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5 Best Tips for Taking Family Pictures in the Winter

A lot of people wait until the snow melts and the sun starts to come out to take family pictures. Although that’s definitely a lot warmer, it doesn’t mean the pictures are any more beautiful than taking them in the winter. Taking family pictures in the winter will result in dazzling white photos that you’ll treasure forever. Here are 5 best tips for taking family pictures in the winter. 

Tips for Taking Family Pictures in the Winter

Dress Warm

This seems like a given, but sometimes people don’t want to cover up a beautiful dress with a big heavy coat. The key is to wear the warmest clothes that you can so that you won’t have to wear a giant coat that won’t look good in pictures. Make sure all of your kids are dressed as warmly as possible. Or get hats, gloves, and coats that look great in pictures and that will add beauty to the photos. 

Bring Hand Warmers

Hand warmers last for hours and will help take the some of the cold off of your fingers and toes. Put hand warmers inside your gloves, mittens, or shoes. They’ll help your entire body stay warm. Make sure each person gets a couple so that they can last a little longer in the snow taking pictures. 

Beware of Footprints

Taking family pictures in the Winter can be hard if you want pictures in freshly fallen snow. Make sure that you aren’t ruining it with a lot of footprints. Do your best to get to the place that you want the pictures and quickly find everyone’s spots so that the fresh snow doesn’t get packed down underfoot. This will make your pictures look a lot better because you won’t be able to see everyone’s tracks in the snow. It’ll look like the snow has just fallen. 

family pictures in the Winter, snow, photos

Don’t Delete Any Photos Prematurely 

It’s easy to look at a photo on the small screen of a digital camera and just delete it because it doesn’t look good. Don’t do that! The bright snow and light outside can make it hard to see on a small camera screen. Wait until you can see the pictures on a larger, clearer screen to make sure that you want to delete it. Sometimes people go and delete pictures, only to realize that it was the best one that they took. Be patient and wait until you can fully examine each photo. 

Have Fun

It’s hard for little kids to control their energy long enough to sit through an entire photographing session. Take some pictures where the kids are allowed to play in the snow. They’ll be able to get their energy out, and it’ll make for some pretty cute pictures. Bring snowman supplies and build a snowman together while a photographer captures it. Have a snowball fight and laugh and play. Yes, the posed pictures do look nice but sometimes it’s a lot more fun to let a photographer capture the real essence of your family. These are the kinds of pictures that capture everyone’s real laughter and smiles, ones that you will cherish forever. 

Summing Up

Taking family pictures in the winter is actually a lot of fun. Make sure you’re prepared with warm clothes, hand warmers, and a good attitude. A good attitude from the whole family will make the whole experience better. Taking family pictures in the winter might be scary, but it’ll result in some amazing photos so you’ll be glad you did it. 

Denali Gillen

I am a farmer’s wife living a farmer’s life. I love having wide open spaces and plenty of space to raise a family. Making the most out of outdoor spaces is something I never get tired of!

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