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7 Essential Winter Camping Gear Items That You Won’t Want to Forget

Winter camping is becoming more and more popular. There are fewer crowds, some people prefer the cold instead of the heat, and you may just have the entire campground to yourself. However, Winter camping is a lot different than camping in the Summer. You are going to need some of the same camping gear items, […]

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Fun and Creative Ways to Go Sledding (For Little to No Money!)

Sledding is always a fun activity for people of all ages. It’s fun, good exercise, and allows you to get vitamin D during the winter. Sledding can actually burn more than 450 calories per hour since you usually have to walk up a hill once you get to the bottom of it. Other studies found that […]

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Outdoor Winter Activities That the Whole Family Will Love

Winter can be a tough time to get in some good old fashioned outside recreation. When the temperature drops and the days get shorter, it becomes increasingly easier to just stay indoors. Unfortunately, that can lead to a few very sedentary months. Getting your family outdoors for exercise is important, especially for children. So how […]

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