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5 Amazing Christmas Traditions to Start When Your Kids Are Young

Christmas is such a special time of year. There’s always a little magic in the air as everyone tries to be a little kinder and a little more thoughtful. One of the best things about Christmas is the traditions that you get to do with your family. Christmas traditions have a way of bringing family members closer together and getting everyone excited. If you’re a young family with young kids, it can be hard to come up with some Christmas traditions that you and your family will continue to love for years to come. Here are 5 amazing Christmas traditions to start when your kids are young.

Christmas Traditions to Start When Your Kids Are Young

Secret Santa

Have each child pull a name out of a hat to see which family member they get. They will be responsible for getting a gift for the person whose name they draw. This is a great Christmas tradition because it helps children to focus on someone else and what their sibling might want, instead of themselves. Each child will have fun picking out a present for their sibling and they’ll get so excited to see their sibling open the gift they gave them. It will also be a more meaningful gift because everyone will know that a lot of time and effort went into getting those gifts. 

Kindness Elf

Instead of elf on the shelf, do a kindness elf. Every time someone in the family does something kind for another family member they leave the elf behind. For example, if someone wanted to wash and fold their sibling's clothes, they would leave the elf on top of the clothes. It is then that person’s turn to take the elf and do something kind for another family member. Kids get really excited about ways to be kind. It’s also a lot of fun for them to feel sneaky and try to leave the elf behind without anyone seeing. 

Donate Toys

Although Christmas is a wonderful time of year, it can be hard for families in need. This is a great Christmas tradition because it teaches kids to learn to love giving instead of getting. Take your kids shopping and have them shop for a family in need. They’ll have a lot of fun picking out fun toys that other kids might enjoy. It also teaches them about service and the importance of helping others that might not be able to have a Christmas. 

Christmas traditions, family, kids

Special Advent Calendar

Children love advent calendars because they have little bits of candy in each drawer! However, kids get enough candy during Christmas. How about putting a special note inside for each child every day? They can even write some for each other too. It can encourage others to notice the kindness that they are shown each day. A Christmas tradition like this one will help your kids to notice how much their family does for them every day. Have them watch carefully and write a note showing their appreciation to that specific family member. 

Take a Yearly Picture

Take a picture of the whole family in front of the Christmas tree every year. That way you’ll be able to see everyone grow up. Each year print out your picture and put it into a photo album so that every year you’ll be able to see your family grow bigger in number, and in age. You’ll love looking back on the pictures and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. 

Summing Up

There are so many fun Christmas traditions out there. These Christmas traditions are fun, but also help children learn the more important meaning behind Christmas. It teaches children at all ages that they can be kind and serve others. Start these Christmas traditions this year, and you’ll enjoy them for years and years. 

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