature drinks and cocktails made at any time. And since you have saved money on the location, you can get a pro DJ and state-of-the-art equipment.

outdoor wedding reception

Luxurious Greenery

An open-air reception strives for nature and lavish greenery. This means that you should implement natural elements in your reception as much as possible. Place gauzy curtains around with signature seasonal flowers, make the aisle out of wine leaves, or the ceremony arch out of stunning white roses. On the table, you can have dazzling dahlia centerpieces. Any form of greenery represents a timeless trend, especially if you are outside. You can also decorate the space with tall gilded candelabras. Instead of candles, you can choose to place vibrant flower arrangements throughout. Go even more green by adding trees to your tented reception for a magical forest vibe.

outdoor wedding reception

Little Things Do Count

Outdoor weddings scream details and creativity! You can do almost anything, and the best thing is that there are no strict rules. Put genuine signs to let your guests know where the reception is as they approach the venue. Give the guests statement water bottles (or jugs) with fun straws to keep them hydrated during formalities. Place green chandelier wreaths and string lights around the venue. Ladies (and the bride) had better get a heel protector to stop them from sinking into the grass. And of course, have a dessert display with your original hand-painted floral wedding cake alongside cupcakes, macaroons, and doughnuts.

outdoor wedding reception


If you are dreaming of having a picture-perfect outdoor wedding, then dwell no more and try to implement some of the above ideas. Wooden slabs, vintage lanterns, flower wreaths, and swings are all must-haves for a perfect and dreamy outdoor wedding reception.

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