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Sensational Color Themes for a Garden Wedding

A garden wedding is amazingly romantic, no doubt about it. It’s a wonderful thing to put nature to your service and have it lend some of its beauty to your special day. However, it can be a real head-scratcher to try and find a suitable color theme for the wedding. Even so, you needn’t worry, because we’ve got a few ideas for you.

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garden wedding ideas bride

3 Color Themes Ideal for Garden Wedding Decorations

#1. Red, Purple, Blue, and Everything in Between

There is no garden wedding quite like an Alice in Wonderland-themed one. Much of the book happens outside, in the huge garden that is Alice’s imagination. The tea party, the game of croquet, the garden itself in which Alice in trying to get, you can mirror them all for your wedding day.

Here’s an amazing idea for the color theme of the decorations at your garden wedding. You can set up a long table with glossy black chairs. Your flower pieces will be a whimsical combination of purple, red, and pink and the dinnerware will be velvety red. You can set up the table under a blue wisteria tree, or you can hang some wisteria flowers in the hundreds above the table for that true Wonderland effect.

Don’t forget to add the Eat Me and Drink Me signs on all your cupcakes and cocktails. Shop the look right here.

garden wedding ideas alice in wonderland

#2. Peach and Mint

Just how tasty does peach and mint sound? As tasty as your garden wedding will look like. And it’s not even hard to do. All you need is to do is buy all your traditional wedding decorations in these shades and find a creative way to combine them throughout the venue. For example, you can buy some mint tulle skirts for your tables and combine them with peach flowers. Or why not real peaches?

The sky is the limit here, really.

garden wedding ideas mint and peach

#3. Navy and Chartreuse

Here is a garden wedding combo which not a lot of brides would be willing to try. However, given the fact that your whole wedding will be taking place outside, the mixture of color between the elegant navy and the delicate chartreuse will create a spectacular effect.

You can decorate your tables with navy colored linens and then add some chartreuse Luna Bazaar Painted Glass Candle Holders Once you lit up the small candles inside, the soft chartreuse light will spill over the navy tablecloths in an icy, yet fantastic way.

garden wedding ideas chartreuse and navy

The bottom line is that, when it comes to your perfect garden wedding, you should never be afraid to take chances. You’ve already taken the biggest chance by moving your wedding from the safety of a ballroom to the outside, so why not make it colorful as well?

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