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Excellent Pumpkin Carving Tools You May Not Have Used Before

It’s that time of year when pumpkins are being harvested and sold at stores, markets, and pumpkin patches.  With Halloween approaching, many people are putting jack o’lanterns out on their porches.  Although carved pumpkins can be adorable looking, they also can be difficult to carve, especially if you are only using your kitchen knife.  Thankfully, […]

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The Art of Pruning a Topiary Tree: How to Do It Yourself Like a Pro

If you really want your garden to turn heads next summer, then you should consider investing in a topiary. You can find beautifully shaped topiaries at your local nursery or garden center. Unfortunately, topiaries purchased at the store can come with a hefty price tag. Some topiaries will only cost a few hundred dollars while […]

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